Registering with Ontario College of Teachers
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Registering with Ontario College of Teachers

Welcome to the Ontario College of Teachers We are the self-regulatory body for Ontario’s elementary and secondary teaching profession. It is our responsibility to ensure that everyone who is licensed to teach in this province is qualified. I’m here to introduce you to the process of applying online to become an Ontario Certified Teacher. First, a couple of things to help you when you do apply. This screen provides links to the College’s registration guides These documents will help guide you through the application process Simply choose the guide that applies to you based on the area in which you are looking to teach. For example, General Education, if you are a teacher of academic subjects. Our experience has shown that applicants who print out the correct registration guide and refer to it While filling out this online application Find it easier to complete quickly and problem-free. Beside each text field there is an information button. You must click on “I” to find out all details of a topic. On the right side of the screen is a blue quick navigation menu. It lets you move between steps. You can also go to tips for more help. And if you really get stuck when you’re applying, go to the “Contact Us” page for our email and phone numbers. You don’t have to complete this application in one sitting. You can save your work, log out and come back to it later. To begin, we need your personal information. We need your first name, all your middle names and your current last name as well as all previous surnames, including your name at birth. To add any previous names, click on “Add previous name.” New boxes will appear where you can insert this information. Tell us you common name, too, which is the one everyone calls you. It could be different from your first name. For example, if your name is Xiu Wen Cheng, but you are know as Grace, and everyone calls you Grace, Grace is your common first name. Xiu is you first name, Wen is your middle name, Cheng is your last name, and Grace is your common name. If your name is Raymond John Smith, and you are known as Ray, Ray is your common first name. The College keeps a record and will list your name history, so we also need to know about any name changes. For example, Grace’s current last name is Cheng, but her last name at birth was Nguyen. And she’s in her second marriage. During her first, she used Lee. You must fill out all fields that have a star or asterisk. Click the “Info” button for the list of the acceptable documents you’ll need to supply to verify your identity. Now, create a password, so you can log in again to finish the application or to check its progress. Be sure to keep a record of your password and your new application number, which the College assigns. You’ll see it up here when you complete this personal information page. This application number will become your registration number when you are certified. The status of your application is at the top of every screen. This will change to “Complete” when the College has all the documents and information we need, and you’ve paid your fees. Save and log out when you want to stop working on this application. You can log back in anytime and continue working. To log back in, point to “Becoming a Teacher” at the top of the screen. A menu will open. Click on “Resume Application” on the right side. This screen asks for details about your teacher education program. Choose from the drop-down menus which degree or certificate you’ve earned or will earn, and from where. Fill in the dates you attended. If you’re still in the program, fill in the date when you expect to finish. The College requires a transcript of your teacher education program. The university must send this transcript directly to the College. The College cannot accept them from you. We will discuss how to submit all of your required transcripts in the next section. This step asks for additional details about your teacher education program , such as the supervised practice teaching you completed during your teacher education program. As well, tell us if your program prepared you to teach General Education Technological Education, or if your program prepared you to teach a native language, or deaf or hard of hearing students. This step asks for your academic degrees. You can choose the name of your degree from the drop-down menu or you can enter it yourself if your degree isn’t in the list. We also need the dates you attended, the location and the name of the institution. If you have more than one degree, add them all. Click here if you need space for more entries. If you graduated from an institution other than a university, add it here. It might be a community college or a trade school, for example. If you have completed more than one of these certificates, degrees or diplomas, add them all. Click here if you need space for more entries. The information buttons on this page give you details about the transcripts you’ll need to ask for Like the transcripts from your teacher education program, these too must come directly from the institution to the College. This section is about the experience you’ve had as a paid teacher outside of Ontario. If you’ve ever been certified to each in another jurisdiction, even if you’ve never actually taught there tell us where. Next, enter the name of the authority that certified you. And tell us the date. Add every jurisdiction in which you were certified. List any terms, conditiions or limitations that have been placed on your certificate in this box. Click here for more information. The College also needs your teaching experience from outside Ontario. This is work as a teacher after you graduated, not your practice teaching and not any volunteer teaching you may have done. Choose country and province or state Enter the name of the school or organization that hired you. and the grades you taught. Also, the dates. Do this for all the teaching positions you held for outside Ontario. This step is about your conduct. You must answer every question. If you answer yes, write an explanation in the box. Be sure to include details on how, when and where the event happened. A yes answer will not automatically disqualify you. The College does consider each application on its merits. However, providing false or misleading information can be considered professional misconduct and be grounds for rejecting your application. Read these declarations carefully. Checking these boxes is the same as signing an official record. Here’s your summary. If you have missed any of the mandatory fields, those marked by an asterisk, you’ll get a link to it so you can fill in the missing information. Please check carefully that all the information is correct. Anything that’s incorrect will just slow down the process. You can also print this summary page for reference later. If you’re sure everything is right, click “Continue.” You will need to pay the required fees before we can process your application. You can pay by credit card online. If you don’t want to pay online check here to generate an invoice to include when you mail a cheque or money order. Or go to the College with cash or a debit or credit card. After you submit your application and we receive your fees, it usually takes between 10 to 15 business days to review your file and create a list of the documents required to support your application. For documents that come from outside Ontario, this process may take approximately 30 days. Some of these you’ll need to send us. For others, you’ll have to ask the institution to send them directly to the College. If any document is not in English or French, you must arrange for it to be translated. The College has specific requirements for translation. Click here. Your circumstances will determine which documents you need. This application status page is specific to your application. It gives you your complete list and tells you whether you must submit the document yourself or the institution must send it to the College on your behalf. Once your application has been processed and we are ready to certify you, you will need to pay an annual membership fee. We will email you information about the fee and payment options. It’s your responsibility to log in regularly to check on the status of your application. This will make sure you can respond immediately if the College needs another document or more information. If you have questions, please email or phone us. Thank you for watching this. I hope it helps to make your application go smoothly, and good luck! You’re well on your way to becoming an Ontario Certified Teacher.

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  2. can i complete the application and study for the regulation online and get certified?
    I am not living in Canada and not eligible to move there now

  3. I was certified in the US. Worked for several years before joining professional school abroad. My teaching license has expired. Am I still eligible to apply in Canada?

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  7. Hi, I am from India. After working in IT Industry for 10+ Years, I switched to teaching Computer Science (Class 6-Class 12) in School. I don't have any degree in Teaching as that is not mandatory in Computer Science. Please guide me if I can get the teaching certification.

  8. Hi, I am a internationally educated teacher from India and have applied for evaluation. I have received the list of documents that needs to be submitted. I have question about statement of professional standing.
    I understand that the head of last school I worked with in India needs to send a letter with details about the job. My question is whether the principal sends via mail or courier to the Ontario college of teachers in Toronto.

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    Now my question is whethe i m eligible for teaching asa teached of technological education
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    My name is Carmela Managa, I am a university graduate, currently awaiting my teaching license here in the Philippines. I have a couple of questions, firstly, since I am not from Canada, I don't have a social insurance number, How can i register with the college?

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