Radio “Active” River (Classroom Physical Activity Breaks)
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Radio “Active” River (Classroom Physical Activity Breaks)

[ Silence ] Good. The last activity we’re going
to do, guys, is called Radio Active River. Here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to put you in two teams.
Let’s get from [Diego], [Marisol], all you guys, let’s go to that — let’s
go by the water — water bubbler. All these guys. – Push your chairs in? – Yes. Let’s push these chairs
all the way against the wall. You guys on this side are going to
push your desks that way, and you’re going to
come over here by the board. [ Quiet talking ] Push that chair in. [ Quiet talking ] And this has to stay. You guys are going to take this line.
They’re going to take that line. So the one students that were on this —
left side of the room, come over here. Okay. So here’s what’s
going to happen. You — this is your guys. And this is for you guys. You guys are going to have
three small spots, one big spot. You guys have to use these spots
to get to that side of the room, the same way you guys are using
your three basketball spots with the big number spots to take
your team all the way to that side. Okay. You guys will stay here. You guys will go through
that aisle there. You can’t touch the floor, and you got
to bring everything with you. You understand that, guys? Did we get that over here, team? – Yes!
– Yes. – So you got your three basketball spots
plus your big number spots. You guys, without touching the floor,
and bringing all your spots with you, you have to get your team
across to that side. Any questions? (students)
– No. – Ready, go.
Go ahead, guys. [ Quiet talking ] Ah, you stepped out.
You got to come all the way back. Nope, nope, nope.
You stepped on the floor. Take the two spots back.
Yep. Here. [ Quiet talking ] No, you can’t slide with it.
Nope. [ Quiet talking ] That was close.
Good. [ Quiet talking ] All right. Good.
Just stay there for a second. [ Quiet talking ] And freeze for a second.
That was pretty good. One — things we need to work on first.
Let’s make sure this team — the boys had good ideas, but what they didn’t do,
they didn’t communicate them with the rest of the team. What if the girls would have had
good ideas about using those spots? Okay? Same thing with you guys. You guys —
you started throwing spots out. Did you communicate as a team
what you were going to do with those spots, how you were
going to retrieve them? And some of these, ah, I could say
some of the — some of us made it, some of us didn’t. This may be too long of a jump
for some students. It may not be too long of a jump
for other students. So you got to take
all those things into consideration. So you’re going to go
pick up your spots again. Go ahead. Pick them up.
Pick them up there. We’re going to try one more time,
but this time we’re going to communicate a little bit better. And I’m going to take a spot away. Now I’m taking a spot away. – Do we got to go back? – Now you got to back, yeah.
I told you the wrong — I — no, no, stay there. But I told you the wrong — you got to
go all the way to the different one now. – Okay. – And, go.
Go ahead. Go. Now, did you communicate
with them what you’re doing? Make sure you communicate.
Maybe they have good ideas. [ Quiet talking ] Come right there. [ Quiet talking ] All right. That may be too far
of a jump for some students. Did you guys talk about that?
[Inaudible], you stepped inside. Go back. Stepped inside. [ Quiet talking ] Ah, ah, ah, ah, you stepped inside.
Go back. [ Quiet talking ] No. She made it.
There, she made it. Uh, no, no, no.
Come back. [ Quiet talking ] [Whistle] Guys, give yourself
a round of applause. [ Applause ] [ Silence ]

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  1. This is a great activity, but only a gym teacher can provide real physical activity for my students. Too bad we don't have one.

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