“Rolling Out” a Game in the Classroom
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“Rolling Out” a Game in the Classroom

>>Shula: Rolling out a game
in the classroom is more than just explaining the rules
and handing out materials. It’s how you get students playing fast. In a successful rollout, students get
into the game quickly, learn by doing and take ownership of
their learning process.>>Student: Yeah, roll it again. Ten.>>Shula: So how do you roll out a game? Step one, know the game. It’s important that you know
the game well and you’ve thought about how to explain it to others. Succeeding at this means
knowing your students well and how your classroom already runs. Step two, choose a method for
modeling how to play the game. For board games or card
games, try a fishbowl format. A fishbowl is when you demonstrate
the game with a small group of students while the
rest of the class watches. For tablet or computer games, have one student play the game while
displaying it on a large screen and ask the rest of the class to
identify the rules and the goals. For complex games, demo the
game with a few students who have played the game before,
then break your class up into groups and assign each experienced
student their own group. For even more complex games, introduce
a simplified version of the game to get students playing,
then add more parts of the game as comfort levels rise. Step one, set ground rules. Playing games works best
when everyone has fun. Create a stress free atmosphere by
making agreements with your students to play fair and respect all
players before cranking up the fun. Step two, explain the
game, but keep it brief. That way, you’ll allow more
time for students to play, ask questions and learn by doing. Step three, play the game and have fun. Thanks for watching. Next, to learn how to manage the
game once you’ve rolled it out, check out the video on game management.

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