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100 thoughts on “Representative Val Demings Schools AG Barr On Policing Comments | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. I hear both sides everyday.

    The honest stement to the public is none of us know until congress decides!

    That's what a hearing is for "to decide" whether or not there is sufficient evidence to impeach.

    The public had their opinions when they voted congress in, so if they get mad, they get mad!

    At the end of the hearing the senate and judicuary branch will have their opportunity to contribute.

    The people want to ensure our votes are secure and we see how both sides took "that" concept.

    No matter how many positive statements are made we know who is securing our votes allready!

    This whole last three years was the public watching to see who can secure our votes!

    Either way I think we all have a wonderful view and the public now has the responsibility to accept.

    The fight to secure our votes was clear!

  2. Tax dollars are spent on law enforcement as well as votes. I think that is their security to their jobs!

    Everyone should be grateful they have employment and the right to work!

    Public opinion shouldn't matter to policemen in any case!

    The weaponization of the police force should be what moves the needle!

  3. Fascism/Nazism is on the rise all around the world. In Italy, where Nazism is actually banned, along with everything that goes along with it, the authorities have just arrested a group of people starting a nazi party, along with weapons, all sort of nazi material, symbols, flags, etc… Here, they have taken over our gov, slowly, over the past 50 years. Lest we forget, there was an attempted military coup which was stopped by General Smedley BUtler, a true American hero. The same people though have not gone away. Some have died of old age, but the newer generation picked up where their parents left. People don't realize how bad it is because most don't get to "experience" it first hand. BTW, originally the police motto was *TO SERVE and PROTECT*, now it's the opposite, but they have been infiltrated more than they were in the 50s and 60s, by nazists

  4. What a weird situation- an AG with no respect for the law demanding “we the people” respect law enforcement officers. Whilst Barr and his boss are busy doing everything they can to trash the reputation of law enforcement institutions he then tells us we should respect them.

    And delivering his demands with a pained, hangdog expression on his face doesn’t fool us into forgetting his unfounded accusation that the FBI “spied” on Trump’s campaign or his refusal to accept the inspector general’s conclusion that there is no evidence to support such an allegation.

    It won’t make us forget his taxpayer funded globe trotting exercise to get allies who passed on intelligence of Russian interference to “investigate” themselves and produce a different conclusion.

    It won’t make us forget his twisted “summary” of the Mueller report or his refusal to allow Congress to see baseline witness testimony.

    In fact nothing Barr says or does now, after so publicly nailing his colors to the mast of SS Trump rather than acting as America’s AG, will commend respect or belief that he doesn’t have an ulterior motive to protect Trump at the expense of the country. The only words we want to hear from Barr is “I resign.”

  5. Barr is a traitor, corrupted, a criminal, should be removed, and impeached ASAP. Why in the heck is Barr allowed to continue as the AG at this time.

  6. Blue Wave. We must vote these Republicans out. They are not working in the best interest of America and her people. We must vote.

  7. Barr frightens me on another level than any of the other thugs in the administration. Because when he was appointed most pundits on both sides said ok, now we actually have a professional in that REALLY IMPORTANT and powerful position, a lot of the had worked with him before and never had he displayed any if these ideologies.
    And now… he is suddenly trying to turn America into North Korea?! Wth?? What does Trump or Putin or Bannon or Miller have on him? Or if this just is who he was all along, how did he hide it so well and for so long from everybody? That's just psychopathic. And WHAT does he get out of making Twitler a king or dictator? He knows nobody is safe with those (or with trump as is). He isn't dumb.
    He's unpredictable and apparently evil and that is scarier than a predictable evil (like Mike f*ing Pence).

  8. There are so many better ways Barr could have said it, if his statement was meant to be benign.

    He could have said: "It's important for us to remember that without the police we would be in big trouble".
    Or, "lets never forget how important policing is, I mean try to imagine a world without it".

    Those would be more innocuous points.

    But no, he says "Communities [of color] that don't respect the police, might find themselves without police protection."
    That's just a threat.

  9. Hmmm, I don't know… I don't agree with Barr on anything really, but i feel like they are putting intent into a vague statement. He didn't say that officers wouldn't do their job, he said that people wouldn't get protection. There is a distinction. I can think of one MAJOR way that people wouldn't get protection, and that's if there aren't enough officers doing the job because it's a crap job. I wouldn't want to be a police officer given the risks, and the fact that it is a pretty thankless job.

  10. What he is saying is that we should not protest no what law enforcement does. Racist and facist statement. Go Val a real law enforcement official.

  11. Tourism has to be suffering with comments like that made by Barr, and the systemic injustice it seemingly institutionalizes. Who wants to go to banana republics?

  12. Yeah and f*** the work of our foreign diplomats n ambassadors they're just liars and never trumper's they shouldn't be congratulated at all

  13. Fat boy is insane. Thank God I live in Atlanta. America is insane! But black Americans have never been protected by the police so this is really normal for us. The police is more likely to harm us than protect us. The paddy rollers are alive!

  14. Hes just typicial white man whis been given major privaledge why else would he talk such foolishness with no descression. Hes needs to be outed

  15. It's not about respect, it's about accountability for individual cops who wrongly murder someone.

  16. The police need to respect and serve the people, or else they might find themselves alone and surrounded on all sides by those with no respect for them. This is how they earn their parades.

  17. President Trump should be given credit for spotting Barr and making him his AG as they are so made for each other. Perhaps it is their animosity towards non whites that bonds them towards each other. The other thing that bonds them towards each other is perhaps that both have scant respect for integrity.

  18. Inez Qtaish is writing " I say" The Truth hurts I am moving forward set the minds free, Lie kills souls so back up get away from ME.

  19. Welcome to Donald Putin trump America, these people need to go. America has always been great not because of orange man.

  20. Comments and thoughts From A man whose father hired a pedophile to work at a school with young children. Corruption in the DNA

  21. It's a job! They don't go in to policing out of a sense of duty. They don't do it to protect and serve. They are in it because it is a job that pays well for very little effort and gives them almost unfettered power. Police abuse the overtime and retirement systems to their own benefit. They need to earn our respect!

  22. The man that lied about the findings of an investigation to protect a traitor and has been implicated in an extortion plot in Ukraine is threatening us if we dont succumb to their version of reality. Theyre all fascists that need to be locked up.

  23. Here we go again
    MSM disinformation
    Taking one sentence
    From Bill Barr’s speech trying to instill fear in Americans
    and discredit our Attorney General

  24. Let him take the cops and go! When the death tolls drop in these areas, when the crime rates drop, what then fatass!?!

  25. Wow …. that's rich , while the lawless administration is permitted to carry on unabated and given carte blanche . When will law enforcement be issued brown shirts , jack boots and made to goose step ???

  26. The thing is, his comments will be received well among most* officers as many have been found to be low key racist and are bullies. America is like the frog in the slowly boiling water. Change is coming, it's just coming on slowly, in waves.

  27. What the he is taking About if he the one and All the Republicans are dirty and doing they are liyer if he cannot tell the truth what hem and the Orange Baboon Hidden the truth

  28. Good ol Bill Barr sewing the seeds of the future police state. This guy is a treasonous liar. How did he even pass barr exam. Must have sold his soul to the devil. Oh that's right he works for trump.

  29. He's helping Trump amass his army that will move when he's ousted. It's like a Junta coup leader who does everything to win the support of the military, which Trumps (pun intended) any other civil authority by physical intimidation. Get the cops in your pocket and you'll have strongman powers. I love this constant Civics lesson. Even the Millenials are learning. Thanks Donald!

  30. “Law enforcement is not a protection racket.”

    That pretty much sums it up.

    Interesting, too, how Barr is investigating the F.B.I. for investigating Trump. So, apparently, Barr says the people (let’s be frank, “minorities”) need to respect law enforcement (local police), but he doesn’t have to respect those who might later investigate local police officials.

  31. Trump threatens an insurrection if he's removed, Barr just dog whistled to young police that they should allow violence to happen to those who try to hold police to account. They need to know we will NOT be intimidated.

  32. yes..there are 'no go zones' in Europe that dont have police protection because of the lack of respect and hostility toward the police…we don't want this here so ..what's wrong with respect anyway???

  33. The BIBLE IS OUR COMPASS in it JESUS SHOWS us how HE LOOKS THE POOR . JESUS did NOT own HOUSE , ANTIQUES, GOLD , YACHT, HELICOPTER , AIRPLANE. While HE OWNS THE UNIVERSE , HE WAS BORN IN A manger a stable . Having said that he created them for us , we are thinking , when HE returns as HE PROMISED if he returns as A BLACK MAN , ALL OF YOU claiming you are CHRISTIAN , love GOD we have a QUESTION WILL you STILL LOVE HIM ? JESUS IS JEWISH , BORN IN ISRAEL , HIS DEAREST MOTHER IS JEWISH , the KKK trump calls good people HATES JEWS . YOU hypocrites claim to love JESUS & you hate the JEWISH RACE & the POOR .

  34. I wouldn't say I grew up in South Africa Apartheid like it was something special. You are Indian and your people immigrated there and left. My people were born there and you get no badge of honor for that. Don't ride on my people's struggles.

  35. Oh don’t worry people, if the police won’t protect you my military family will do it. We swear to protect the Constitution not a leader, person, or country.

  36. Barr has always been an authoritarian.

    He wants an all-powerful President and rejects the notion of CO-equal branches of government and the checks and balances of the American Constitution.

  37. Turning the military into mercenaries up for the highest bidder
    And, exposing cops as the blue 'Cosa Nostra'
    Literally Italian, for "our thing".
    Pretty soon you have to kiss the ring and pay to get "protection"

  38. It is the job of law enforcement to sacrifice for us, the people. Not the way around. Police who do this without the EXPECTATION of anything in return are the ones who are worthy of respect. Those who take the job with expectations of getting something in return do not deserve to wear the uniform. I hope Barr gives that speach in his prison cell. The highest political position he is going to hold is Block Rep

  39. Respect works both ways. The "community" are the people who's taxes pay there salaries as well as there pensions. Being an officer is a choice, and a lot of the officer's honor there oath to serve and protect. Then you have some officer's that shouldn't be wearing that uniform. People of the community have rights to.
    People shouldn't be afraid. Of police officers. Bill Barr should be behind bars. Let us pray.

  40. Bill Barr is making a pointed statement meaning black communities. What Americans need to focus on is fascist leadership such as this administration and Bill Barr.

  41. Barr is extremely Dangerous! Isn’t the reason we have police is to protect the citizens? It’s the citizens that pay their salaries!

  42. So specifically which communities are going to lose protection? Let’s get specific Barr. I dare you. Start naming cities and then let’s see how blue those communities go in 2020. God he is a creep.

  43. How does he define respect? Is respecting the law committing fraud, tax evasion, treason? Or is it a black person pulled over for being black and standing up to dirty racist cops? I think Barr by dirtying up the results of the muller report is disrespectful to Americans and police and the rule of law. Barr and trump are beyond dirty. They both spit on the constitution they took an oath to uphold and defend. Barr and trump are the ones tearing down the very essence of the USA. My god.

  44. You people are idiots. Another smear campaign because he is about to bust your liberal buddies. IG report tomorrow. But Durham investigation is gonna be the icing on the cake. The only thing you have is hatred for our President and hatred for our country. The only thing worse than your network is the people who believe this crap because it panders to their hate.

  45. No fire the police who don't reseçt the public their employers The people control the police not the other way round

  46. Bill Barr is speaking as if every single police officer is a perfect law abiding citizen that always executes their job with absolute professionalism. Police officers are human beings just like the rest of us and are prone to the same errors, neuroses and short comings. Why is it that putting on a police uniform makes you a saint?

  47. That includes fat boy Barr also. He just might find he is a rather large fat target without his protection. Thoughts and prayers fat boy.

  48. They deserve nothing, they have to earn the public’s respect and praise… they are public servants if they don’t want to work on our behalf then find new employment! These cops think because they are due respect because they wear a costume that they’re above the law, and that is what automatically loses their respect when they act and behave as though they’re above the law. Reign in on their actions, hold the police accountable for their actions and teach cops to de-escalate situations and maybe just maybe they’d be respected….

  49. Never thought Barr was a stupid man; no ethics, but not stupid! That was something straight out of the young nazi hand book and so beneath a person in Barr's position! Stupid ridiculous man!

  50. Barr, like Trump is a Fascist, they must be eliminated. The halls of our government are also full of right wing Fascist, they to must be weeded out and eliminated.
    Restore Democracy to our Republic.

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