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Ramble On | Led Zeppelin | Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

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100 thoughts on “Ramble On | Led Zeppelin | Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

  1. Hi ken what a great job (as always), Robert Plant is my favorite singer and your voice fits perfectly with the tune. I hope to hear you sing "dazed and confused" one of these days. Cheers man.

  2. Brother your vids are awesome, please consider a react to this performance from Stryper, 🙏


  3. Amazing! Ken what would you think of making a vocal coach reaction of the cover of Ghost Love Score of Yannis Papadopoulos (the singer of Beast in Black); he seems like superhuman, and his voice can go from the softest falsetto to the roughest screams

  4. Coincidence. Yesterday I started teaching myself how to sing Ramble On for Karaoke. I do a few Led Zeppelin songs. This is to be the newest addition. Usually, I add quite a bit of improvisation for Zeppelin; often starting a octave lower, and singing slowly through the midrange using primarily 5ths with some color notes, and then the high notes that equal or sometimes go a bit higher than Robert Plant, never even thought that was possible with my voice. Continually you are teaching me to become a better singer. Better finish strong, than lose stamina midway through (I think). Now with that ability you have taught me, I want to be able to duplicate it as best I can, and I know that I can based on the methods I have learned through your teaching. Ken, I want you to know that it is your video lessons about how to sing that is making this possible for me. Thanks again!

  5. Would love for you to make a video on STP's cover of Dancing Days. Scott is one of my favorite singers. I know he passed sadly. Listened to this a few times and seriously, Ken blows me away. Dude is nailing Plant, when Robert was in his early 20's. That's impressive as hell. Subbed and clicked the bell.

  6. Ken, any song from Zepplin, would be great to hear you sing……but what about, DAZED and CONFUSED?! Would love to hear you sing that one. You have an amazing voice! ✌💜

  7. I'd like to request Josh Turner – Your Man. Amazing bass baritone.
    Maybe you can explain the wobbly vibrato that exists in country music. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  8. Great job Ken love those high notes as always your nailing them man this is incredible love how you hit those notes and then drop it this is a great song keep going keep going im loving it Ken great job great cover you always sing awesome once again great great job awesome lovin it👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  9. I never tried to sing anything Robert Plant cause he has such a unique voice. But I find myself singing right along with Ken and before I know it I am singing Robert Plant. I don't sound anything like him, but at least I know the words.

  10. You sang this song soo amazingly Ken, I felt emotionally and spiritually uplifted and I now totally love this song, I hadn't heard it before , now I feel like I've always known it, thanks for telling this heartfelt story, love and peace everyone

  11. Hi Ken, I understand it's probably not your style but, maybe you want to do (either sing and/or react to) any Roxette/Marie Fredriksson song as we've lost her recently. One of the greatest songstress of her time, her voice was pure light…

  12. Great phrase attacks… loved it. I don't think people know exactly how difficult it is to execute the two distinct parts in rapid successions.

  13. Led Zeppelin rare Name ! Zeppelin was devolepet In Germany ! I dont mean the Singer it looks like a giant ziguar ! 1918 maybe it wosend This This thing exploded in emporer Times ! Kaiser Wilhelm or so but point i know whos led Zeppelin was maybe his and outher Bands – magnun – uria heep or so the bebinners of Metal prohably is it so indeet ! Cut now i never must declay you how i find your Performance to sing ! Superior – awasome – stuff you got ! Our canselor van not sing ! She not mithy to give answers of puestions 🇩🇪🤬 but displacet here all best for you Family and healf for your daugther ! End

  14. ZEPPLIN…Greatest rock band of all time….Plant…one of the greatest rock singers of all time…U nailed it…great job as always.🎶🎶

  15. Awesome rendition of this amazing song. Definitely one of my favorite Zeppelin songs🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  16. Hey Ken, loving the covers and reaction videos!
    Question for ya, I’ve done your course for 5 years now and even done lessons with you too, but have been researching supports recently and in particular breathing without having to push. Just keeping the sensation that I’ve inhaled. What’s your experience with this breath support that singers like Pavarotti, Jeff Scott Soto, Steve Perry etc. used?
    It’s allowed me to learn ‘messa Di voce’ technique and control my dynamic range better. What are your thoughts on this subject?

  17. Hi Ken with all respect there is nobody singing like you today you are young with a powerfull voice so If you put a band together with a tour and stop in Puerto Rico I'll be there that night God bless you sir

  18. Dancing days are here again when Ken Tamplin is in the house. Outstanding performance as always! Ken, you rocked the house with this number. Thanks for all the great videos.

  19. Hi Ken – I've just signed up to your Vocal Academy to add to my singing lessons to be the best singer "I can be". Some of the reasons I signed up was because of the value you bring to us in your short & sweet video clip, the absolute joy you show in what you do but ultimately the reason I signed up was your health tips and that you mentioned we were athletes and our vocal cords where a muscle to be developed just like every other muscle in our body. As an 'weekend warrior' athlete who cares about training and health – you got me right there. Look forward to starting in the New Year with the goal of singing better at our mid-year Student Showcase and blitzing it at next Christmas's Student Showcase. Just throwing it out there as a goal. Thanks again. PS Love your takes on different songs, give inspiration for us to bring our individual flavour to songs rather than try for covers. Merry Christmas and I look forward to a rewarding increase in my singing ability in 2020 – with your help of course! 🙂

  20. Amazing cover and I loge that shirt and the contagious smile 😃!! Would you consider covering any Tool songs or reacting to more of there stuff?!

  21. Brilliant ! Plant was about 21 when they recorded this ? Is this level of distortion right near the ragged edge for your age ?

  22. Sing it Ken!!….Eye ve been listening to you jam since the 90s Bro….The Dark and the Light are beautiful…… and Balance is where its at….Keep on rockin Ken…your voice still sounds great!!!….and if eye was a shirt…..eye d wanna be that one…..Let the colors be One!…..

  23. This is proof you could do a cover of Fire Woman from The Cult! By the way, that shirt reminds me of something the late, great Townes Van Zandt would wear on stage.

  24. True story from yesterday…
    My son asked his Mom, where is Dad at? She said "he is in the bathroom with Ken Tamplin"

    Needless to say Ken, you have become a part of our family👍

    Thank you for the brilliant vocal of Mr. Plant, that was a pleasure to listen to.

  25. You have a pretty smile! Haha Thanks to share your experience, talent and happiness with us! I love ramble on! It was great!

  26. You're so good Ken Love it! By the way, your course is on the way! I'm really looking forward to doing this journey with you.check this out Ken I think you'll really dig this remix great production and his voice is super cool. https://youtu.be/26i1IinnJU0

  27. When are you gonna finally react to the best female singer on the planet 🌎 Céline Dion she’s 51 now imagine it’s about time that you react to her voice it’s not only about thechnique but also to put your emotions into the song and Celine is the perfect example for this check this song it would be perfect for it was made just 1 week ago thanks in advance I’m a brand new subscriber this video has the hole song in it https://youtu.be/i1b8VYOY22s

  28. Hi Ken, will be so great if you can react on Pavoratti this video of all his range. Will love to know what part of his register does he use as he goes from lower to higher. Thanks a lot. – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QK60nsUc_Lw.

  29. Wonderful singing, Ken. One request – Can you react on Rahat Fateh Ali Khan performance in Noble Prize Function? He is one of the legend of Sufi singing which is a more like Open throat and Rock kinda way of singing. I'm sure you will enjoy reacting to his voice and song. Will love to know if he uses Mix and Head voice. Also, you will attract many viewers from East side of the world in India and Pakistan – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enI3eoa7hgY

  30. Amazing! Your body is singing, too. The way you feel when you sing, your movements are reflection of how you feel, at the same time they are tools for better singing.

  31. Feels like this song has too much meaning for this singer and he is trying overly too hard not mess it up. But the aproach to it from Plant is much more relaxed and explosive in a natural way

  32. Awesome 👌 May I suggest a reaction video to George Michael's Killer (Papa was a Rolling Stone), please? I've never seen anything like it, and I think you would enjoy it 😎 The way George's energy carries every single soul there. What a performance. A class act 👏💕🌹

  33. each time I hit into a new video in this channel I stop ,go to warm up my voice and then watch it and sing along if I can and know the song

  34. Please, if you like them too, could you sing Giant, please, please… maybe , I`ll see you in my dreams, or whatever you want…

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