Raw Video: President Obama Visits Classroom in Lawrence, Kansas
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Raw Video: President Obama Visits Classroom in Lawrence, Kansas

Female Speaker:
106, do you know who this is? The President: Hey, you. Female Child: You are president. Female Speaker: Yes, he is. The President: What’s your name? Female Child: Michelle. The President: You
know, I know a Michelle. I know a Michelle. One of my favorite
people is named Michelle. You saw me on TV? Did I see you on TV? Female Child: Sometimes
my dad watches you on TV. The President: I know. Children: Cheese. The President: Cheese. All: Now I know my ABC’s. Female Speaker: Wow. The President: That is
one of my favorite songs. Do you like the story
about the (inaudible)? Female Child: Yeah. Children: Thank you very much. That was very nice of you,
and we thank you very much. The President:
Thank you so much. That was beautiful. (applause) Male Child:
Can you come back again? The President: Oh maybe I’ll
try to come back sometime. Male Child: Yes. The President: Okay,
thanks for the invitation. Male Child: Bye-bye. The President: Bye-bye. Okay, yeah, I’m
getting kicked out. I’ve overstayed my welcome. (laughter) See you, guys. Female Speaker: Thank you. The President: Hey, see you.

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