Residence Life at University College
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Residence Life at University College

My name is Kate and my residence is Morrison
Hall at University College. University College is in the center of campus, it’s the founding
College. It’s surrounded by everything, it’s surrounded by all this history as well. I’m
definitely a people-person so living and being surrounded by a community and living with
other people was so much more appealing than living on my own off campus. One of the hidden
gems to study at on campus is the Athletic Centre. It’s really close-by to the university
residences and it reminds me a lot of when I was growing up and (swimming) in triathlons.
So it’s really comfortable for me to go there and studying. University College prides itself
on being very supportive about being a fun atmosphere and being a positive space as well.
It’s a big community and it engages people from all different backgrounds and from all
different places. I’m confident that I made the right choice in staying in residence all
these years. But for me why I chose University College was because when I was walking through
the residences I really felt like I was at home.

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