Remodeling our School Finance System
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Remodeling our School Finance System

The school finance system is complex, outdated,
and underfunded. These problems are not new, and have led to
a long tradition of challenging the school finance system in court. The latest court challenge resulted in the
state Supreme Court declaring our school finance system to be barely constitutional and urged
the Legislature to take action. As a result, the Legislature created the Texas
Commission on School Finance to study and make recommendations for the school finance
system. This commission will be meeting all year and
the Center for Public Policy Priorities will be at each meeting to keep you informed. We’re glad this commission is meeting, because
making meaningful changes to our school finance system is gonna take the time and focus not
available during a regular legislative session. However we know that commissions and studies
alone are not enough to fix our school finance system because we’ve done this before. The commission’s recommendations will only
bring meaningful change if they’re coupled with the political will necessary to bring
the needed investments to our public education system. As this commission is meeting, it’s important
that the people of Texas communicate to their legislators that we cannot wait any longer
for a school finance system capable of providing a high-quality education to all 5.3 million
children in our public education system. Please continue to follow CPPP for updates
and analysis as the commission works to build their recommendations.

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