Raven Symone Defends Spring Valley High School Cop, Blames Student | BOSSIP REPORT
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Raven Symone Defends Spring Valley High School Cop, Blames Student | BOSSIP REPORT

Raven Symoné does it again and she looks
like a angry bird right here on The Bossip Report I don’t know what happened to Olivia man
but something is fucked up with her system Raven Symoné, she’s back on TV on The View actually defending the officer that did this
to this young girl at Spring Valley high school now you’ve got to be kidding me now I understand that the girl is not supposed to be on the phone in school but take the phone and throw it down like
that don’t take the girl and throw her what type of police training, trains you to
take a teenage girl and do anything to her but talk to her “you gotta follow the rules in school
first of all why are there cell phones in school this shouldn’t even be a problem
to begin with, get off your phone” Raven Symoné shut the fuck up dude like what is your problem
first of all, she’s down on the black community as a whole like she’s not black
have you seen her mama you can’t say you don’t identify with black people and expect
that God doesn’t hear that and take away all your good black qualities like aging, she is
27 years old or however old she and she look like a banana, how you going to age like a banana and not a person? You out here looking like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons and shit. If you don’t grow the hell up stupid ass. She got the same hair dresser as Stevie Wonder and she want to talk shit to people anyway
let us know what you think in the comments below man, subscribe right here… you got all that money and you talking about you don’t identify as black, girl them black ass edges you got. Your edges is black act like that, they’re from the motherland. You might got a
nose from Europe but your edges is from Nairobi

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100 thoughts on “Raven Symone Defends Spring Valley High School Cop, Blames Student | BOSSIP REPORT

  1. If you're black and you tell the truth about black people then you get kicked out of your race. That's so sad. Who made you the person to tell us who's "black" or not? You should learn to care a little less about a person's skin and more about the substance as a person. Or is that just for white people? Oh, and you're not black.

  2. She doesn't even have to act black,just act humane..but,she goons get her nigga wake up call sooner or later….that's how these high class negros act when the white man gives them a little money….Michael Jackson got his nigga wake up call…o.j. Got his nigga wake up call and she will get hers…auntie rukus bitch…

  3. She has something negative to say about everyone , and everything except gays. Oh, the gays …she love being gay, but to hell with being black (I guess). Can't stand her, or that show.

  4. This video is pure drivel, completely irrelevant to what Raven symone said which was completely irrelevant to original issue. If you're entertained by this you need to rethink your ability to process anything rationally. His shit talk is so poorly executed it isn't even funny ironically. "She got the same hairdresser as Stevie wonder" first of all maybe that might've at least made sense if he'd said "Stevie wonder must be her hairdresser" but even if he had managed that it would still only have been one of the cheapest overused ribs there ever was

  5. Bossip dude you shut the fuck up!!! I send my kids to school to get a good education! Not to be Distracted by these nasty ass disrespectful black bitches!!! #FuckBlackLivesMatter💩

  6. This video is bias. But I guess comedy always is. What does it matter how 'black' Raven Symone is? What matters is that a teenager's civil rights were violated.

  7. See this is what's holding black people down, not "da white man" but your own mentalities that keep you from looking at things objectively. Then again it's easier to call someone a "sellout", an "uncle tom" or a "self hater" than to admit they have valid criticisms.

  8. She's "down on the black community as a whole" ? No shit. What rational person isn't? The majority of black Americans are ridiculously ignorant, racist, and self-defeating. They cause their own problems by having too many kids without a father around, they live on welfare as a way of life instead of a helping hand, and they DEFEND stupid actions of other blacks because of their skin color instead of using their brain. (hence this video) I know too many awesome black people to have any patience for the bullshit that MOST black people exhibit every day of their lives.

  9. Look at the crispity crackly racist comments. Ghetto blacks see everything as black vs white. It isn't about race anymore, people, open your eyes. Its about good people vs bad people, and they come in all shades. Stop defending dumbshits because they're the same race as you.

  10. The truth is easy to see when the videos are slowed down. She hit him before he ever touched her then she landed 3 more punches as he tried to grab her and she flipped the desk with her feet. He is such a bad guy the students held a peaceful protest to bring ben fields back


  11. First thing the rso should have done was clear the class room. she was only acting that way for the attention of her peers. that would have changed her perspective on who is in charge. Don't forget though, once a police officer has made the decision to arrest they can and should use escalating force to secure the subject.

  12. Sadly people like you are why this type of shit happens more and more! All you do is make excuses and blame others for the actions of a person in the wrong. Now that said yes the cop did seem to be a lil ruff. No arrest or moving a person that doesn't want to move will ever be PRETTY. The girl committed a CRIME. Not once have I heard anyone like yourself say what PRETTY NICE UTOPIAN solution to this situation !! (throw her phone down is not a solution!) When a student is asked to leave a classroom ,,,,, THE STUDENT MUST LEAVE THE CLASSROOM !! PERIOD !


  13. You people are fucking idiots you convieniently leave out the part were he didn't throw her to the ground until she punched him in the face and black and white shoulden't even come into

  14. Raven Symone how can you defend police officers that treat black people like this shut up and stand by your people . The white people can have you Bitch. she should be kicked off the view . You're a disgrace to your family and the black community.😈😡😅😠

  15. sthu.. I mean to people actually think that's funny giving somebody your way I mean give your own self away they look like trying to give somebody else away yeah sounds stupid

  16. Hey bossib, you have white in you too, my light skinned caramel, not dark enough to be really black, friend. Lets see YOUR momma.

  17. how stupid is the Damn interviewer .Raven is not defending the cop you.fuckin idiot! Raven is right had the dumb little bitch would have followed orders and got off the Damn phone the cop wouldn't have done her like that. I'm glad the cop is fired but we as black people need to learn that white society is already targeting us and killing us left and right . so don't do stupid shit

  18. listen my beautiful black brothers and sisters it's not a training thing it's a black thing understand that,they know what they are doing damn,and that female sambo lost not confused bitch Raven and others that think like her are the weak No Backbone fake with no heart or soul fuck all of them ya dig

  19. What about the rest of the black students and black teacher for that matter who wanted to move ahead with the lesson? That black girls refused 5 times to leave like the teacher ,school administrator AND officer and then went on to become violent when the officer first tried to subdue her in the chair. Watch he feet push off the floor and throw herself backwards as she punches at the ofc . That's Felony assault . You think all blacks should think the same and when they don't you insult them and call them "Uncle Toms".

  20. Yes, the cop went too far…..But EVERYTHING Raven stated on that issue was TRUTH….These bad ass, grown ass, unruly, disrespectful ass kids need to learn to listen & obey adults/authority figures. The student was told multiple times by the teacher to put the phone away, and she kept refusing to, the teacher then asked her to leave the classroom multiple times, inwhich she kept refusing to. Then the school administrator asked her to leave the classroom, and she continued to refuse to leave, that's when they brought in the officer.
    NONE of this would be an issue had she just gotten up & left or put the phone up when she was asked like an OBEDIENT student would've done. I feel no sorrow for her grown ass, but do believe the cop needs to be reprimanded for his overreacting the way he did.

  21. Cellphones should not be allowed in class I agree on that, but thankfully they were because we would never have seen this otherwise, the girl was wrong for disobeying, and the officer was wrong for using excessive force. In an adult to minor situation is the adult that has the burden of having the better judgment to do whats right, the right way because we all know that juveniles dont usually have the capacity to use better judgement. The officer has the greater burden due to his position and because she should be trained in how to handle different situations differently and psychology should be among his arsenal of tools not just body slamming everyone. This would have been a great time for some good old fashioned psychology and child psychology instead of just caveman tactics as a first resort.

  22. I was hoping for some valid points from you but all you did was bash on someone's looks. Thanks for wasting my time and take down this pointless video that helps nothing.

  23. I think raven should stfu she used to be one of my favorite actresses but something changes after she finished her career with Disney now she is a lebian (which I have no problem with) to saying she ain't hiring people with getto name and let's just say her middle name is get to af ow she is going against her raise what is wrong with her

  24. MachineGunKelly is the smartest among everyone leaving comments on here, he knows his kids are well trained. So he's not worried about some cop tossing his kids around like a coin. Raise your kids well and lead them in the right direction and stop putting the blame on the white man.

  25. Mr earth,I do understand your point,but there's something called cause and effect, if she had listened to her teacher,do you think she would have been tossed around like a coin? Am not saying it's a nice thing that she got thrown like that. But I tell you this, I have a fifteen years old boy and takes his cell phone to school but he will never use it in class,except after school,because he's been thought what to do and what not to do.

  26. funny how Obama is considered black even though he grew up supported by a white rich granny… you guys hate blacks if they don't make excuses for other blacks who act poorly.

  27. if that was my child, I would have fucked that white man up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I promise you that! !!!!! but what about the black teacher that was just standing there! his punk ass… south Carolina find him an kick this ass! punk ass basterd….. he's needs his balls cut off an given to the young lady that spoke up for the young lady! South Carolina!!!!!Okc has your back…

  28. I grew up in detroit and see this kinda stuff alot. for some reason if that cop was black this wouldn't even be thought about. a lot black folk crack me up wit acting like white cops hate them cuz there black. we're all equal and gonna be here,, so we gotta get past all these race card issues. in the D white cops fuck wit white boys and black cops get the brothas. me and my boys growing up usta laugh when the boys would roll up.. we'd be like ayy white or black boy u gotta get this one

  29. what needs to happen is a black man who's not known as a sell out or uncle tom as black fold would say,, notice I'm not saying yal as in you people? don't wanna offend anybody. lol,, and he tell black America that sum,, again not offending anyone here,, that not every black person but alot need to look in the mirror and read roots or sumthn. just flat out try to better yourself, and if u hate so called white America so much than you need to contribute to make this place better for you and everybody. rather than just creating more and more hate. notice other races in this country don't fight and argue as much as black and white. sure there's a lot of racial slurs we all use and sum are kinda true. and yeah u already read and sized up my comments noticing I'm white. but roughly half my family is black and caliendo throughout. my brother and cuzins and shit like that. I usta think that just becuz under my roof by how nonchalant my dad and mom a little bit to would use racist language and I would sit there and think like but Darius is black and he ain't like that or tonys mom made sum good ass caldo food the other day so what are you talking bout pops, and he'd kinda cut his eye at me, so I tryed to just observe and be quiet, as I got a little bit older I realized like damn YALLLL black folk racist as fuck yo… I guess I can understand that slavery makes people a little bit upset but me myself have never owned a black man.. I don't think like some stupid white people that other races aren't as smart or sum dumb unequal shit. yeah our races are different in ways obviously. It always seemed like anytime sumone white in authority black people In my family would automatically become rebellious or cut an angle in sum way as compared to sumone black who'd they automatically look upto. if vice versa it would be called racist. it's upto you to decide what race u choose to breed with without being called racist as well. becuz u should be proud no matter ur skin tone. and if we all come together and get along opportunities are endless. I like to think outside the box and not to be bias toward any race. even though alot of people will read and disagree, and not to throw an insult at anyone but most who will disagree will be uneducated, and I'm not saying uneducated like I went to a good school because I didn't. I just seen this threw experience of life, and I myself have seen how alot of white folks do pretend and front like a mother fucker In public when there a racist ass calcausion and behind closed doors they will tell me being another white guy, and it's the same blacks do. So I guess summing it up I think we should just all get along and push the culture bullshit aside

  30. I bet you $20 this girls walking around now a days acting big headed bragging about how she showed sum pig white cop. Just totally passing it on to show and teach racism and disrespect authority

  31. It was not about the phone Raven's dumb self hating ass made it about the phone. The girl was being "disruptive" in the class room so the teacher called in "Mr. I am above the law cop" to come in and turn into the Hulk on a 16 year old girl who was not fighting him in anyway. The whole thing is bullshit and im sick and tired of these white cops going after these black teens. And im white myself it just makes me sick.

  32. this has nothing to do with "black" or white.

    the black teacher didn't do anything about it…

    it's wrong with that cop did and it's wrong this celebrity is sticking up for the school but it has nothing to do with black or white

  33. Even though what that police officer did was beyond what he was suppose to do the girl who refuse to come the phone after the teacher told her many times to should have listened because i under stand if your friend text you and you want to answer it in the middle of class but when the teacher ask you to put it away she should of listen that part of respectin when an adult speaks

    And that also mean that her parents hasnt taught her the right from the wrong if they had to get a police into the class room because usually the teacher will ask two or three times then will confiscate it or tell you to get out the class but if you dont listen then the teacher would take it up a notch but she want to be big and bad and some one needed to let her konw that when an adult speaks you must LISTEN!!!! 'Cause if she wasnt on her phone in the first place then that would have never happen to her so i agree very well with raven symone

  34. Honestly? I think you're being incredibly petty. Just because you don't agree with someone doesn't mean it's acceptable to make negative comments about their looks, age or beliefs. Since you don't agree with her you put her down? I hope you haven't been supporting any anti-bullying campaigns lately. You managed to put yourself lower on the totem pole than her, good job.

  35. that cop needs The Rock to come in and slam his ass through the floor like that. he actually gets off on it. if they wanted her hancuffed should have called backup and a supervisor …or guardian present. not defending the stubborness of a kid but this shit has gotten out of hand.

  36. first get your facts straight she said what the police did was wrong but the girl shouldn't have been on the phone you fucking moron

  37. Can i just say, the show is called 'THE VIEW'! Because people have OPINIONS, and because she is on THE VIEW, she can voice her OPINION. She is NOT saying that what the cop did was RIGHT. She said that she shouldn't be on her phone. Which she should not.

  38. f she doesnt want to identify with africans, then thats fine. we dnt want her ass anyways!!!! she actually look like WATERMELONDRIA !!

  39. So it doesnt matter that 2 people in the teaching staff told her to follow the rules, she without respect for rules, the teachers also then finally has the police come in because she wont comply, the cop gives her a command, shes still going to waste everyones time!!! So whats the answer, everyone bow down and let the kids in school do exactly what they please? What about the 450 pound heavy weight who was told he wasnt getting his phone back yet, so he took a 66 yr old sub teacher and roughly pushed her to the ground between 2 desks! Or the student who was told to put his phone away, he punches the 70 yr old teacher out cold hurting his neck and back of head! I guess thats okay! My grandson knows to follow rules, be respectfull to his elders, and respect law enforcement and do what is asked! If he doesnt, and wants to act ignorant then they have my permission to yank his smartass out of the desk! And just cause someone doesnt agree , why does race have to be thrown into it!? Isnt this America where the FREE are allowed to their own opinion, you may not like it, but whose to say its right or wrong, I mean making someone respect the rules and elders, when is that been deemed Wrong in our society??? And because you r a certain color, noone is to go against what some say is right or wrong, they have to agree or they arent black? I hate to say what that sounds like to me!

  40. I'd like to see raven get beaten up by police for using her phone in a movie theatre then defend the cop who did it . Feel like she'd be signing a different tune then. Dumb bitch .

  41. This young "lady" was not following the directions of the officer. As usual when bad things happen to people when confronted by the police, the ones that I have seen, aren't obeying instructions. We ALL have to follow their orders in certain situations. Don't take off when they say "freeze", be polite (its not that hard), and for gods sake…DON'T RESIST ARREST!!! Bad things will happen! You will not win!

  42. lol UMMMM she was disobeying and refusing to leave the class and put her phone away how else would they get her ignorant ass to leave? Come on jeez

  43. Funny thing about this video is that people from Nairobi (Somalia f.y.i) have a very soft curl pattern in comparison to a lot of other countries in Africa. Same goes with those who are from Ethiopia, Eritrea, and so on. Btw, stooping down to her level by insulting her makes you just as bad of a person, just sayin.

  44. The presenter is the one who needs to shut the fuck up. The girl was being dustruptive in class and why wouldn't you be on your phone in class. totally disrespectful. Don't get me wrong, American cops are scumbags of the earth but in this occasion, the cop was right plus it was a black teacher that called the cop on the black girl for being dustruptive in the class. that will teach the rude bitch next time. Kids these days need this cos kids are so rude and I would have done worse than what that cop did

  45. Raven's unfortunately accustomed to people caring about what she has to say. That's why she has the audacity to say such idiotic things. She's in denial and is clearly an unhappy person inside. You can see it in her eyes, beneath all the forced smiles and elaborate self-decoration. She's a little girl who doesn't love or accept herself. That's why she's lashing out.

  46. Shut up you piece of shit. As long as you aren't a savage with no discipline, cops won't NEED to drag you from your desk.

  47. Yeah Kid stfu you dumb as shit. Learn how to use your mf ears. And that’s why nobody watches your channel. U stupid asf. And also a racist saying that cause she black she must show support for the dumbass who wouldn’t put her phone away in the classroom. Maybe start speaking facts and not stupid shit and you might get views

  48. Lol.. raven is ugly a joke a child acting like a 70 year old out of touch woman. Ha why do kids have phones in school? Lol cuz it’s 2019 and parents buy them phones so there children don’t get bullied for being a looser for not owning a phone…kind like when I was a kid and I had knockoff adidas pants with2 stripes, my mom didn’t give in to buying brand name shit which taught me really good lesson in life. You don’t need to always fit in with all the sheep. Just like she does on that show she’s on. Follower and no wisdom.
    Raven talks hood and thinks she is so smart. Bitch bring your face near my crotch I’ll teach you more hood and tough shit fucking make you chock on my cock. Btw anyone who dislikes cops or doesn’t dont agree with what that cop did like you did. Your not hood and if you were you would be still a dumb 27 year old that thinks you have wisdom. Maybe she should eat whoppie Gs pussy so she can taste some fake hood pussy and reconsider her career choice. I heard bed bath and beyond is hiring.
    So it’s illegal to drive and text or use your phone. I hope a cop pulls you over and does a body slam on your ugly ass see how you feel. Can’t stand these TV personalities that live in the top 5%and think they know what the fuck they are talking about.

  49. unfortunate, but bottom line is just dont break rules, laws whatever, and if you do, dont resist and this wont happen.

  50. OMG!!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 There’s not even enough laughing emoji’s or space here for me to express how much of a LAUGH I got when this dude said “What type of police training do you get at the academy that teaches you to do anything to a teenage girl, but TALK TO HER!!!!” If you all even knew how long it took me to get this typed without laughing! Have you (Dude) ever tried talking to a hysterical or just a generally upset teenage girl??? Rationally??? Good luck with that shit! Very few older females have a ‘Silver Tongue’ for the art that’s called ‘Talking To an upset (what have you) Teenage Girl!!!

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