Raw Video: A Walk with the Teacher of the Year
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Raw Video: A Walk with the Teacher of the Year

The President: I decided to
go casual. Shanna Peeples: Yeah. The President: Because, you
know? You don’t mind, do you? Shanna Peeples: No. The President: You don’t
want me to get my suits on? Look all fancy? Shanna Peeples: No, no. She is, she is. And she’s retired from doing
physical therapy at a hospital. The President:
(inaudible) Shanna Peeples: Right. The President: Once — I’m
taking a walk — (laughter) You guys doing well? It’s a beautiful day. I had a request from my
staff. Female Speaker: All right. The President: I need a
couple of those. Female Speaker: All right. The President: And you know
what? I will try one of your iced
teas. Female Speaker: Okay. The President: That is
slightly sweet. What do you recommend? Female Speaker: We do have
the iced (inaudible), which is really — The President: — Is it
pretty good? Let’s try that, why not. Female Speaker: Really
refreshing. The President: Okay, that’s
what I need. Female Speaker: All right. The President: What a
wonderful summer. Female Speaker: Thank you,
you too. The President: I hope every
day is like this. (laughter) Three days a year, four days
a year and then that’s it, right? Shanna Peeples: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. The President: Obviously you
love teaching. Shanna Peeples: I do. I really do. It’s — well you know — it
takes everything. This is very difficult work;
it’s very complex work if you do it right. The President: Who are these
people? Child Speaker: President
Obama. The President: Well, who are
you guys? Female Speaker: Oh my
goodness. The President: Who are you
guys? Female Speaker: We are from
Oyster Adams Bilingual. Child Speaker: Oyster Adams. Female Speaker: You wife
visited us with the President of the — of Mexico. The President: Is that
right? So what are you guys doing
here today? Female Speaker: What are we
doing? Tell him. Child Speaker: Bowling. Female Speaker: Yeah. The President: You went
bowling? Female Speaker: Yes. The President: You used my
bowling alley? Child Speaker: Yes. Female Speaker: We had
permission. The President: Are you sure? Female Speaker: Yeah, we had
permission. The President: Did you guys
bowl some strikes? Child Speaker: Yes. The President: Did you use
the bumpers? Child Speaker: Yes. The President: You guys are
being very quiet and very well behaved. Female Speaker: I think
they’re a little overwhelmed (laughs). The President: You know
what? Let’s get a little rowdy
here. Come on. First of all, I want a high
five from everybody. Come on, high five. Male Speaker: Go give the
President a high five. Female Speaker: Go give him
high fives. The President: Give me high
fives. Female Speaker: Can I take a
picture of this? The President: Of course,
we’re going to pose for a picture. Queso. Multiple: Queso. Cheese. The President: All right
guys. Have fun. What are you guys going to
have for lunch? Child Speaker: Bowling. The President: You’re going
to bowl for lunch? What are you having for
lunch? Child Speaker: You. The President: You’re going
to eat me for lunch? Child Speaker: Yes. The President: You can’t eat
me for lunch. Then there’d be no
President. Female Speaker: Uh oh. Does anybody here want to
grow up and be a President? Child Speaker: President
would be boring. The President: It is boring;
you sit behind your desk all the time. It is quite a coincidence. I got the national teacher
of the year right here. (laughter) She teaches savvy older
kids. Shanna Peeples: Yes, it’s a
little bit bigger. Male Speaker: Thanks
Mr. President. Female Speaker: Thank you.

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