Rigoberto Uran’s Cannondale SystemSix I Tour de France 2018
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Rigoberto Uran’s Cannondale SystemSix I Tour de France 2018

We’re here at the 2018 Tour de France
finding as many pro bikes as possible and as you may have guessed from the
giant pink bus behind me, we are with EF Education First-Drapac powered by
Cannondale racing team. What a mouthful! Anyway, right here I have Rigoberto Uran’s SystemSix. Now the SystemSix is an aero bike from Cannondale – their first ever –
and it’s been designed as a complete module, usually coming with Knot
components. This is the team build however, and it’s been finished with
Vision components. So while not as fast as the complete module, I don’t think
it’s going to be going much slower. So let’s take a look at the frame in a bit more
detail. Now one of the key features on this that we’re seeing on many aero
bikes but hasn’t actually been given a name until now is the ‘trine’ and that
is this bit on the frame here. It helps to channel air flight across the frame
more effectively. Looking at the tube profiling on this bike, they are of
course pretty deep, especially where the top tube meets the seat tube and down by
the bottom bracket here. You can definitely tell it’s an aero bike. So let’s take a quick rundown of the componentry on the bike. It is the SystemSix provided by Cannondale, but then we are finished out with Vision components
in wheels and this fully integrated handlebar with a computer mount.
Cannondale’s own chainset adorns the bike and as this is Uran’s second bike, it
doesn’t have a power meter on it, but usually the team are using an SRM.
Finally there is a Prologo saddle atop the seat post and another team using
Vittoria Corsa tyres – they seem to be very popular at this year’s race. A couple of
pro details – this integrated computer mount definitely looks at pro, but i’m
more interested in the rear mech hanger back there. Now technically it’s not
hanger because this is a direct mount Dura-Ace rim mech, but it has been custom
CNC’d for the Cannondale team. You noticed that there is a chain catcher on
it meaning that when Uran drops it down into that hardest gear, the chain is not
going to be able to jump off the smallest sprocket. It’s also said to have
been designed to increase shifting stiffness so it’s going to be super
precise. Another little detail that I really like, the integrated Di2 junction box in
the down tube. Yep, that is a carbon fibre cover –
pretty damn cool. EF Education First-Drapac are another Dura-Ace Di2 powered team here at this year’s Tour and they are also using disc brakes on this bike. Finally, the pink and green colour scheme, I think it works. I know it
shouldn’t, but I think it does. his is one of the best-looking bikes I’ve seen
here in person this year. Let us know what you think and don’t forget to check
out more of our Tour de France coverage in our playlist.

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9 thoughts on “Rigoberto Uran’s Cannondale SystemSix I Tour de France 2018

  1. The Cannondale SystemSix is one of many aero bikes launched ahead of this year's Tour de France – how does it stack up against the new Trek Madone SLR, BMC Timemachine and Specialized S-Works Venge?

  2. If the new system six is so great, especially for pros, why are all of the pros ditching the new Knot64 wheels for Vision wheels?

  3. Heavy, ugly, complicated, over priced… why anyone would pick this monstrosity over the sublime Super Six is beyond me… Oh wait, they are PAID to ride it and say how great it is…

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