Residence Life at Innis College
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Residence Life at Innis College

Hey guys, I’m Chiao. Welcome to Innis College,
welcome to my home. I really like Innis because Innis has a very, very positive community
where you can also engage with new people, new friends from, like, all over the world
and Innis is a place that you can chill and you can also find yourself a quiet place to
study. I really like the apartment style because you have your own room, which means you have
your own privacy but there’s also a common area where you can socialize with your friends.
I made friends with my roommates and they are, like, my best friends. It�s not somewhere
you go to their event and just say hi, it’s somewhere you go to the event and you get
to know everyone and be friends with everyone. I always feel thrilled coming back to Innis
because it’s a home away from home.

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