Psychiatric Interviews for Teaching: Mania
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Psychiatric Interviews for Teaching: Mania

– Hello there Mr Riley.
– Hello, you alright, yeah, yeah.
– My name’s Dr. Beddi… – Right.
– and I’m the…
– Right. – …psychiatrist. – Right I come and see you cause my GP sent me to see you didn’t he? – Yeah, yeah.
– He said come and see a trick cyclist cos then you’ll be alright. – Come and see a…?
– A trick cyclist…a psychiatrist, yeah.
– Oh right, ok. – Yeah you must know that one.
– Yeah.
– He said come and see you cause you have time to listen to me.
– Yeah. – He’s not had time to listen to me you see…
– Ok.
– …cause he’s a GP, he’s a doctor… – Right.
– …but I don’t think he’s very clever. – Can I just…
– He’s not very clever cause he’s not,
he’s not, he’s not… – Ok.
– …get, get, getting to this you see, he won’t let me talk about this. – Right, ok, well…
– He sort of listens to it sometime but then sometimes he doesn’t. – Right. Can I just clarify why you are here
and why I’m here, I’m the psychiatrist… – Well I’ve come to see you.
– …in the emergency clinic today… – Right okay.
– …and your GP has asked me to see you. – Right so that’s why I’m here.
– Is that right?
– Yeah cos I got to tell you about this. – Ok, ok.
– And this cos there’s important stuff in
there – Ok.
– really really important stuff…
– Ok, well before we start with that… – …come to see you
– …can I just ask you what would you would… – Yeah, yeah.
– …like me to call you Mr Riley?
– What names? – Yeah.
– Name names a game, I don’t bother with names that’s just too good…
– Right, ok.
– …call me John. – John.
– Yeah ok, what’s your name? – I’m Dr Beddi John.
– No you’re proper name?
– My name is Dr… – No you’re proper name, your proper name
is not doctor. – At work I am Dr Beddi…
– You’re not doctor, Doctor Who, Doctor Who, diddly dang, woddly dang. – [Laughter from John]
It’s good that innit, do you watch that it’s fantastic that programme? – Ok.
– Now what is…
– John…can I ask you how old are you John? – How old, I, oh don’t, you’re only as old
as the woman you feel aren’t you aye? [Laughter from John]
– Right ok. – You know the way to a man’s heart is
through is stomach ooh yeah fantastic. – Right ok, so how old would that make you
John? – Food for the soul, a nice bit of sole, yeah, aye… – Right.
– a bit of fish, ah fantast, I aint half hungry.
– Right. – You got any food? Any food round here? Oi
down, there you got any food, I’m starving nah? – They won’t be able to get you any food, lets…
– Nah, oh, aww. – Shall we perhaps, I tell you what…
– Ok, now let’s get back to this, this is important.
– Yes that’s a good idea, yep ok. – This is why I’m here to talk to you about
this… – Right ok.
– …to tell you what’s going on. – Ok tell me a bit about this then.
– Well this is, this is the work I’ve been doing… – Right.
– …and it’s really important and it’s
my cure for cancer. – Ok.
– That’s what it is you know, it’s all written down here… – Right.
– …well it’s not written down it’s here and it’s at home, in my books at home.
– Right. – What I get from the papers I get is, I get
sort of clues… – Right.
– …as to what I’m supposed to do and how I’m supposed to get the other clues to hone
it down… – Ok.
– …and come up with a final thing. – And how long has all of this been going
on would you say? – It’s been for ages now.
– How long would you say? – Absolutely ages now. – Well I’ve been up all week mostly.
– About a week? – Well this week I’ve been working really
hard at it. – Because before…
– It’s been going on longer than a week…
– Right. – …but I’ve been working really hard on
it for this week… – Because you normally have another…
– …it’s the numbers you see… – Right.
– It’s the numbers you have to find out. – Am I right in thinking you normally do a
different job? – Yeah I’m a mechanic.
– You’re a mechanic.
– a car mechanic yeah. – Ok.
– Manic, Manic Mechanic they call me. – Manic Mechanic?
– Yeah it was my mate…
– Who calls you that? – My mate Dave, I bought, I show him this
and he told me to go away cos I was bonkers… – He said you were bonkers?
– …in fact he didn’t say go away he told me to fuck off. [John laughs] – My goodness ok, ok.
– He did, he said “Fuck off, you’re bonkers.”
– Did he? – Anyway…
– Ok.
– …so he did that. And er, so I said yeah I didn’t think he was clever enough really.
– Right. – You know not..and well I went to see the
doctor about it. – Ok.
– Cos I thought I’d show him cos he’s a Doctor, you know he’s been to University, he’s done stuff…
– Yeah. – …nah thick as shit. He didn’t, he said
he didn’t have time… – Right.
– …I thought how can you not have time to hear about the cure for cancer…
– Right. – …y’know what I mean, yeah, yeah?
– Ok. – So that’s why he sent me here to see you
to tell you all about it. – Right, ok, tell me about it, tell me what’s
going on. – Ok, right well it’s, I’ve got my various
bits and pieces here I find in the papers like y’know the football results…
– Right. – …they need adding together….
– Ok. – …and then I have to find some other information
on this page. There’s some pages and page numbers there…
– Right.
– …add those together and take it away from what’s on there.
– Right. – So, so, I do that and you find you find
other things. – And then what does that number do then?
– That number corresponds to numbers I’ve got on my, on my chart at home. I’ve got
a big chart on my wall… – Right.
– …and I find that number
– Ok. – …and that adds up to something else.
– Uhuh. – It’s, it’s, it’s all there, I mean that’s,
that’s, that’s really good, I’m gonna get one of those. – What’s that?
– That’s, that’s really good, that’s, that’s a phone, it does the internet…
– Right. – …and everything…
– Ok.
– …so I’ll be able to find out more stuff… – Right.
– …you know, that way, when I’m out and about.
– And, and… – So there’s numbers you see, I’ll use
those numbers there… – Right.
– …y’know they’ll need adding up… – Ok.
– …and taking away from something else. – And John, when you’ve done all this with
all the numbers… – Yeah.
– …and the chart…
– Yeah. – …where will that leave you? What is it
you’re headed for? – Well, it’s the cure for cancer innit,
that’s what it is. – The cure for cancer? – The cure for cancer, yeah.
– Ok, so how’s that going to work then? – Well, how it works is God tells me you
know, that er, I’m doing a really good job… – Right.
– …and how great I am and how fantastic it is I’m working at this you know…
– Ok. – …and I just keep going at it…
– Ok. – …you know I don’t stop, I don;t stop. – Ok, can I just take you back a step…
– Yeah sure. – …because you said God tells you… – God tells me, go on.
– …can you tell me a bit more about that? – Well he, he, he tells me, he just talks
to me, yeah. – He talks to you?
– Yes, he talks to me… – Ok, alright.
– …and tells me
– Right. – I’m doing a really good job…
– Ok.
– …and I’m fantastic… – So God talks…
– …and I’m really wonderful…
– Uhuh. – …and I’m great, you know I’m doing… – Ok, and when God talks…
– …and I have to show this to people…
– Right. – And that’s why I’ve come here to show you.
– And John, when God talks to you…
– Yeah. – …can I just clarify this with you.
– What? – Does he talk to you like I’m talking to
you, with the voice coming through your ears or does it feel more like… – Voice doesn’t come through your ears
it comes out of your mouth, voice comes out of your mouth and goes in your ears.
– That’s right. – Yeah I get…you should know that cos
you know you’re a doctor as well aren’t you. – Yeah.
– So you should know these things, yeah. – And is that how the voice seems to you John? – I hear him in my ears…
– You hear him in your ears? – …because that’s what I’m used to hearing… – Right, Ok.
– …and he talks to me with his mouth cos he’s, he’s…
– So the voice that seems to come through your ears rather than from inside your head?
– It’s quite loud cause he’s a big bloke… – He’s a big, is he a big bloke? – …he’s a big bloke yeah, yeah and he’s
got a big beard. – What’s he like then?
– Well he’s a big bloke with a big beard, yeah. – Right.
– I called him? Beardy Beardy once he didn’t like that he got a right hump…
– Right, ok. – …Christ he, I called him Beardy Beardy.
– Yeah I can imagine. – Yeah cos I just…
– And what kind of…
– …so I, I, I just call him Sir. – You call him Sir?
– He likes to be called Sir yeah. – Ok, and what kind of things, when he’s
talking to you, what kind of things does he say to you John?
– He tells me I’m fantastic…
– Right, ok. – …you know, how great I am for doing this…
– Uhuh. – …and getting stuck into this and keeping
at it and that I should show it to people. – Right, ok.
– And that’s what, that’s what I do, I come out and I show it to people. There’s some
stuff… – So who have you been showing it to? – Well, ok, who have I been showing? I’ve
erm, I’ve sent copies of stuff to the Pope… – Right.
– …and the Archbishop of Canterbury, none of them have written back, you’d think they
would you know… – So no replies yet?
– …cos they’re close to God, they probably know him. – Right, ok.
– They probably met him and stuff.
– Yeah. – Well I mean the Pope, he claims to have
met him… – Right.
– …I mean you don’t know…- Yeah. – …I would assume the Pope knows God…
– Right. – …he knows, he’s got his address, his telephone
number, everything like that. – Right.
– But then you know, er, see the Archbishop of Canterbury, I think he’s just rude, cos
he’s not written back at all. – Right. – And there’s Tony Blair.
– So you’ve written to Tony Blair as well? – Yeah, yeah, he’s a right wanker,you
see he didn’t… – Ok and what did he say?
– What?
– What did Tony say? – Nothing, nothing, I got a letter back,
well I didn’t even get a letter back from him, I got it back from somebody else.
– Right. – Not him… – Ok.
– …could’ve got lost in the post and somebody could have got it by mistake but…
– Ok, so… – …just hoping nobody has stolen my ideas
really… – Ok, it sounds John as though…
– …cos that’s what it is. – Sorry to interrupt.
– It’s ok. – It sounds John as though this has all been
keeping you really busy. – Really busy, really busy
– Have you been sleeping at all? – No I aint had time to sleep nah… – No time to sleep?
– …nah, nah, nah – When was the last time you had a good
night’s sleep would you say? – Pfft. Don’t need it.
– Don’t need it? – Don’t need it, I got all this enthusiasm
from God… – Right…
– .. you know…
– …so what’s your… – …it’s there it’s the energy inside me,
it’s there to make me do work. – So you feel as if you’ve got a lot of
energy? – Yeah, tons of it, tons of it.
– And how are your thoughts, are they going fast? Are they, are you thinking lots? Lots
of ideas? – Well yeah you have to think very intensely,
you look at stuff down here, there’s, there’s, I got that in the door the other day, you
know… – Ok.
– …there’s lots of numbers on there that need adding up and taking away. – And John how are you feeling about yourself?
Your self-esteem, how do you feel about yourself as a person at the moment? – Fantastic.
– You feel fantastic? – I feel fantastic, you know cos God’s telling
me… – Right.
– …I am yeah…
– Ok. – …and that I’m doing a really really
good job… – Yeah.
– …and it’s all there and it’s all happening. – And tell me this John, because I couldn’t
get it from your GP letter, have you ever had anything like this before in your life?
Where you have felt full of energy and lots of bright ideas?
– No, nah.
– It’s not happened before… – Nah, but this has been going on for so long
that I can’t really remember anything else you know. – And have there ever been any times in
your life where you’ve kinda been the opposite John? – Where you’ve been a bit down in the dumps,
not much energy? – No, nah, nothing like that.
– Nothing like that? – No, nothing like that no. – Ok, and what about any family history, does
anyone in your family have things like this? – No, no it’s just me its really, well they’re
not really that clever you know. – Who’s not that clever?
– My family. – Your family?
– You know, that’s why I have to come see doctors, places, hospitals and things like
that because they have clever people, you’re a clever person… – Right, so do you feel as if you’re more clever than perhaps other people? – Well, well, well yeah.
– Right. – You know I’m certainly more clever than
those people at work… – Ok.
– …you know cos they’re a bit thick. – And John, I guess I’m wondering what
might have happened to start all this off for you, have you any thoughts yourself what’s
brought this on? – Well, well God. Yeah.
– God, yeah, yeah. – Ok.
– And he just came to me one day…
– Right. – …one day he just came to me you know…
– Ok. – …and I started noticing connections with
numbers and things. – Right, yeah, I wonder…
– It’s, it’s, it’s all there you’ve just got to find it.
– Ok, I wonder John… – You’ve got to dig deep and look for it
you know what I mean, yeah yeah? – Right, ok. How have you been feeling physically
in your physical health? Any problems there? – Physically, fine, I’m, I’m, I’m fine
yeah, absolutely. – And have you been taking any prescribed
medication… – No, no, no, nothing like that… – …any drugs that aren’t prescribed, any
substances. – I just need everything that’s within me
now, I don’t need anything else. – And you know how you were saying that your
mate at work… – Yeah.
– …said that you were…
– Who Dave? – Yeah.
– Yeah he said rude things…
– He said rude things… – …and I don’t like repeating it…
– …he kind of suggested you might be…
– I told you what he said didn’t I… – Yeah you did, you did.
– …he used the F word and I don’t like that.
– No, no. – No.
– It sounded like he thought you weren’t very well at the moment. – No I’m fine.
– What do you think to that because?
– Now look can we look at this now, cause this is what I want to talk about?
– Right. – It’s just that I’ve come here to talk
about this and you seem to be going off on one for some reason… – Yeah.
– …and you’re not really paying attention
to me. – Yeah I guess what it…
– Do you want to do that now, can we talk a bit more about this now? – Well I guess before we get back into that
I guess what… – Well no I don’t want to get back in,
I want to talk about it now, can we talk about it now please? – I guess John what I’m wondering is whether t his might be a sign that you’re not very well at the moment? – No I’m fine I want to talk about this,
you seem to want to change the subject… – Yeah. – …so I don’t want to talk to you anymore.
I’ve had enough of you and I’ve had enough of being here. I want to talk to somebody
else, I want to talk to the boss. I want to talk to your boss…
– Right. – …where’s your boss?
– John, I am the boss, I’m a consultant… – Well you’re a shit boss and I want to
talk to somebody else, there must be somebody else I can talk to?
– There isn’t John.
– I want to talk to the headman, I’m fed up with talking to the oily rag, I want to talk
to the engineer, no more monkeys. The organ grinder for me, I want to talk to the top
man, top boss, top cat, that’s who I want to talk to. Top cat, top cat, top cat, yeah, ohh, ee, doo, lup, dup, ah.

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100 thoughts on “Psychiatric Interviews for Teaching: Mania

  1. I talk to my family this way, but not quite as bad. My speech is disjointed. But it makes sense in my head, like I'm going somewhere with it. When I write, I miss verb tense, plural "s" and articles like "the".

  2. A close differential would be Schizophrenia as they were many formal thought disorders such as clanging, looseness of associations and rigidity of thoughts. And manic like symptoms can be present in Schizophrenia.

  3. I feel bad for my husband now. Yacking his ear off while he's trying to sleep with all my ideas and thoughts lol

  4. 0:10 – Pressured speech, talkativeness
    0:40 – Distractibility
    1:00 – "Name's a game" = Clang association (thought disorder)
    1:10 – "Doctor Who, diddly dang, woddly dang" = Clang association
    1:20 – "How old…you're only as old as the woman you feel…the way to a man's heart is through his stomach…food for the soul, a nice bit of sole" = Tangentiality/flight of ideas
    1:50 – "This is the work I've been doing…It's my cure for cancer" = Grandiosity, activity increase
    2:10 – "I've been up all week" = Insomnia
    2:40 – "F*ck off" = Disinhibition (unless he's normally vulgar!)
    3:20 – Activity increase
    3:45 – "I'm gonna get one of those" = Distractibility
    4:10 – "God tells me I'm doing a really good job…" = Delusion of grandeur
    4:55 – Tangential
    6:30 – Insomnia
    7:00 – "Fantastic" = Euphoria

    WOW… wish all cases were so easy to diagnose. Must rule out hyperthyroidism and substance abuse. There's definitely psychotic features here though. Mood stabilizer + antipsychotic would be in line. Depakote and Abilify, perhaps.

  5. This presentation is not consistent with mania. Only psychotic features are clearly evident, and other manic symptoms (high energy, sleep disturbance, family history, independent source of a friend/family statement, time frames) are not fully assessed or only hinted at in this video. Mania might be the eventual diagnosis after observation – probably under an inpatient 72-hour hold hospital stay.

  6. This guy deserves an academy award. Absolutely brilliant in his presentation and the Dr. is great as well.

  7. OMG, this type of patient requires a special kind of patience and focus on the doctor's part. How do you help someone like this who doesn't realize they need help?

  8. So many people in the comment section boasting about having mental health dissorders.. average people trying to jump on the look at me im different band wagon. like the vegan at the dinner party

  9. These pts as manic as this guy is. Are some of the most difficult and irritating to deal with. The has done a great job acting manic.

  10. What differences do mania and severe adhd have? do they cycle slower or faster? Also what other signs are there to differentiate between them.

  11. wont even tell him her first name. how is anyone supposed to feel comfortable expressing themselves to a cold person like that.

  12. The guy is a great actor! That was hectic….and very like how mania can present in a person. Also…hilarious in parts…some of the lines he comes out with.

  13. I didn't realize so many people were experts here on YouTube. I also didnt realize that people have such a disbelief in mental disorders. This published by the University of Nottingham as resource for students and people interested in the field. I'm only an undergrad, but I've had real experience with those who suffer from some of these disorders and it's certainly a issue that our country faces nowadays; the fact that people are so dismissive of it's mere existence proves a cause why it exists in the first place. If we had the the mental capacity to recognize the issue, we could come to together as a society and push towards a brighter future.

  14. That's my brother-in law to a tee, even when heavily medicated he can still have patches like this. Fantastic actor.

  15. Now I am not amazed at why many psychiatric docs feel like they are also suffering from mania as equally. Making interviews with such mad people will eventually turn you mad isn't it.

  16. Just picture your life if you actually had someone like the character he is playing in it!! It would be so utterly unbearable! Ppl always worry about and treat the one who is sick and almost always forget about the family who as to deal with them!

  17. I am an avid #MentalHealthAwareness advocate and performer, and I love this so much. I travel the country trying to bring that awareness on stages, in classrooms, hospitals, and on my YouTube channel, so I get excited when I see other advocates. 💙❤

  18. mania, is when you think a patient is unquestionable?? showing signs of persuasion on every question, and showing signs of delusions during a interview, (remember during a interview) "i was answering question not avoiding them"

  19. Wow, I am impressed. This guy is so unique and special he has God telling him how wonderful he is. That's nice and on top of that he has the cure for caner. The sad and tragic part is that this guy truly believes his delusions.

  20. Amazing actor. I'm supposed to be here learning about psychiatry and I'm just finding myself mesmerized by this guy's acting ability.

  21. I think it's more unethical to not show the real thing. Mental illness is a part of the human condition and it's key to understanding the human soul.

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