Rapha and EF: Cycling with character
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Rapha and EF: Cycling with character

I was thinking of him
I wanted to win so bad for him And I did it
I did it So I went from 97kph to dead stop I was just kinda like
‘buckle up buddy, this is gonna be a long ride’ One thing the Tour de France taught me I can fight for those who can’t And here comes Sep Vanmarcke!! Going for the line
as they wind up for the gallop It’s gonna be a sprint!! Life in the peloton. All the boys are sporting
a pretty good ‘mo at the moment Yeah come on, get to the front of the race
and start pulling for **** sake Come on Rigo!
Push! Push! Push! Push! Push! Push! EF Education First have decided to go on the attack Simon Clarke all the way
It had to be him Oh, fabulous stuff!

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11 thoughts on “Rapha and EF: Cycling with character

  1. hopefully you taking over as their kit sponsors means their relationship with poc is finally done, and they get rid of those hideous helmets

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