Residence Life at Woodsworth College
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Residence Life at Woodsworth College

My name is Madeleine and this is Woodsworth
College Residence in the heart of downtown Toronto. I’m from Flesherton, Ontario which
is a really small town near Collingwood. Right when you get here there’s this big community
feel and that continues on well into your first year. There’s a perk of having an apartment
style building, so that means you get your own room but you still get to live with other
students which allows you to have your own space but also meet new people. Woodsworth
is right on Bloor Street, so it’s really close to the Annex which has limitless options for
getting meals. There’s lots of cool restaurants as well as cafes. Right across our courtyard
is the Goldring Centre for High Performance Sports, so that means very top workout facilities
are right next door. I met really close friends across the hall. It was really nice that we
had access to our own kitchen because after class when we were all done we’d go over and
make big meals together and it was nice to have, at the end of the day, just sort of
have a family meal together and just discuss our days. We’d often do studying afterwards
or even have a little movie night. It was really nice. Woodsworth College Residence
has really been a starting point for who I’ve become as a university student here at U of
T and I wouldn’t change a thing.

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