Reality of FRESHMAN vs SENIOR Year in High School!
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Reality of FRESHMAN vs SENIOR Year in High School!

– I am so excited. Focus, I think it’s right here. (upbeat rock music) – No way, a heart-shaped cookie. – [Both] Hey guys! – It’s Brooklyn and Bailey. Ah wait, Bailey’s not even here. I just said that cause I’m so used to it. – Hey guys, it’s Brooklyn and Cameron. – Hey guys, it’s Brooklyn and Cameron. Cameron’s our good family friend. He’s here to help us with today’s video, which is freshman versus senior. You guys all know that
there is a little bit of a difference between the two. But before I get on to
explaining the difference. Be sure to click the big
red button down there and subscribe to this channel. If you’ve already subscribed, click the little bell
so that you know exactly when we post a video so you can watch it as soon as you possibly can. Now you all know that there
is a quite a difference between freshmen and seniors. Freshmen are so eager. – So eager, yeah.
– Yeah. – Seniors are just done, they’re ready. – Most seniors, about halfway
through the school year, have already been accepted to a college, already know where they’re going. You can relax a little bit. Your life does not depend on you getting perfect grades and perfect
attendance and all that. There’s just what we’re
gonna show you guys. Some of those versus
between freshman and senior. Let’s get on to the video. (rhythmic slow drums) – Okay mom.
– Okay. – I’ll see ya after school, okay? – Yeah, okay, okay, just text me and I love you so much.
– Okay. – Have a fun day.
– Uh-huh. – I packed you a really yummy lunch. I hope you like it.
– No you did not. – Yes I did.
– You did not. – I did.
– Okay, okay. Alright bye, I’ll see ya after school. – Bye, bye.
– I’ll tell you all about it. – I love you. – I love you too. – Mwah! (downtempo electronic music) – That’s close enough. (upbeat rock music) (bell ringing) (heavy footsteps) – I don’t know where I’m going. (sobbing)
I think it’s that class. Do you think, Focus, this is time. This is the real time. – I don’t know where I’m going. – I think it’s right here, let’s go. – It was the wrong hallway. (bell rings)
(screams) (upbeat funk music) Hey, are you going to the
weight class on Friday? – Probably, if I wake up on time. – Kelly invited me and I just wasn’t sure so I wanted to make sure
that you were going– (bell rings) Is that the late bell? – Yeah, it’s the late bell. – Well if we’re gonna be late, can we just go get food? Let’s make it worth it. – Yeah, let’s just go. (upbeat funk music) (downtempo guitar music) – A real life high school! I am so exited! I love high school, I love high school, I love high school! Whoo, whoo, whoo! (long groan) I hate high school. I’m done. Senioritis to the max. (upbeat rock music) Okay, just getting out
all of my school supplies, so I’m ready for class. (upbeat jazz music) My baby lips. (smacks lips) My hand sanitizer of course because there are germs
all over the school. Be safe, children. Okay, I’m ready for class. (rhythmic guitar music) Alright, I got my morning drink. Pencil I found in the hallway that hopefully isn’t diseased. And my phone, so ready for class. (upbeat rock music) – Good morning class. Welcome to room 226. My name is Mrs. Dunna. That is D-N-A. Mrs. Dunna. Welcome to Pre-AP Biology. Turn your books to page 486. We’re going to be talking about bacterial diseases in animals. Requiring farmers and ranchers to take precautions to protect– – Teacher, teacher. What kind of bacteria? If I can– – We’ll get to that. Just have a little patience.
– Okay. – They’re protecting
their livestock from, yes? – What kind of livestock? – All livestock. Cows, sheep, write them all. – Okay. – Adding to the danger is the fact that many bacteria can affect
both humans and animals– – What kind of danger? The bacteria? – The bacteria, it can
cause all kinds of issues. One example is a disease known as anthrax. – Ooh. – Welcome seniors to Human Anatomy. I know you’re all excited to learn about the body. Let’s start today with movements
of the large intestine. That’s going to include
inflammatory bowel disease. (gentle orchestral music)
Inflammatory bowel disease. Which substances does the
large intestine absorb? (record scratching sound) – The heart? – [Teacher] Which substance
does the large intestine absorb? Did you do the reading? – No. (upbeat rock music) – Oh boy, let’s see what
mom packed me today. ‘Have a wonderful first
day of school, love Mom.’ She’s the best. What do we got? (gasps) No way, a heart-shaped cookie, oh boy. I got my fruits. (gasps) A whole salad to myself. (imitates crash) Gotta get my ham. (imitates crash) And my cucumbers. (imitates crash) (upbeat funk music) Alright, let’s see what’s for lunch. Some ranch dressing, and a Pop-tart wrapper. This isn’t gonna cut it, I need to. Hi, can I just get one
medium pepperoni pizza delivered to the high school at room 202? Uh-huh. Perfect, thank you so much. (tires screeching) (car honks) Oh that was fast, awesome. (car zooming away) Oh yeah. (upbeat rock music) Hi Mrs. Dunna, I brought a Sonic drink cause I thought you might
wanna start the day off and so, – First of all, you’re in my space. – Oh sorry, okay. – Second of all, how do I know you haven’t done something to this? Is it gluten-free? Is it calorie-free? – It’s a– – I am allergic to fluids. I can only have ice. – Oh, I didn’t know. – Okay, you may take your seat. – Stupid! What’s up Kelly dear?
What are ya working on? – What up? Working on
these crazy lesson plans. Hey I brought us some
Panda for lunch today, you cool with that? – Sweet, yeah that sounds good, okay cool. – Did you get your work done? – Yeah, no, of course not. – Well it’s okay, you
can have an extra day. It doesn’t matter. – Can you write me some exemption notes for like my next three classes? – Well yeah of course. – I figured you could, just
wanted to make sure, thanks. – You bet. – Alright, I’m gonna go to the bathroom. I’ll be back in 45 minutes. – Alright, I’ll see ya at lunch. (upbeat rock music) Okay, if I get this finished, gotta get my summer work done. I’m a little bit nervous, don’t wanna fall behind in class. That would be awful. (pencil lead breaks) Oh no, okay alright. Why did I choose Edgar
Allen Poe for my essay? I need to cite my sources,
make sure all that’s, it’s not my best handwriting! (tears paper)
(shrieks) Okay, start over. (exhales) Here we go. I did it. I did it! (clears throat) I did it! I finished all my work for this month. School’s only been out for five hours. Great. Alright, that was a
great season number five. I’m gonna start season number six. Oh. Oh, I have a book report
due in 10 minutes. Spark Notes. (taps keyboard) Yeah, snapchat. Hah, alright. Me too, man. Hashtag what is homework? Hashtag senioritis. (downtempo country music) – Dear journal, today was my first day at high school, and I loved it! I have so much homework. (chimes) Nine-thirty. It’s my bedtime. If I go to bed now, I can get at least 10 hours of sleep. That’s like minimum. I’m doing so good. (intense rock music) No, no! Stop, no! Oh my gosh, what is he,
why is he going in there? (sobbing) Why do they keep, no! Not, no! (slow orchestral music) (intense bass drums) What is happening? Oh you go girl, you dump him. He ain’t worth your time. Yeah, mm-hmm. Okay, episode six. Oh. Crap, it’s two o’clock. I have an essay tomorrow. I only have three more seasons, let’s go. (upbeat rock music) – It is my honor to give
the perfect attendance award to ninth-grader Brooklyn McKnight. (applause) – Hi sir, thank you so much. Everyone, I worked so hard for this. I just wanted to thank my mom, and my sister, and my teachers for being so supportive of me. Anyway, thanks y’all! – Alright. And now the graduating class of 2018. Brooklyn McKnight. (applause)
50 percent attendance. Brooklyn Mc, is she here? She’s not. 49 percent attendance, Brooklyn McKnight. – Thank you guys so much
for watching the video. I hope you got some laughs out of that cause I know we had a blast filming it. – It was awesome.
– We were laughing so hard, like 90% of the time. Now y’all, if you haven’t
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the comment section below. We’ll see you guys later. Bye!
– Bye.

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