Residence Life at St. Michael’s College
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Residence Life at St. Michael’s College

I’m Kevin and this is my residence Sorbara
Hall at St. Michael’s College. I picked St. Mike’s for a number of different reasons.
The first was that I believed it kind of instilled an atmosphere where education, spirituality
and growth were all fundamental and they were kind of celebrated. St. Mike’s is perfectly
located to provide a balance of nature within the downtown core of Toronto. There’s a lot
close-by, anything from the Varsity Cinema – the movie theatre – to local restaurants,
everything is around, anything that you could ever need. The Goldring Centre was just recently
built and as a member of the football team here at U of T it’s one of the main places
that we train at. Just having easy access to being close to my teammates and the ability
to train at such a world-class facility was very important. You know, St. Mike’s is a
very unique place to study and live over your university career and I think that what makes
it so unique are the different experiences that everyone brings to the table. And those
experiences kind of just make you feel, you know, connected to one another and very supported
and I think it’s a place where you definitely see that you’ll have friends for life.

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