Rina from Hong Kong, 18 ‒ Before & After her EF program
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Rina from Hong Kong, 18 ‒ Before & After her EF program

I’m Rina and I’m from Hong Kong. The reason why I’m going with EF to Oxford is that
I think EF can offer a golden opportunity to open my horizons and make some new
friends that come from around the world. I think when I’ve finished my Foundation course,
I will have really improved my English. I can go to a top university in the U.K. When I came to Oxford, I thought Oxford is
a small city where the people are very nice. There are some differences
between Oxford and Hong Kong. The weather in Oxford is
much cooler than Hong Kong. After I finish the course with EF,
I’ll probably continue studying in U.K. I think I’ll maybe study Business Management
in Birmingham University. I think EF has a really good
environment for me to study in because their teaching style
is different from Hong Kong’s. Our teachers always give us a lot
of suggestions or opinions that allow me to improve my English or allow me to use critical thinking
towards a lot of experts. It has really helped me to do
my essays and other things. Also, after I finished my course, I realized that
my personality has changed a little bit. In Hong Kong, my personality
might have been a little bit shy. Even if I had an opinion,
I din’t want to speak out because I was afraid my classmates or a teacher
might say something to me which is not good. But in the U.K., it’s different. The teacher always gives me
a lot of positive opinions or something that allows
me to make an improvement.

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