Residence Life at New College
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Residence Life at New College

Hi, I’m Osman and this is my residence at
New College. For me New College is a place for multiculturalism and diversity is not
only accepted but also celebrated. New College is great. There’s a ton of green space around
for you to enjoy and if you’re active the Athletic Centre and Hart House are just a
five minute walk away. You might be wondering why New College. Well, for me New College
gave me the opportunity to meet friends in my program and others too. I remember the
late night studying in Ivy Library in the Wilson and Wetmore Lounge and also the countless
hours spent in the dining hall catching up with friends. I really enjoyed myself here
at the College and the people here are amazing. The staff, they are very supportive, they
give you every opportunity to succeed whether it be academically or extracurricular. Without
a doubt I would definitely come back to New College.

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5 thoughts on “Residence Life at New College

  1. This is the worst and only residence I ever lived. The washroom is messy and dirty as hell. The toilet are shared by both boys and girls. Please don't commend on me because that only means you agree 100% with me since I won't respond.

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