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Purchase College Admissions – Transfer

(upbeat music) – I’m Catherine Neftleberg. I transferred from a two year college, but I only did a year there. When I first came here, just all these people were
sitting on their guitars, or people were sitting there sketching. My mom and I just looked at each other, and I was like, I wanna go here. I have to go here. (upbeat music) – My name’s Michelle Dieguez. My previous institution
was a specified college for Criminal Justice, and I
really want to to theatre, ’cause I’m such a theatre nerd, and I stumbled across Purchase, and I was like this is
where I’m supposed to be. (upbeat music) – I was really shy when I first got here, and then that’s when I started
to join student government, start going to pubs and events on campus. – [Catherine] One thing I love
about Purchase is the faculty because they care a lot about the students and they also know a lot
about the industries, ’cause all of them are
practicing professionals in the field. – The professors, they treat
you on a one-to-one level, they know your names,
you’re not a number to them. – [Donyae] And that’s what I feel like that’s more needed at schools, you’re making students
feel very comfortable and very well-needed on campus. – [Catherine] There’s a ton
of job opportunities available for students on campus. I’m interning for the Communications and Creative
Services on campus. I get to work directly
with the head designer and the art director, and we get to do all these different
projects, and stuff like that, so that’s something I really liked. (upbeat music) – When I stepped onto
campus, I felt at home. It’s that tingling sensations
when you feel like you know where you’re supposed to
be, not like I’m struggling to find my place. Just, it felt like home. (upbeat music)

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