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Rollercoasters For Children | Gecko’s Real Vehicles

Hello everyone! I’m here today at Alton Towers Resort! I’m here to have a ride on some amazing
rollercoasters and learn all about how they work. Rollercoasters are designed for one thing
– FUN! No two are the same. They can do loops, twists, spins and can go
really, really fast. But how do these amazing rollercoasters work? Let’s take a closer look! Rollercoasters run on tracks like trains,
but there are a lot of differences too! Trains just have one set of wheels that rest
on top of the track. These cars have three sets of wheels. One on the top, one on the side, and one underneath
to grip the track. This means that the rollercoaster can do things
that trains can’t like going upside down while still staying on the track! But the main difference between trains and
rollercoasters is how they are powered. Power is what makes everything start, just
like batteries in a toy helps them turn on. A rollercoaster car doesn’t have an e ngine
for power, so to get the car moving fast along the track, it first needs be pulled to the
top of a very big hill. On this ride called Nemesis – a long chain
pulls the car all the way up to the top. The car is then released and gravity brings
it down the track at whizzing speeds! Gravity is an invisible force that pulls all
things down towards the earth. It’s like sliding down a slide, gravity
pulls you downwards! This ride – Oblivion – works in the same
way. The chains slowly pull the car up to the top,
which makes the people on the ride very nervous! Wooooaaahhh. Look how high that is! This ride is a straight drop, which means
there is only one way down! Scary!!! Some rides don’t get pulled up a big hill,
but instead are connected to a really long metal rope. When everyone is ready, it’s time for launch! The powerful rope is reeled in and pulls really
hard on the car. Ready, Steady, Go Go Go!! The rope has launched the car along the track
like a huge sling shot. Rita can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just
2.5 seconds. That’s as fast as a racing car! When this ride needs to slow down, powerful
magnets rise up and use magnetic force to slow down the car. A final set of brakes hold the train in place,
bringing the ride to a stop. With all these twists, turns and loops, rollercoasters
have to be really safe. So all of the people who work at Alton towers
work hard to make sure everyone on the ride is secure – by loading them onto the ride
carefully and checking their seat belts. Clever computers triple check the safety of
all passengers too! But Rollercoasters don’t just carry people! At this rollercoaster restaurant, it’s food
and drinks that ride the rollercoaster! When the food is ready, they are sent down
the track straight to your table! Yum Yum! Well, I think that’s quite enough excitement
for one day! Thanks to the Alton Towers team for showing
us around today. See you next time. Byeeeeeeeeee!

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