Psychiatric Interviews for Teaching: Depression
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Psychiatric Interviews for Teaching: Depression

– Hello, Alison Wells, do you want to come and have a seat? Hi I’m Dr Taylor one of the GP’s at this surgery, what would you like me to call you? – Alison will be fine – Ok, so what’s brought you here today Alison? – My sister’s noticed, I’m just a bit fed up
really. My sister said I should come. – Right ok. Has this been going on for some time? – Yeah, few months really. – Ok, do you want to tell me a bit more about
what’s been going on? – Just things, things seem to be piling up.
– Right
– I just don’t seem to be coping with things, – Right
– the kids and things.
– Right, ok. Would it be OK Alison for me to ask you a few more detailed questions about how you’ve been feeling? – Uhuh – Ok Well if we start with asking you a bit
about your mood. How have you been feeling in yourself? – I say a bit fed up. I get up in the morning,
everything seems very black.
– Right – It’s like, it’s just like swimming in, in treacle really and I just don’t, I think by tea time when the kids get home, I’ve been having fairly decent conversation with them but… – Right, and can I just check Alison when you say things feel very black, do you feel very miserable? – Fed up, miserable. – Right, OK. And what about sort of feeling tearful? Has that been happening? – I dropped some sugar the other day and I just
burst into tears. – Right, OK. – Thanks – So is it the slightest thing that will make you
tearful, things that perhaps wouldn’t ordinarily bother you? – Yeah my sister’s noticed it as well. – Right, OK. So you’ve been feeling very low with episodes
of tearfulness, what about other things, your energy levels are you managing to keep up with things? – I used to do a lot with the kids I used to
go swimming, playing but now I just spend the day on the sofa unless I have to go to
work. – Right, just remind me, what is it you do for your
job? – I work in a supermarket. – Right, so how have you been managing at work? – I’ve not been going in as much cause I just
feel so exhausted… …but I’m just not…the supermarket’s been taken over and they’ve cut the wages
– Right
– and I’ve had problems with the bills – Right
– and it’s like catalogues just writing me letters,
– Uhuh – you know the kids they want all these new games and stuff – Yeah sure – and it’s just y’know. – Things are difficult all round then. With
all this going on how are you sleeping Alison? – It just takes me ages to go to sleep, I used
to read a book
– Right – and just drop off,
– Right
– but now I just spend my time looking at the clock as it goes round and round. – So from actually getting off to bed and getting off to sleep how long is that taking? – Couple of hours probably. – Right, OK. – Once you’re asleep are you waking up much
during the night? – I wake up about…last night I think it was about 4 o clock I woke up.
– Right – And can you get back to sleep from that time? – No, no. – And then you’re actually getting out of bed
in the morning, are you still feeling tired at that point? – I’m just exhausted, I feel like my brain’s
not been switched off. I’m just exhausted the next day. – OK – What about eating what’s your appetite been
like while you’ve been feeling like this? – I used to have quite a weight problem, but
the last couple of months this is a bit looser. – Right – Er, I just… – Do you know how much weight you’ve lost? – No, no. – The kids come in from school and they
make their own stuff and I just don’t bother really. – Ok, Ok so you’re appetite’s gone down as well. What
about things like concentrating and your memory both when you’re watching TV at home
or when you’re out doing your job. – How have those things been? – Well I mean pretty useless with the kids,
I forgot the swimming money last week, PE kit and parents evening even.
– Right, ok.
– I just start one job, and, I’m not explaining myself very well. It’s like the television, I used to like watching the soaps, EastEnders or something and now 10 minutes later I’m thinking of something else. – Ok, ok. – And what about things Alison you used to enjoy,
are there things in life that you still enjoy at the moment? – Nothing really, as I say, a bit useless with
the kids. I used to enjoy going out, I used to go out with my friends, the pictures
and things, but of course now I can’t be bothered. – Is it that you can’t be bothered and you
don’t feel like it as well? – What’s the point really?
– Right, ok.
– You know. – And I was going to ask, how old are your children now? – I had them a bit later in life, it’s took a
a long time to have them. I got a girl and a boy, one’s 11 and one’s 9. – And looking after children takes a lot of
time and energy, how are you managing to keep up with that feeling as low as you do? – Well they’re a bit self-sufficient really
the kids, they come in from school get their own tea. I should be doing more for them really
but I’m not I’m just a bit useless at that at the moment. – Ok, and what about looking after yourself? – Well you can see I’m just a mess. Dave used to say,
that’s my boyfriend, – Right – he used to, you know, not have much money but I’d take a bit of pride in what
I was doing. My hair and stuff but I can’t can’t be bothered with that now, there’s no point really. – Ok, ok. – And you mentioned Dave, that’s your current
partner, how long have you and Dave been together? About a year I met him at work. – And how are things, because often when people feel really down it has an impact on everything including their relationships so how are things with you and
Dave at the moment? He’s not ringing as much, he used to text,
he’s getting fed up with me not wanting to go out and things. – It’s a slightly embarrassing thing to ask
about but I guess it’s important, often when people are really feeling very low it affects everything in
the relationship including things like their sex life. Have you noticed any changes there
for you? He’s always trying to pressure me a little bit
– Right
– and stuff, but I’m really not into that at the moment. – Right, ok. You just don’t feel like that at the moment. – No.
– Ok. So can I just a recap Alison to check I’ve got this
right, for the last few months you’ve been feeling really down, no energy, problems
with your sleeping and eating, problems with concentrating, not really enjoying things and actually struggling
a bit with the kids and perhaps some difficulties in your relationship with Dave. Have I got
that right? – Hmmmm. – OK. Can I ask Alison, in the past have there ever been episodes where you’ve
felt like this? – When my husband left, I was always crying
then for no particular reason.
– Right – I haven’t told anybody this before but I took some tablets. – Right So how long ago are we talking was this a
few years ago? – About four years ago. – About four years ago. Ok, so you took some tablets,
– Yeah
– Can you tell me, is it alright to tell me a little bit more about that? – You know what it’s like, the kids are in
bed and you’re on your own and I had a few glasses of wine and I just took these tablets. – Right, OK. Can you remember what you actually took at
the time what sort of tablets they were? – They were just in the bathroom cabinet, it
was paracetamol. – Right, OK. So you took some paracetamol, can you remember roughly how many you took? – About 2 strips, about 12. – Right, OK. – And you’d had a couple of glasses of wine; did you take anything else, any other tablets with it? – No.
– Ok. Ok. And was this something Alison that you’d thought about for a while or was it a spur of the moment that evening? – As I say I was crying a lot but I think it
was just the wine.
– Right, ok. – But you know, I’m just a bit of a burden to everybody really. – And was there any other things that you did around the time, sometimes when people take tablets they leave a note, or do other kinda final acts, get their affairs in order? Did you do any of those things? – No, I just thought, that you know, I’d take the tablets and I’d just go to sleep. – Right, ok. So did you have any thoughts about what taking the tablets would do? Did you.. – I just thought I’d go to sleep and not wake
up, but I woke up a couple of hours later and was sick everywhere.
– Right, ok.
God I was sick. – Ok, so I actually just want to check I get this right because it’s important. You actually thought that they would kill you at the time? – I just didn’t want to wake up,
– Right, ok – As I say, I’m just useless, I’m a useless mum now and I was then. – Right ok, so you took the tablets and you were very sick in the night did you seek any medical help at the time? – No, no.
– Ok. And then were you OK the following day? – Well, yeah, I just felt a bit of a twit really. – Right, did you feel pleased you were still alive? – Yeah, I think you know I realised it was me
just being silly. – Right, Ok, Ok. So that was a few years ago, if we just come
back to how you are feeling at the moment, you talked about feeling very low… Have
there been times currently when you’ve thought about either taking an overdose or doing something
else to harm yourself in any way? – You know at night when, when you’re watching the clock and you know, you’re on your own
-Yeah – and the kids are in bed. It is, just everything’s so hard,
and yeah I suppose, you know, it just feels easy you know?
– Right And has that just been something you’ve thought about or have you actually made any plans, got any tablets in or done anything else? – No, no,
– Ok
– nothing like that. Ok, and I guess it’s a difficult question to ask
but one we would ask everybody in your situation. Have things ever been so bad you felt so low
that you’ve not only thought about harming yourself or perhaps killing yourself but
you’ve also wondered whether the best thing might be to take the children with you? -No, I’d never do anything with my kids I
love my kids. No I wouldn’t hurt them. – Ok. – And what about the other side of that, positive things, things to live for… …things that you feel good about? – Not much at the moment I suppose, kids sometimes
you know. They do things that make you think, you know, what’s good about life
– Right
– and things but… – And are there other things that help at the moment, I’m thinking about people that could be supportive? – My sister as I say she said to get down here
and she’s always there, she comes down
– Yeah – and rings. I’ve got a couple of friends they’re quite good,
– Right – but and Dave when he’s in the mood of course. But I don’t think he’s
not going to be around for much longer. – Right. And do you think, or do you feel able to keep yourself safe at the moment from hurting yourself? – I think so yeah, I know I can come here now;
you’ve been very good today – Ok. Do you think if that was to change so that you
didn’t feel able to keep yourself safe, you’d be able to let anybody know? – All I know is what happened last time that was
nothing and I was silly then so I know to come here. – Right, Ok. OK Alison, well thanks for going through all that,
I can appreciate it must be very painful. It does sound to me that you are suffering from symptoms
that strongly suggest that you are actually depressed at the moment. Now I’m not sure how much
you know about depression? – Not much really, not much but I know I just
don’t feel right at the moment. – Ok, ok Well I guess just briefly depression can cause
a number of problems for people and traditionally we think about people feeling very low and
very miserable and often you know thinking about hurting themselves. But it can also
affect all other areas of life in terms of problems with eating and sleeping and the
other problems you’ve noticed is that concentration and perhaps not really managing as well as normal.
I guess the positive side is that you’ve done something about it and you’ve come to talk to me about
it today and I think there are almost certainly a range of things we can put in place to help
you and treatments that are available. So I guess what I’m thinking is it might be worth us
spending a few minutes just thinking about those options for you so that we can start
to improve things for you. Would that be alright with you? – I need to do this, yes; I think that’s sensible
– Ok

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100 thoughts on “Psychiatric Interviews for Teaching: Depression

  1. She said and acted exactly the same way I did when I went to the doctor for depression…. the acting in these videos is spot on

  2. To me this looks like an act. It is probably used to emphasise particular and common behavior students may encounter and how they should commonly deal. The video is cut and the patient has accepted quite easily the psychiatric's help.

  3. Brilliant videos. I've never actually watched something more informative than this. Congratulations!
    It'd be nice to have a second video, adjunct to the interview, where the doctor briefly discusses the case highlighting the major features (especially those which might have gone unnoticed) and then discuss the treatment. What drugs? What psychotherapy? What kind of follow-up should be done?
    Thank you!

  4. This is a training video for future doctors and Standardized patients. The scenarios are over simplified to help medical students learn how to deal with patients, determine what is wrong with them and suggest a course of action. This is not real life and it would be hard for an actor to show all those conditions in the short amount of time you are given

  5. I have been depressed before and I feel that this actress portrayed exactly how I felt. spot on. with low speaking voice, crying on a dime, looking sat the floor. Very well portrayed.

  6. While I think this is brilliant, I do take some issue with it, namely: What if the you Are severely depressed but do not *appear to be at all depressed? What about the patients who are engaging and talkative While still being chronically depressed?

  7. It saddens me that most GP surgeries now would never allow that length of time for an evaluation/assessment you only see them for about 10 minutes and even after that all they do is refer you to somebody or prescribe you pills and send you on your way. There needs to be more training for GPS in mental health and perhaps try to extend the consultation time although I understand that they have to see every patient and there just isn't enough time in a day – cont

  8. Perhaps a specific surgery or walk in centre for people experiencing mental health distress/issues so they can see a psychiatric nurse or psychiatrist or other mental health professional like a mini GP surgery for mental health then they could allocate a time limit say 1/2 hour to up to an hour etc..

  9. Just because a patient or client is diagnosed with depression means that they will always walk into your office tearfully. They can be talkative and engaging, but when home, perhaps shit hits the fan. My sister is bipolar, leaning on the side of depression (bipolar people tend to lean one way more than the other), but it's not like she's gonna walk in the counselor's office ready to cry or yell. What if she happens to be happy? Christ. But she still has underlying problems.

  10. Just because a patient or client is diagnosed with depression does not mean that they will always walk into your office tearfully. They can be talkative and engaging, but when home, perhaps shit hits the fan. My sister is bipolar, leaning on the side of depression (bipolar people tend to lean one way more than the other), but it's not like she's gonna walk in the counselor's office ready to cry or yell. What if she happens to be happy? Christ. But she still has underlying problems.

  11. I used to suffer from severe depression and anxiety, until one day when I was feeling very ill and switched off my cell phone, then I immediately felt wellness rushing back to me, I removed the BT router from my PC which was putting out WiFi eventhough the switch was off, and I have never felt so well in years. This non-ionising microwave radiation is "EVIL", watch microwave expert Barrie Trower's videos, the future of life on earth requires that it is all switched off. Peace and Love to ALL.

  12. This woman has problems at home with her family members. That doesn't mean that she has a "chemical imbalance" of neurotransmitters (in the brain).  This woman needs a shoulder to cry on. Not drugs. For the psychiatrists, her emotional, economic and social problems are a cash cow. Plus the government will have her on the records as being "mentally ill".
     Please watch the video on YouTube: Dr. Barrie Trower – 30 Minute Reality Update

  13. Thank you for making this interesting & educational video available for viewing here on YouTube.

  14. There is some wonderful casting and great acting here. The industrial/educational videos in the states are filled with terrible indicating and overacting and sadly sometimes its not even the actors fault as they are asked to "act" that way at the request of the directors or producers. This is honest and truthful. Wonderful!

  15.   Remote influencing technologies, the new terrorism of the 21st century

  16. If this is acted it is very good. I recently was told i had mild depression and the interview with the doctor played out like this almost exactly.

  17. I need to find a really good psychiatrist to talk to about this, its finding someone wise and sympathetic but who can just make me feel safe, supported and well kind of help me face my demons.

  18. Excuse me, I can't understand what Alison is saying…can someone help? I tried clicking the captions icon but the subtitles are all wrong…

  19. This was very well done, and thanks for captioning them. I will use this for my abnormal psychology class in the USA. Thank you for making these public.

  20. Actually this is acting. I have got depression almost for 5 years but i didn't act such infront of any psychologist.

  21. I really appreciate your hard work and it's always helpful for me to have been through for exams. I feel symptoms are way varied here.

  22. wow what an amazing study! i will be using and quoting the information for a paper in my Psychology course in college! Thanks!

  23. I feel so sad watching this because I still have remnants of moderate depression, I know how she feels too well.

  24. I understand she needs to make a proper diagnoses and get all of the info but she abandoned her feelings a bit, no comfort, no advice. Maybe that's not her job idk. But i know the patient may have felt like she was not being truly heard.

  25. I would like to ask something about melancholic and atypical depression, also there are some close ending questions and not enough empathy

  26. Have you from Nottingham Uni done ratings (MADRS, HAM-D etc.) based on this interview? Would be interesting to hear how you, and other professionals, rate and quantify the symtoms the woman describes.

  27. As all know that psychology is the study of human behavior and identifying human perception. A patient of psychology and deoression or anaxiety implies the patient of same repeated thoughts.

  28. The cure of such a mental illness is not possible but victim can get rid of such a phobia or stimuli after a period of time. Psychologican person can develop this disease from heirs and become the part of DNA.

  29. I get this impression she misses going out and having freedom. Her children are stessing her out. She's gotten to the point she doesn't know what to do. I feel for her

  30. Can depression really be a disease if your circumstances are messed up. She wants nice things for her children and can't afford it so it makes her sad. Why is it a disorder and not just emotion?

  31. Strange world people are showing sympathy with this woman knowingly she is an actress and sometimes in real life they are having very ruthless behaviour with real patients

  32. Recent evidence revealed that antidepressant pills increase suicide risks by 2-5 times. [a][b][c][d][e][h]
    Cognitive behavioural therapy halves the risk of repeated suicide attempts. [k]
    Furthermore, antidepressants increased all cause mortality by 33%! [i][j]
    Another meta-analysis published in the British Journal of Psychiatry has found that even patients with the most severe depression can expect to get as much benefit from cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) as those with less severe symptoms. [f]
    Even Behavioural Activation effectively decreases depressive symptoms. [g]
    Trained grandmothers are better than psychiatrists.

  33. This is brilliant she is a very good counsellor and the actor also I find the techniques used very helpful expressing of empathy probing question amongst other things

  34. When I was diagnosed with severe episodes of reoccurring major depressive disorder I had gone to see my nurse practitioner, she was asking me stuff and I was smiling and making eye contact at her, I said everything in my life was going wonderful. I had a beautiful family, got good grades, everything was peachy but my brain and emotions made me wish I was dead and that I would wake up in the morning and wish it was bedtime again so I wouldn’t have to suffer throughout the day. 10mg of Lexapro once a day later and I feel great. These are such good learning videos. Depression can disguise itself and not everyone shows the same symptoms. You don’t always see sadness in every patient. Sometimes it’s hidden deep inside.

  35. For any one who's suffering from depression I suggest you what works for me wake up in the morning the first thing to do is your bed and try to change it twice a week ( bedsheets)
    2: take a cup of water with a lot of lemon
    3- wash your face and try to smile for 30 seconds it sounds crazy but it works!!
    4- take shower immediately..why I'm saying this because most of depressed people they wake up and they keep staring in messy bed and room and checking their phone !!!!! Avoid your phone !! After shower get ready even if you are not studying or working dress up even clean T-shirt and leggings…
    5 – eat 2 bananas don't drink coffee wait..clean up the mess in the kitchen an other note to get over depression you must change your life style believe me clean and organized house helps you a lot to change your mood
    6 – now you can have your coffee
    7- stay away from alcohol and cigarette..
    8- keep your self busy if you are working put on some perfume and try to smile to the first person you see in the morning .
    9- buy plants and flowers and try to place them in the living room and the kitchen
    10- buy nice candles place them in your bed room and ( living room , bathroom) and spray the area with floral aromatic spray
    11- stay away from black and dark colours replace that with more white and blue …
    12 – low contact with toxic manipulative narcistic and negative people and if you can go no contact much better !!!
    13 – stay around positive and happy people
    14- love your self and take care of your diet …more vegetables and protein and no sugar and sweets…16- go shopping try to change your wordrob and shoes you don't have to spend to much money …
    17- get some funky stuff like colourful pillows..funny coffee mugs ..nice colourful pyjamas…
    18- buy nuts and fruits and instead of watching action movies watch funny movies or videos ..
    19- now after all these steps believe me even the most sad and negative person would visit your clean and organized house
    20- don't forget to buy your self a very nice French perfume and use it for your self at home and before you sleep it's time to take care of your self and love your self don't destroy your health with medicine or waste money in interviews with psychiatrist I don't say it's bad !! But I tried everything until I changed my lifestyle and I took good care of my self and house everything has changed…hug your self you don't need someone to feel sorry for you only you can help your self…I wish you get well soon ⚘😚😚😚

  36. If you're suffering with serious money woes who wouldn't be depressed. Normal.
    Wow I can't pay my bills I may be evicted let's throw a party ????

  37. Could have saved time by just passing out a questionnaire!!, what's important to this person asking the questions is she only what she wants to ask– very little effort given to finding out what's important to the one being asked questions. Poor listening skills.

  38. This video actually disproves psychiatry as a concept.
    1. It encourages automatic blame shifting (illness)
    2. It encourages confirmation bias ("must be this")
    3. It encourages narrative-leading (something illegal in courts)
    When things go wrong? Blame the person; not the enviornment.
    Must be a "serious, genetic illness".
    What a load of unscientific and illogical crap.

  39. I've had depression since about age 13 and I'm 41 now. It's basically a curse that never ends. Antidepressants, exercise, prayer, etc., reduce it but it never fully lifts. Prior to going to rehab I at least had the pleasure of feeling good when under the influence. Now I have sobriety and depression — I'm back where I started.

  40. I have a question about the depression. After the depression a person may have problems of memory ? This problems of memory is long place or short place?

  41. I hate how depression is portrayed as just someone acting sad. A lot of people with depression put on a happy face. They will joke with you. And then one day if the pain gets too much, kill themselves. Some people with depression struggle with expressing it.

  42. Depression truly made my life so dismal before for 3 years. I felt very weak and vulnerable – I didn’t feel like a true man. After adhering to this depression treatment method “fetching kafon press” (Google it), it didn’t just help me to take power over my life once again, it also made me shed 44 pounds!.

  43. Depression had really got an iron-fisted grip on me and had done so during the last three years. I was very sad like everyday I wanted to pass away. After adhering to this depression remedy “fetching kafon press” (Google it), it didn’t only aid me to take charge of my life once more, it also helped me lose 44 pounds!.

  44. So feeling depressed is a disease, nonsense. Psychiatry is a crap, without the corrupt media and pharma it would have died long time ago.

  45. I am an actress who portrays patients for medical students. My next character will be functional depression and I am glad that I watched this video. I wanted to observe the body language and the actress here gave me a good idea and confirmed how I planned to do it. Portraying patients for medical students is the best job ever.

  46. Interesting Read; this company diagnosis Anhedonia via brain activity:

  47. I am an avid #MentalHealthAwareness advocate and performer, and I love this so much. I travel the country trying to bring that awareness on stages, in classrooms, hospitals, and on my YouTube channel, so I get excited when I see other advocates. 💙❤

  48. She uses a lot of close-ended questions and leads quite a bit, but her line of questioning seems fairly solid

  49. I am struggling to finish the video, the woman look depresses me every time I look at her. I am so sorry for all those suffering depression and I wish them to get well soon.

  50. If you ask a success coach, they'll tell you depression is a mental habit.

    In one of Paul McKenna's books, he tells of an experiment in depression sufferers were tasked to place 'happy' pictures around their home and work place, if they had a job. Each time they looked at one of these pictures, they had to think happy and positive thoughts about themselves and their life. After a period of three months, it was claimed those who took part in the experiment were transformed into happy and optimistic people.

    May I suggest listening to the likes of Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield and Tony Robbins.

  51. I will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on him 📖 Jesus said 👟❤️📖📖📖✝️💯🙂 taste and see that the lord is good !!!!!!!

  52. You don't understand how cruel psychritrary can be a lot of them are failed to students why can't do anything refral for path tests themselves psychrtiraits are supposed to rules out any psychrtiraits or environmental factors first

  53. I hope you get asked these questions by a doctor who actually cares, and want to listen to you.
    My doctor was about: I talked for a minute then he start typing strait away and already prescribed me drugs.

  54. Wtf?!? comfort and supporting them already with all your heart!!! they are so precious people too!!! 😬😬😬😬😬

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