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100 thoughts on “public school vs. private school problems

  1. Hi babes!!
    Welcome back to this week's video: PRIVATE VS. PUBLIC SCHOOL PROBZZZZ
    Which one of these could you relate to the most? Let me know below!

    Love y'all xx hails

  2. In my public school we’re not allowed to wear spaghetti straps, but yet girls wear shorts and skirts that barley cover there ass, and wear crop tops that are practically bras. And wear shirts that show there whole bra. And no one ever says anything about it I’ve worn short shorts, and an over sized tshirts and short shorts and no one ever says any thing and literally every one chews gum even the teachers. But we have lit field trips, one time we saw horses and the bus driver stoped and let a few kids out at time to look at them from a distance:)

  3. I Kinda Need Some Help?

    I’m homeschooled this will be my second year I’m starting 6th grade August 20, I really kinda miss public school honestly idk why, homeschool is like so much better than pubic cause there is no dress code An I pretty much do what I want, I got them old fashioned parents who don’t really care I’m there last baby, well back to the public school deal, I want to go back so bad I miss having friends around me like 24/7 but there’s is so much drama especially now that I’m in Jr High an I’m in homeschooled because of the drama. My 4th grade year was the last year I was ever in a public school, I got into lots of fights an it got real bad when the drama started after Christmas, I was suspended 4 times, pretty much always in ISS to get away from the mess going on, I had DSS called on me cause I was sneaking away from school, I had a vape, an I had suicidal thoughts. Yeah kinda why I’m scared a public school now, I’ve been to 5 schools an it will be surprising to so many kids that I come back to pubic school, I know by so many kids as the girl who don’t care about what you say I’m still gonna be me But… So many know me as a kid who will hurt you if you mess with me. Honestly idk I’m kinda asking for help, I understand it is my choice but I just need a little advice to help me app

  4. I go to priv and here r not the rules
    •hair up
    •nail polish

    Here r some of my dumb rules
    •no hair dye
    •no hoodie

  5. I go to public school and I have a uniform. We didn’t have to wear the school’s real uniform. We don’t even have to wear uniform but I just like to wear it because it’s cute.

  6. I am team private but the bathrooms were not the best and we have no uniforms but there were very flexible dress codes


  8. The thing with uniform is that it comes with an extra dresscode:
    -no paint on nails
    -no unnatural hair dye
    -no makeup
    -no jewellery
    -no weird headbands
    -no tattoos
    -no paintings (Ik it’s like tattoos but people draw all over them)


  9. I go to public school and we have uniforms. Also it’s an international baccalaureate school which means everything is sunshine and rainbows and positivity. Pls help

  10. Finished my first year of high school in public school and hated it.. starting private school in a few days.. any tips??

  11. I’m gonna be honest, the one this I hate most about my school is the fact that the water fountains reach my hip height and I’m am only slightly taller than average at my school

  12. I go to private school and I’m allowed to

    – Wear my own clothes
    – Wear nail polish
    – Dye my hair

    Well I’m not allowed to chew gum.

  13. I go to a Catholic public all girls school, it’s horrible. They seem to care about the color of your socks more than your education 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️

  14. i used to go to a privet school bet we only had to wear uniforms on wednesdays bc we had chapel ooF. i go to public school now.

  15. For primary school I went to a private school
    In secondary school I went to a public school U have seen the best of both worlds Private school was way betteR
    I am so grateful tho

  16. In the private school I used to go to we went to
    A camping place that’s was actually a hotel
    A beach side 4.5 hotel
    It was lit
    I am so grateful tho

  17. I go to public school and our field trips are either universal, Disney world, or Bush gardens. We have to wear uniforms but on Friday we get to wear what ever we want. Our school lunch is disgusting but we have a snack bar (which had icecream, chips, cookies, and etc) to make up for it. And last but not least our bathrooms have literally toilet paper on the ceiling. Like why?

  18. I go to a private school and
    the washrooms are okay
    We can't paint our nails or wear henna
    Uniforms it is
    There is a canteen but usually kids bring lunch from home
    No coloured hair
    We have to braid our hair at all times

  19. So basically I have been to a private school and a public school, my experience at private school wasn't great I was bullied a lot and felt extremely out of place. My experience at public school was a lot better I met a lot of genuine and amazing people while I was there. I went to a really good school and I loved all my teachers, the biggest my class ever got to was about 19. Also the school meals are not that bad and there was a salad bar and a bit especially for vegans!

  20. Private schoolllll and i love my school
    Chill uniforms (lots of option)
    Food is amazing
    AMAZING teachers
    Ipad but we pay for them but still cool

  21. At my school our skirts have to go two inches below the knee and we wear polo shirts with the logo. We also have to wear kulotts (idk of thats how its spelled) for gym. We also have to bring our own lunch. But we get free donuts for breakfast every monday. Yeah. It's a pretty awesome school. 😀

  22. My school is soo fun it is basically all that but take out the bad stuff but u have to wear uniform and eat healthy

  23. I go to a private school, we have the best uniform ever!
    We are allowed to dye our hair, wear jewelry, play with stuff like fidget spinners and all.

  24. In Aussie most public schools have a uniform too so we to suffer with that and everything else you said about public school

  25. My old private school had nasty for the most part lunches. When I was younger it was better but they got worse
    Horrid bathrooms
    No uniforms
    No rules on hair or nails or makeup
    You had to cover up your belly or something like that and no short shorts
    Oh and on Wednesday’s we had to dress up.

  26. I'm German
    – no school uniform
    – we can wear shorts, leggings, skirts, … (no drescode)
    – we can paint our nails
    – we can have dye or coloured hair

  27. I go to a private school but we don’t have uniforms
    And if you try to dress up and not wear sweatpants you will get judged because you are trying to hard to get attention from guys

  28. I go to a charter school and it's basically just a private school.
    A teacher came into our class and walked around and checked to see if our shoes were in dress code. We can only wear black leather flats and we HAVE to wear socks or else you get dress coded 🙄

  29. Private school:
    No screaming
    Tied hair
    No hair color
    Bathroom smelling
    No makeup
    No nail polish
    No contain lens
    No p h o n e.😤

  30. I'm from Israel and I go to a religious school. It goes like this:
    No make up in middle school
    No bright colors on your hair in middle school
    You have to wear a skirt that is below your knees
    You have to wear a school uniform
    You cannot hug a boy or kiss a boy in the hallway. I once hugged my friend and my English teacher was like "why are your hugging a boy?"
    "You girls are too young to have a boyfriend" (and if you're gay their like "why are you gay?")
    You have to pray half an hour even if you're not religious, or Jewish.
    I'm not kidding. At least 70 percent of the kids at my school aren't religious (like me) and 20 percent of those kids are not even Jewish.
    I'm not complaining. They just have their rules, and some of them are funny. I'm a rebel so I'm doing quite the opposite. 😂😂😂😂

  31. I go to private school.
    good lunches
    ugly uniforms
    big lockers
    giant school
    small amount of students
    No dyed hair unless natural hair colors
    that's my life.

  32. I go to a private school and it was book week and they said who ever is going to dress up can and if your not were free dress or sport uniform. THEN the teaches lied to us! And half of the school could get a demerit and but everyone really mad at him and we where lining up at the office to get our uniform pass WHICH IS APPOSOLUTTLY STUPIT and evry one was said this is stupid and we where all frowning at the Prinsibal.😹😹😡😡🙄🙄If we get one FOR NO REASON my mum is going to send a complain and half of the school in sport was really mad and just stared at the teachers. We had to go to worship assembly which is boring and we where all madd…..well the people in sport uniform where. But we where in UNOFORM and evry one else was in free dress or dressed up….JUST A DIFFRENT UNIFORM…GODDY TWO SHOES TEACHERS because my brother always where’s his sport uniform for this stuff…..I won’t say any more this comment is two long… I have not even watched the vidio yet…… ok there is lots more to the storry😹😹😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  33. Our privet schools on our country is not Expensive I got to a privet school and it’s 160$ for a month it’s not expensive and a lot of people go to it in our country

  34. All (or at least 99.99%) of schools here in Australia have to wear uniforms. So that isn’t really such a huge problem here. :/ Even at public schools you can only change your bag. Nothing else. :/

    Have a nice day!

  35. Private school is cool and all but as for me public school will always be the one. Behind all those broken shillings there's a story that's why I like it.

  36. My school has a school jacket with the crest on it and we arent aloud to even wear it inside and our heating system is messed up

  37. I live in Utah and public school is where all the mormons go who think they are super cool so private school is honestly better for me but thats just my opinion I do think that public schools are good and all but no

  38. lol private schools too expensive but i think they make u smarter and u have a better chance to get into a good college lmao

  39. The private school I went to we didn't even nearly wear uniforms like we had to but we didn't , and the public school in going to in a week is super strict a lot more strict than the private one. Uniforms,shoes,hair,nails all that stuff like wtf

  40. I go to a private school but in France we don’t have uniforms or anything we can dress however we want expect for crop tops and ripped jeans, also girls cannot wear shorts. We can paint our nails that’s all

  41. Okay this is funny.
    Here in India you have to wear uniforms and tie your hair in a certain way whether you go to a public or private school. Also you're not allowed to wear makeup, colour your hair or grow your nails. (I mean not all schools are like this but then again there are very few schools that are not like this) and if there is any kind of excessive freedom given – it is always to the private school, so this is like completely opposite

  42. my priv school-
    •no makeup allowed
    •no phones allowed
    •very strict 😖
    •no hair dyes
    •no nail polish
    •uniforms ew
    •toilet is very clean like we stan
    •no bullies, i love that
    •many races, yet no one was racist we love
    •no jewelries
    •beautiful fresh air i liek
    •no hairstyles what i mean is you can only have a ponytail, no dutch braids or other hairstyles lol
    •only WATER so fizzy drinks or sweet drinks ( u can but its not allowed in the class )
    •food oml its so delicious
    •socks sksk it need to be either all white or white and grey
    •3 days late = 1day absent
    •black flat shoes ONLY
    •every monday we'll have assembly which means your legs will be dead cuz you're gonna stand up for 30 freaking minutes listening to very fun stuff yay !!
    •reading time, when you'll get to school open yo damn book and read for 15 minutes and yea
    •no GUM
    •no eating food on class
    •duties 🙄 what i mean by that is everyday ppl have their own duties like sweeping the class or wiping the whiteboard so yea

  43. I go to public school

    NO phones out during school
    NO ripped jeans
    NO crop tops
    NO non-natural colored hair
    NO makeup for boys
    NO lockers
    Great lunches
    Lots of field trips (around an hour or two way but still)
    Tons of electives to choose from (theatre, choir, art, STEM, computer classes, yearbook)
    We get to design school shirts and socks sometimes (YES THE STUDENTS)
    Great AC, it’s actually really cold in some classes
    New computers (chrome books that can fold back into tablets and are touch screen-and some of regular chrome books) we don’t get to take them home but we can check them out if needed
    Most sports
    A lot of kids cuss

  44. My school has this rule against male facial hair so when I was a freshman an administrator shaved this boys beard in the main office 😐

  45. I think going to public school is better because in general, there’s more people so if you get in an argument with one of your friends, then it’s not very difficult to avoid them.

  46. Where I’m from no matter what school you go to you have a uniform 😂😂 public, private, government owned, all girls, all boys, etc.

  47. awwwwwwwwwwwwww💞💛💗💗💞💞💛💗💗💗💛💞💞💛💗💗💗💛💞💞💞💛💗💗💗💞💛💗💗💗💛💞

  48. I went to private school now I go to public school and I like it sm more and the bathrooms at my private school there were nasty I swear they never cleaned them but it was also haunted sooo ya

  49. To be honest, Private school is superior.
    Kids are ready to learn.
    No drugs.
    Uniforms are better since it teaches you to look presentable.
    No bullying.
    Good teaching
    Strong relationships with teachers.
    Engaging lessons
    Many extra curriculars😁!

    That’s my opinion. If disagree, reply and explain why

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