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Rethinking Recess

(children chattering) (whistle) – My job involves a variety of things, so I’m out here before
any recess even begins. I’m bringing out a cart of equipment, full with all of the things we play with and then I take at least
a half an hour of my day, setting things up. Go! – [Group] When we say,
“Re,” you say, “Spect.” Re!
– Spect! Re!
– Spect When we say, “Have” you say, “Fun.” Have!
– Fun! Have!
– Fun! (cheering) – [Amalie] Nobody has a break
at recess, we’re all playing, the teachers, the students, the coaches. (children chattering) One thing that we always look out for is anybody who would normally
hang to the periphery, or would find themselves playing solo, there’s a real need to
have those kids be engaged. – Before I joined Junior Coach, I was really shy and I wasn’t open, and after Junior Coach,
I was really confident. I was a great leader. – Alright good, get outta here. A lot of the games are non-competitive. We focus on having fun. We encourage them to have
a game of rochambeau, which is simple, rock, paper, scissors, the winner moves forward. Everything moves forward. You don’t have to just get
stuck in, you know, conflicts. – Are you playing too? – When I was being
bullied, I felt like no one can really help me, but then
when I joined Playworks, I was able to communicate
by getting a teacher and then I noticed other
people getting bullied, so I would help them, and
so they can have fun recess without people picking on them. – Because we spend so much
time on school culture, and positive language and reinforcement, they create an environment
that’s more inclusive and a lot of that is
also through invitation by their peers or junior coaches. (applause) – [Child] The end!

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