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This week on London Real. We have the Author, investor, and motivational speaker, Robert Kiyosaki. The harder you work for
money the poor you get. I don’t save money, I borrow money the rich don’t work
for money they work for assets. To date, America is the entitlementary. You know that I’m going to have somebody take care of me. I’m a hardcore
capitalist I mentioned provide for myself I want government take care of me.
When people say if an American do not pay taxes is really an American to
pay taxes. I’ve seen a lot of relationships with it they die the marriage is dead. We have an agreement you know if there’s an upset in our relationship that’s more than 45 minutes long we call it therapist. So when I was in the Marine Corps one day in Vietnam the warrior spirit left I don’t want to kill anymore. It was over. London Real presents Robert Kiyosaki: Rich Dad Poor Dad. I don’t work for money I work to solve problems. A lot of you know that I used to work in
the finance industry right here around Liverpool Street Station in London that
was after I took finance courses at the Sloan School of Management at MIT and
then went on to trade interest rate derivatives credit derivatives bond
futures you name it and for 15 years I got a certain education in finance but
it wasn’t until a week ago when I sat down to speak with this this episode’s
guest that I really learned about finance. And this week on the show we
have mr. Robert Kiyosaki who is the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad which was an
amazing groundbreaking book that came out in the 1990s. He went on to be a
guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show which was pretty huge at the time and Robert
talked about some basic things a fascinating story of two dads that he
had in Hawaii one was an academic who was well paid but struggled every week
to pay his bills and the other one was a dropout from high school who was more of
an entrepreneur who taught Robert that you should make money work for you and
you shouldn’t work for money . And it’s just an amazing way to think about
things differently and how we’re all in a way brainwashed from when we’re born
that we need to get an education so we can get a job to make money and make those ends meet when in fact we should be collecting assets, and assets are investments that give you free cash flow. And one of the biggest mistakes that Robert says we make especially in America is thinking that your house is
an asset when in fact he says it’s a Liability. I could go on and on about Robert and some of the fantastic things that he says. I listened to his audio book Rich Dad Poor Dad for six hours straight after I interviewed him just to
catch up and it’s really fascinating stuff and it’s got me really thinking a
lot about my own investments my own concept of money and
I think you’re going to love it so I hope you enjoyed my time with
Robert. It was very difficult to get time with him he’s super popular he travels
around the world giving seminars and he was giving one in London. I caught him at
his lunch break and we just sat down and had a great conversation together. I
asked Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad about ayahuasca. Yes that’s how crazy things get at London real and he had a
fantastic answer we didn’t just talk finance we talked personal relationships
we talked about him being in the Vietnam War. And getting tired of killing people and also his thoughts on meditation and some of his other principle to keep his head straight. So I think you really enjoy this I had a wonderful time with Robert. It was a true honor to sit down with one of the greats. You know he’s written books with Donald Trump. You know it’s just I can’t I can’t say enough about Robert so I hope you enjoy and if you do please share this and send it to your friends and let people know. How would you like to win some primal 26 protein powder fantastic 50 page ebook onsupplementation and diet right now for free ? I would and this is the stuff that
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you go I’m going to keep this one short. I hope you enjoyed the Kiyosaki
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there and now I leave you with the one and only the Rich Dad Poor Dad author
Mr. Robert Kiyosaki. This is London real. I’m Brian Rose my
guest today is Mr. Robert Kiyosaki was an American investor, businessman,
self-help author, motivational speaker financial commentator and now podcaster.
podcast yes you’ve written over 15 books which have a combined sales of over 26
million copies including the universally known Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert welcome
to London real. Thank you, honored. know thanks so much for being here.
I remember you said one time I don’t need a paycheck I don’t want a paycheck
I’m a rich man but I work for free and when I see you say those words on stage.
It’s really powerful and it kind of just shakes me and I was wondering if you
could explain what do you mean by that? Well for those who read Rich Dad Poor
Dad chapter one title says the rich don’t work for money and most people
don’t understand that because they’ve already been genetically programmed from
parents and schools to go to school to get a job and work hard for money. Now
the harder you work for money the poorer you get. And the reason for that is money
was designed to steal our wealth. Nothing was a good thing or a bad thing because it makes me richer. But like the yin and yang of life everything has opposite sides. So everything that rich dad taught me was opposite of what my poor dad. My poor dad school teacher. He is good people but they don’t have any of my money. So on one side my poor dads always
saying work hard you know go to school get a job save money and get out of debt
on the opposite side of the yang side was just don’t do that you know so when
I wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad it was about the opposites that’s all it was and the
rich don’t work for money. The richest people in the world don’t work for money.
But the average people thought part of their consciousness. So you look at Steve Jobs his paycheck was $1 a year. Right same embezzles as well.
Right yeah you don’t want money so the reason I say and I do and I speak and I
teach is kind of justice the yin and the yang you got to see the other side too.
Because so many people I don’t know about here but the economy is pretty bad
in America. And they’re rushing back to school. That’d be stupid. School teaches you nothing about money there’s fewer and fewer jobs,
and taxes are higher. Why would you do that? You know if you save money you’re
taxed, you work harder your taxed, and you put your money in a retirement plan your
text. That’s not that intelligent but that’s what they teach you in school. So
it’s opposite and that’s why I come up busted I talk about the opposite just to
open your mind a bit. You said that education is not putting stuff in but pulling stuff out of your brain. I have a 10 year old now and I’m looking
around London for her secondary education I’m looking at all these
schools. And then I hear what you say and I’m thinking are they going to teach her
the wrong things? Should people not go to school or should they go to school like
questioning what they’re being taught? Well that’s the most important thing;
question it. You see if you just assume all schools are equal in all schools
we’ll do a good job. You’re not doing your job as a parent. Obviously, you should
question and then ask yourself what does my child need to learn. So if you read
Rich Dad Poor Dad they’re not learning what my poor dad, rich dad taught me
excuse me. you know it’s like I don’t want a job
he mentioned being in high school. you know I grew up in the 60s going but I
don’t want a job. Now they go and it violates all the
Puritan believes going to work hard and be a taxpaying personal but I want do
that. And in most schools that type of philosophy or thought is not allowed. You
know I got spanked, scolded thrown out of school for having what they call radical
ideas but again I said Steve Jobs made $1 a year bezoz $1 a year I don’t want
a paycheck and I’m not giving the answer I’m just saying why don’t they want a
paycheck and that’s when you start to learn when you ask the question you
start to learn. And as a parent because ask yourself what are they going to
teach my child yeah you know will they damage my child or whether they educate
my child? Education comes from the Greek word educere , educere means to draw out
of a person but what schools too oftentimes do is they put in not draw
out. So they’re kind of giving her a subconscious message that you’re doing
all this training so you can work for someone someday. And you know corrected it, And buy a house that’s not an asset but a liability and work up these school loans and then you pay them off. And it’s almost I don’t know I guess
it’s not a slave mentality but it really is . It’s a paycheck mentality. A paycheck mentality. Look at this side that says, don’t get into debt. I’m in debt up to my balls you know. Because as a businessman you want some leverage.
Well there’s a good debt and bad debt. See bad debt is that I have to pay for some of
my house I have to pay for it so it’s bad debt. Mortgage was bad debt the same time I have about 300 million in debt, but it’s good debt because my tenants
pay it off. I’m a landlord. So i say, okay so a
good debt is debt that somebody else pays off for me right and so that was
the lesson on Rich Dad Poor Dad and by the way my Rich Dad began teaching
minutes age nine was play Monopoly. You know for green houses one read hotel.
Love that game. Yes today I want red hotels and I’m like, and I go back home my
family. They’re all school teachers. Oh Robert have you found a job yet I go no Oh too bad too bad he’s the cone let’s see one side
of the yin and the yang. The rich or the other side but my point is the
reason it’s hard for the poor the middle class to get rich is because the
philosophy of the thoughts the actions education is opposite. I don’t save money
I borrow money okay once you understand why would he do that?
well if I can borrow money I never I never have to say I can’t afford it. You
know I have for anything I want also I can borrow for it. So debt is good but it
takes education. Okay you said once that inside every one of us as a poor person
inside every one of us is the one that goes to the supermarket and things are
better buy the cheaper this and buy the cheap of that. That’s true.
I’m in this hotel. And they want eight dollars for a bottle of
water I said I’d rather drink tap water the pay eight dollars you know what I mean and I can afford the eight dollars and just insulting that they want eight dollars
for a bottle of water. But you’re saying that mentality can
hurt you as well because it had you put you in a frame of conserving my income
as opposed to going out. It’s just being conscious. You know being conscious of who’s talking at this moment is the poor person? so that
so like I really was last night my wife and I got check of their hotel room and I said I want a bottle of water I dont want to pay three dollars for the bottle water but I
date. You know so there was a battle going on between the rich person and
poor person inside of it finally the poor person was I’m a drink tap water.
you know it kills my health. That’s the same problems anybody else does right
and then that poor person is the conservative person the person that
doesn’t want to take risks the one that wants to conform? that’s one’s the middle
class. Oh that’s middle class. See the middle class person who middle-class believes in a big paycheck, good education, job security and a pension. You know so they
like when I was in the house a Marine pilot, most of my friends stayed in the
Marine Corps not because they love the Marine Corps but was good pension as
well that’s not very spiritual you know or most school teachers want the steady
paycheck now my point of view is psychically that’s what they broadcast
on to a child. So if the teacher believes on a steady job and steady
paycheck and no risk and job security any idea child may have like your child
may say well I don’t like that idea they got crushed. Right. That’s the risk. Okay
and also subconsciously they’re getting this message that these people are happy
to kind of have these jobs for life and collecting these paychecks and yeah and
then when I say well Steve Jobs goes paying a dollar a year it doesn’t
compute because it’s not inside their little box right right outside the box
thinking well that’s not possible you know. You know you go around the
world you give up and you give these huge talks I know your parents always
said it was important for you to be of service and is that something that’s
always on your mind? Oh yeah. Because you don’t have to do this I mean you can
stay in Arizona you know you’ve got your books and everything is that do you feel
like that’s something we all need to do? I don’t like to speak to all people but
I do think that service is important like I served the Marine Corps not
because I wanted to fight in Vietnam but because it was service you know and once
I got there glad I went there but I’ll never do that again. The US government lied to us in Vietnam. I know at that point is I’m out of here. You knew that at the time or you realize
that later? I realized that that goes off the top secret officer okay once I could
see the truth coming across the messages what they’re lying to us. We weren’t
there for the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese we were there because of oil
so if you look at Vietnam today there’s a war on in Vietnam yet and it’s for the
oil rights off of yet now doesn’t that’s why well dutch/shell is there that’s
where Conoco is there as well those guys are there we fought for oil.
Always remember that all wars are about money. Right. And power. Look at ISIS I think that’s kind of it I know I
don’t agree what they’re doing but they took what we know they capture the oil
fields which were bombing right now and then buy our weapons they come kill us.
Just doing what we do to them. Right . You know they’re not stupid. Would say that a lot of this
generation has this entitlement mentality where they kind of expect
things expect the job and expect the paycheck what do we do about this
generation you know should they go to the military or how do we get people to
kind of snap out of that entitlement frame? That’s hard to say the entitlement
mentality is alive and well in America before I used to be the American dream,
you know you’re from San Diego all that yeah it was the American dream. Yeah it’s in your blood yeah when you grow up there. and today at America is the entitlement
dream. You know that I’m going to get somebody to take care of me. If you look at
America today 47% don’t pay any tax no I’m not saying it’s good or bad because
the rich don’t pay tax either but what’s happening in America is you know is that
the government should take care of it which is socialism and I’m not saying
one is right or wrong but I’m a hardcore capitalist you know I don’t I think I
should work for my money. I mean I should provide for myself I don’t want the government take care of me . Its just philosophy is at warm right now. Right and on your podcast
recently have the UFC fighter Myles jury on and you talked about this theme of
fighting your inner wimp and I was wondering about you what you were trying
to say by that and I’m surprised to hear you admit you have to fight your hello-web sometimes because we see you on stage
and you know you’re kind of a hero. Fistman hero? You know every
morning does a classic battle like I got up this morning right and it’s a battle
between the fat boy and the stud Rambo. Enjoy this fat
boy that wins because should I go to the gym nah nah don’t go to the gym have a
cup of coffee or cup a cup of coffee you know that’s the battle. So the wimp
wins are the same as in business you know the moment I have enough money it’s
really hard to get motivated again because if I just make more money just
more money I don’t need it right and then I give a lot of it away which is
nice but there’s really got to be the juice in the fire you know a sense of
measures. I don’t work for money I work to solve problems and may the biggest
problem I see in this economic crisis is lack of financial education. And it
starts at the top excuse me so we have a lot of highly
educated poor people running our government, President Obama is one of
them right he’s a he’s a poor man who is highly educated not saying it’s a bad
man but his philosophy is a poor man’s philosophy and he’s very academic
right law degree that sounds like my like your- Poor Dad – right. I had
this guy George Bush who was a rich kid born with a silver spoon in the mouth
hey stupid till I mean how can he lose the oil company you know I mean he his
daddy gave him an oil company lost it. That’s almost impossible to get a permit
so I look at who’s running our country we go then it’s got Clinton yeah he’s
doing the real thing on the office called the point almost having sex and
he lies about okay what is that what is that teaching our kids you know so our
leaders are not necessarily leaders. You know they’re disappointing. -Do we need to start teaching financial education and you know eighth grade or fifth grade or
fourth grade do we need to have small business classes when the children are
young. Well the good news is happening Yeah slowly right? Yeah CNN this is the
way it works okay. It takes 50 years for a new idea to enter the school system 50
years. Yeah same as construction industry it’s
a very slow industry construction you have a new idea like you know do XYZ
it’s 50 years before it’s fully implemented. Now in technology look at
these cameras around us it’s about 18 months right so different industries
have different what they call lag times. So education and construction are the
longest lag types so I wrote my first book in 1992 and the title was “If You Want To Be Rich And Happy Don’t Go To School”. Now the reason I did that was
just a stop to start the clock. The moment I published that book and it was
trademark and all that legal a trademark the 50 years began and that’s kind of my
logic all right so now it’s let’s say you know 2014 we’re now at 10 20 30
years into it. So the clock is now starting to run so I know another 20
years there’ll be financial education and schools Irbil said well why didn’t
we do that? It’s so obvious but today it’s not
obvious. Whereas in technology if I told you I
have a you know you have a gold pearl right there that guy kicked butt. Yeah a
billion plus company named after its float. He took technology made it smaller better and cheaper. That’s what
we’re supposed to do as entrepreneurs make it smaller better cheaper. That’s
why the web is kicking ass right now because the smaller better cheaper than
you know mainstream broadcast like the BBC or ABC. So we’re in this world of
complete upheaval today because technology is you know changing the
world yeah. Well our tagline is we’re putting the BBC out of business. -That’s
good business. So now we’re yeah we’re broadcasting and independent media. Because I’m not doing what the people want right this is too expensive it’s too slow to
comprehend it’s imploding. So GoPro Emanuel strap that baby on your into the
world you know I’m not I’m not tech savvy but I love the idea. Yeah there’s a
fantastic we love them. Your poor Dad was here an education for Hawaii is
that right and you obviously wrote a book with a you know his name in there
and your family is all academic when you go back to Hawaii have they forgiven you
for the Rich Dad Poor Dad for an arm phenomenon? do you have any of them
acquiesce to your viewpoint? – No Do you speak to them still? – Still. OK. I am
basically the black sheep of the fair That sheep still. – Well I said I go home
today and my family has no I have no idea what I’ve done and they still ask
me “have you found a job yet”? -still ask you that. Yeah and when I say I don’t want a
job because I take a paycheck. What’s wrong with the Paycheck? you see
in their mind that is their world and what you know it’s called you call it a
paradigm shift or the paradox of life is sometimes what you think is not true. But
if my mother and father, my uncle and aunts, my cousin’s they all think that
I’d never have a paycheck and the richest guys in the world don’t have paycheck, that’s the
paradox. What you said it’s the most exciting a time to be alive right
now for young people there’s so many opportunities you speak to entrepreneurs
like today what is the most common sticking point,
you see if I’m entrepreneurs when they come to you what do you see right away or
that they’re just not doing? Well I think the most important thing is that they’re
working for money. Because the Rich Dad Poor Dad just go to
chapter one the rich don’t work for money. Then the question is well if
they’re not working for money what do they work for? But too often they just
dispel that he succeeds of saying that but they never go into study and you
know figure what the heck is he saying. So the answer give people the answer is
the rich don’t work for money they work for assets. You know an asset produces
cash flow not a paycheck cash flow is not taxed paychecks are taxed right you
know the guys that pay pay the highest tax on a self-employed small business
case but they keep some ways he says don’t work for money but you know I have
a business. But you’ve got to convert your cash into an asset not the stock
market into an asset. So I have a friend 50 years ago his old guy now but he was
like twelve fifteen it’s grabbed by the get some chickens and start producing
brown eggs you know yes this is in the States and he started selling his eggs
that one day decided to sell a chicken that he was
I see he cocked he says if I killed chickens I don’t have eggs but if I
reinvest my egg money into more chickens I have more eggs and which came first
the chicken over the egg you know mean he realized egg has got to come
first so today is in a six days of 70s, he produces ten million eggs a day and
his whole focus is to serve more people and produce more eggs so now his his
huge acres of chickens producing eggs shipping eggs all over the US the guy is
a Multi multi Multi multi billionaire because he’s not only selling chickens
selling feather fertilizer all because he saved the chicken. He understood
the concept of an asset yeah yeah the chicken was awesome
okay. You know you’re famous quadrant system is all about minimizing tax and
like you said self-employed people the ones that start businesses in this
country shouldn’t be the highest taxes in my brain but some people say it’s
unamerican not to pay taxes what do you say about that? Well because they don’t
know what they’re talking about see America we’re here in England today.
do you remember this recently in Scotland there was a yes or no vote yeah
yes to go independent no – no – stay with England well America went through
the same yes and no vote back in 1776 it was it hey screw you England we’re not
going to pay your taxes Eddie well that was the new vote right yeah and then
that was a terrible thing called American Revolution and you know once
the revolutionaries were just a small group they weren’t I’m there were no
majority but they kept fighting under George Washington kept fighting and a
lot of Americans fought the revolutionaries they fought George
Washington but when George Washington won I think about 400,000 were kicked
out of America it was that you guys went against the colonies out of here so when
people say America is an American to not pay taxes is really on America to pay
taxes because America was founded on no tax basis right there was no federal
income tax until the 1900s right nineteen
thirteen ritenour 1916 so when you avoid taxes you’ve said you’re doing what the
government wants you to do and that’s why there’s tax incentives yeah for
example if I’m an employee I pay higher taxes than being an employer right so
the more employees I have the less tax iPad now my employees got all upset well
how can you not pay tax well the reason is is I government wants and wants jobs
so the entrepreneur and you know creates jobs so because I create jobs like a tax
break they also want me to produce housing so my wife and I have about
4,500 housing low-income housing we get massive tax breaks for that you know
free money basically the other thing we invest in is food you know invest in
farms and all that because we produce food we get tax breaks government wants
food and the other thing is oil because oil is energy you know build well the
greenhouse effect oil is using plastics and everything around us oil is use
fertilizer so because the tax programs are stimulus for entrepreneurs to do
certain things we pay no tax but if you do what the government doesn’t want you
to do which is have a job and work hard protects you. If you save money you’re
taxed, you go into debt you’re not taxed. Think about that I’ve never heard anyone
presented the way you do it’s all you draw that quadrant you’re like what is
going on and I am the fool. Well is he a good egg you know the yang
of the egg there’s always one side the hard part for the poor middle class is
the rich or opposite you know what I’m saying don’t pay tax they think I’m
criminal but I’m not. I mean I can only do it because the government grants me
the power to do that because I’m doing what the government wants me to do see I
Drive my car like anybody else but I also have about 400 oil wells I produce
oil and I get huge tax breaks for oil because if there was no oil economy
would collapse no no the grayness go nuts but let them
let them create solar power and then you won’t be arguing me
you know but you’ve been talking about going inside yourself and looking into
inside yourself about what you want I think you’ve been talking about
meditation since the beginning and you’ve been talking about how someone
needs to find their element to figure out what they’re going to do and if
something’s come up on our show every now and then have you ever thought about
you know this this latest fascination with ayahuasca or the psychedelics about
people going inside their brains and like you said you shouldn’t be as scared
of what’s inside your brain but so many people lock that trauma deep inside have
you thought about any of that and do you think that’s appropriate for anyone to
explore? Well I don’t know really ayahuasca is to all this but I’m
constantly going into my subconscious. And it’s a choice like I don’t do drugs
I never did LSD I thought about him I didn’t do it in the 60s and you didn’t
yeah but I just wanted to find out what’s in there so I have specially
trained people who guide me into my subconscious.
You know it’s Pandora’s Box in there that’s alive and well yeah it’s what it
is is wacky you know some people are scared of their own brain yes and they
should be right it be careful somebody messes with your brain but for about 30
years now I just been digressing into it you know so I go into it I don’t know if
it’s true or not but it’s like a movie goes off when I’m in my subconscious I
think that’s what your dreams come from also you know losing and so I don’t
really know about past lives and all that stuff but I’ve experienced them
when I go back in time you know I don’t I find out why I’m upset about something
I finally met my partners in business I’m all upset with one of them so I go
into it I find out what the upsets about it’s nothing to do with them they just
trigger at the opposite ray it’s it’s you it’s an issue your do your signs in
here right and you lash out in someone on the surface so like you know well
like my wife I don’t know how she’s put up with you you love the one where you
with a lot of times you beat up the one you with – okay my wife sees the worst
side of me – so that’s why you’re the biggest lie ever told and they lived
happily ever after there’s no such thing because you see
the best the worse of a person it’s easily add on a date sipping wine for
the first time it’s just pretty cute he’s pretty cute you know you get
married man the box opens and what is your secret to keep in a long marriage
well my wife and I and you’re in business together to which constrained
relationship we have an agreement you know if there’s an upset in our
relationship that’s more than 45 minutes long the call it therapist smart yeah
I’m a that’s what therapist get paid for is a handle our garbage you know so if
I’m angry with Kim which is most of the time I mean that she that she really
gets aggravation so-called go caller okay okay you know well it’s
it’s sometime I’m not an incomplete thought in my hair and complete emotion
like lost time Co she probably triggers my mom I saw some of my mom or I’m her
dad you know and so the therapist just handles the upset not better wrong right
and I see a lot of relationships with her they died the marriage is dead
there’s two bodies spending time together and they don’t talk about it
because the last time they talk they got into a fight right so they sit there
nice and polite right they don’t say what they really want to say marriage is
dead in the love is a function of communication right so you need to
communicate if you have a problem get someone else involved
get it out if I can’t communicate well get somebody else to interpret you know
okay support marriage support right what’s next for you in the next couple
years is it touring the world and talking to people and looking them face
to face is it another book you know what what do you feel like you still need to
leave the world with that’s kind of a tough question because I’m right there
right now because I don’t know okay but I see it this way our spirit has many
facets you know if you have a child then your maternal paternal facet of your
spirit comes out okay well with me growing up in Hawaii that was a surfer
so I had a free spirit and I think the one school yeah sir hell
that and then I went into the military for is a military school at six years of
the Marine Corps and developed the warrior spirit now the problem is that
so that warrior spirit comes back into the real world that he doesn’t do well
so then I had to take all that spiritual energy of the warrior spirit and
diverted him to the entrepreneur spirit because corporate world is another
spirit so when I entered the corporate world for Xerox I thought I died and
went to hell and I just couldn’t play the games I’m glad they do right hi yeah
I’m going to get a promotion someday I’ll be vice president you know you know
fake what for me it would be for them they love it you know like some people
like soccer or some people like rugby yes I love rug because it’s more contact
soccer this contact to but I just don’t know the said I can’t punch the guy okay
so there’s a different difference different facets to are spooked
okay so I’m you know so the Marine Corps one day in Vietnam the
warrior spirit left. I did want to kill anymore. It was over okay and that’s
another problem began because I had to fight for you know my job was to kill
people. And that’s when a lot of problems again because my spirit evolves out my
body was still there I didn’t want to do it anymore.
OK. So the other Sam saying so we all we all get to these points where it’s
time to move on okay spirit says, hey done enough move on. Speaking of moving
on you’re heading out to the stage now Robert thanks so much for your time I
really appreciate it I guess we see I’m London real it’s about the journey and I
wish you well on yours thank you Thanks very much man. All right Take care. – I liked it. Bye. What we call reality is in fact nothing
more than a culturally sanctioned and linguistically reinforced hallucination. This week on London real we have
American businessman and financial commentator Peter Schiff. “If I make a
hundred million I had to create a lot of jobs to make that money that’s the point.
Property prices are too high, stock prices are too high, they have to come
down. You know the banks they know what they’re doing but if they knew what
they’re doing how they cause a crash. Our whole economy in the u.s. is based on
debt it’s based on borrowing to consume, borrowing to speculate. We don’t have a
genuine recovery it’s phony all the Fed did is blow some air back into the
deflating bubble. People should make themselves more aware of what they need
to do so they don’t end up losing their pension end up losing older savings.
We’re starving Main Street for capital while we’re propping up Wall Street.
Relying on a hope is not a strategy. On Sunday London Real presents Peter Schiff : “Market Crash 2014” It’s not that I want bad things to happen I just know that even worse things will happen if we put it off.

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  1. What I learned: the workers pay the taxes of the entrepreneurs. That's why they don't pay taxes. So, a worker has to counteract that by making their check an asset or a skill an asset. Have a side gig for themselves that works for them.

  2. I read the book with him and Donald Trump. Plug in follow for a follow on instagram bucknerbruce414

  3. I've heard of Robert Kiyosaki before but from his interview with London Reel, it was the first times I heard his philosophies on business, finances, and life. Definitely one of my new favorite philosophers and I can't wait to get my own copy of "Rich Dad Poor Dad"

  4. Funny how these guys bitch about entitlement and In the meantime buy up property to rent out to people. If what he believed was true…everyone is going to be homeless soon enough and nobody is going to be able to afford to rent these properties. There's inefficiencies all over in the market, but the fact that everybody is more worried about the deficiency's in other people rather than work together…no problems are going to get solved. In fact… Other than land, there wouldn't be assets if it weren't for workers, but due to compounding interest, labor is going to be an increasingly less valuable commodity per unit of labor. The only way to really boost value is really going to take innovation. How do you create something innovative that either increases the efficiency or makes the resources we have to further. Yes land itself will go up in value as population increases, but if we don't fix global warming it eventually becomes worthless. Now in the scope of my lifetime, there's probably some good value land to the north, as the earth starts boiling the only places that are going to support a population are going to be colder regions.

  5. Man the guy is good! Much respect M. RK!! I am going to watch and listen and learn all I can get on you…thank you for saving my life! Great interviewer too!

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