Quick classroom grading with Poll Everywhere
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Quick classroom grading with Poll Everywhere

(upbeat music) – [Presenter] If you’re
a teacher or lecturer who grades classes that look like this, or like this, then chances
are you’ve ended up looking something like this. (sleepy music) Skip the all night grading sessions with Poll Everywhere’s automated reports. You can whip one up faster than
your morning cup of coffee. And they give you a complete breakdown of everyone’s responses,
attendance, and score. Let’s put together an example report using this coffee quiz I brewed
up at PollEverywhere.com. I have my first question all cued up. So now I need to enable
registered participants only. Doing so will give me the data I need to generate a complete report. With that done, I will activate my poll and watch the responses come pouring in. Responding to a poll works
on any web-enabled device, including smart phones,
tablets, and laptops. When I created this poll I
made B the correct choice. And by the looks of it, we have some coffee
drinkers responding today. Setting a correct answer
is something you can do in both multiple choice
and clickable image polls, just like this one
about wild coffee beans. In this example I’ve set
it up so that any clicks in this region will count
as a correct response. Now that we have some feedback
on our original question, we’re ready to generate a report and see exactly who responded. Poll Everywhere supports six
different reporting types, depending on how you want
your polling data presented. We’re working with a graded poll, so let’s go with Gradebook. Gradebook reports automatically
grade all participants and provide a detailed breakdown of how each person responded. Once the report is
finished you can hover over any of these icons to see how
your participants responded. And these question marks along
the top provide additional information about each
column of the report. And because we enabled to
registered participants only we can see detailed information
on each participant, including those who didn’t respond. Poll Everywhere reports
go where you need them. Whether it’s into Blackboard or Canvas, download to a CSV, or
print out as a hard copy. Together, Poll Everywhere’s graded polls and automated reports take
the hassle out of grading giving you shorter nights
and happier mornings. (sipping) Sign up for a Poll Everywhere account by visiting PollEverywhere.com and add some extra engagement
to your next presentation.

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