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Ok Motu and Patlu, I will take your interview now, If you pass then both of you can become press reporters, Ok? Ok sir. First you will have to answer the opposite of what I say, got it? Ok sir. Sit down. The opposite of sit down is stand up, I mean sit down on the chair. I mean stand upon the chair. The interview has not yet started, I said sit down. The interview has started, I said stand up. Are you going to drive me mad? Are you not going to drive me mad? Get out! Come in. I will not give you this job. I am giving you this job. Oh thank you sir, how nicely you told us that we have the job. Motu keep quiet, you have already said too much, sir you can direct your question answer session at me. I don’t have time for a question answer session and I don’t have any other reporter. I suppose I will have to keep you two , you look smart. Tomorrow there are two to three programs of a minister, I want you to cover them. What about me? What should I do? These days we are doing articles on cats and dogs. These days there are a lot of problems regarding stray dogs, tonight you go out and cover the dogs. This is the most suited job for this idiot, he is not fit for anything else. Thank you sir. Where are you going with such a big bag? It’s my first assignment, I want to do it perfectly. Ok, all the best, I have to go for the ministers program in the morning. My job is to cover the dogs, I will cover them so well that the boss will be thrilled with me. Look how the poor dog is sleeping without a home. Oh poor things! What problems they are facing, the full family is sleeping out in the cold. Motu!! Yes sir what happened? What are you doing? You had asked me to go out in the night and cover the stray dogs. So I’m covering them, they truly have a big problem for sleeping. I cannot bear to see them suffering like this. I did not mean this!! I meant you cover their story!! Where is their story? Tell me quick, I will go and cover that too, I have a lot more blankets with me. You go home now, don’t do anything, understood? I am firing you from the job right now. You cannot fire me like this, If there is something lacking in my work then you tell? I am covering the dogs with the best quality blankets, I have not even asked you for any money. What more do you want? Be quiet!! Don’t chew my brains, just get out of my sight. Help! Boss is very upset with you, I have gone through great trouble convincing him not to throw you out of the job. He is a strange man, First he tells me to cover the dogs then he gets angry as to why I’m covering the dogs? You stay away from the minister, just take his pictures from all angles, front angle, top angle, side angle. Understood? And if the boss appears then you hide. Ok, understood. What is happening here? I’m taking your pictures from a top angle. We are reporters from “Today’s’ News” sir, we have come here to cover a story of your day. Ok, but where is the statue? We have kept it at the back, now that I have got this angle we will get it put back here again. Please come on the stage sir and say a few words. Respected principal and sir, look here smile please, smile Respected principal and my dear. Smile please. Smile. Yes, so where was i? You were at “my dear” My dear children, today’s’ day, smile. Here, smile! How do I give the speech with this? Control sir control your anger, elections are just around the corner. Yes so, as i was saying today is a very auspicious day, today the founder of this school Mr. Where has he gone? Who? That photographer, let it be, he can be anywhere, you give the speech. Yes so today we are unveiling the statue of the founder of this school. I am happy that, smile. Today I’m going to get good pictures taken from every angle, I will smile too. What are you saying sir? He is making me forget everything, every time I start to talk he is signaling me from somewhere. I won’t leave him. Control sir, control your anger, elections are just around the corner. Yes so as I was saying, today at the time of this good occasion, Motu what are you doing? Come down. I’m taking pictures from different angles. Help!! Mr. Minister, you have come here for the opening ceremony of this dog kennel. Why did you get this kennel made? These days the problem of stray dogs has increased tremendously. They don’t have a place to stay, no food, no water that is why. Yes so as I was saying, please stand up sir, come up and talk. Sir can I have one photograph with you inside the kennel feeding the dogs? please Mr. Minister. It is a good opportunity to win the people over go and pose, the whole press is covering you. Now you feed them, I am taking pictures. Help! Mr. Ministe, smile, look here, what are you doing? Smile. Just let me come out of here and I will teach you how to smile. Help! Motu run! Control your anger sir.

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