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43 thoughts on “Redwood City School District To Install Vape Detectors At Largest Middle School

  1. See this was the problem.. Parents letting their kids vape like it wasnt a form of smoking… All these teenagers getting LUNG cancer from it.. Its no mysterious lung disease

  2. I just zero it once you take a hit dont release hold it for atleast 8 secs in lungs then release no smoke should come out maybe a little

  3. Lol this wont work all all. Just zero the smoke, or wear a hoodie, or create a hidden pocket in your clothes or bag. Or even better, clog the sensor with tape or glue and they have to replace it lmao

  4. Bruh what kind of student would even text a teacher?😂😂

    Isn’t it that illegal?

  5. I see a law suit ciming for this school cause he said when it catches a vaper it activates a camera and thats illegal u can not put a camera in any place where you disrobe at except for doctors offices, hospitals, and treatment centers for drug addiction, our hosptal has camers just incase someone old falls down and cant get up, they do it at doctora office when perscribing pain meds or any narcotic its a state mandation in indiana if u get narcotics u have to do camera observed drug test, same with treatment centers

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