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100 thoughts on “Realistic College Life ✌️first job interview, going to a party, cooking etc.

  1. (+_+) 넋놓고 보게되네요 건강잘챙기는거같아 멋있어요~! 케이크도 다운받아 구독중입니다 ㅎㅎ

  2. lol evet izledim. Vidoların gerçekten çok güzel ve ders çalışmam için beni motive ediyor. TEŞEKKÜRLER MUCK

  3. Thank you for made good video. What is your i-pad? I want to know about your i-pad type. You always motivates me to study hard. So I want to use i-pad too. Thank you.
    유라님의 비디오를 보면서 항상 공부나 여러가지로 동기부여를 하는 구독자입니다~이번에 아이패드로 공부를 하려고 하는데 유라님의 아이패드 기종이 궁금해요!!!

  4. The hospital where you went for an interview looks kinda like the one where Joker's mother was admitted 😉

  5. My questions is how are u eating like good meals………..most college students complain they can't even afford food

  6. I love her videos but the amount of plastic and industrialized food is crazy. Here in Brazil is very different. (sorry about my english)

  7. Your channel is amazing because ur so cute . I'm from Brazil and I really like to watch your videos to lean English . Thanks ♡♡

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