Reich College of Education: First for Teaching
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Reich College of Education: First for Teaching

Brandon: App State provides opportunities
to lead, to engage with the campus and serve the community. I have found a family of friends and we support
each other. But, ultimately, I chose Appalachian because
it is first for teaching. Dean Spooner: Appalachian has deeply rooted
traditions in education. Our reputation for preparing quality educators
as well as our commitment to student and alumni success contributes to the value of an Appalachian
education. Our students, students like Brandon, are passionate
and compassionate. They are called to sustain education within
their communities and to inspire the next generation of teachers. Brandon: I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. My mother and grandmother both wanted to be
teachers but never completed college. So in a way, I am making their dream my reality. As a teacher, I will first inspire confidence
in my students and help them become the very best versions of themselves. I will teach them that kindness is not a weakness
– it is a powerful weapon that can change the world. My mission is to make school fun again. To inspire students, like I was inspired. To be a champion for every student. First, I listen. First, I care. First, I engage. First, I encourage. First, I recognize potential. I am Brandon Moore and I am first!

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