Promethean ActivBoard Range: Your Classrooms, Your Choice.
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Promethean ActivBoard Range: Your Classrooms, Your Choice.

Hi I’m Emma from Promethean and i’m
going to spend a few minutes giving you an update on the ActivBoard range. With
the instruction of tablet technology and want one devices it may seem that the pendulum has swung
to getting a device in every student hand rather than having a focal point at
the front of the classroom with an interactive whiteboard. However a Promethean we believe that the
best scenario is actually going to be a combination of all of those tools
together to provide lessons are both collaborative and giving a personalized
experience. So while personal devices and Student
Response systems are without question a great way of getting everybody involved, The ActivBoard serves as a tool to get
everybody back together. It can be used for those whole class,
teachable moments that are always going to exist
regardless of the age range or the subject that you teach. The ActivBoard
also is a fantastic tool for activities, for group work, it provides a collaborative space for
students to be able to work together in. This is the ActivBoard Touch and as the
name suggests is the optimized for touch It’s also a great collaboration zone. I’m
using Windows8 and as you can see i can scroll through my tiles. It’s very responsive. I can zoom in to
see them all at once, make my selection if I want to and zoom out. Even if i’m using
something as simple as Paint, I can get somebody else involved using
the ActivBoard touch. So perhaps this is at the beginning of a
lesson on shapes and we’re revising 2d shapes before we go on with our lesson.
And, perhaps we’re just going to do a thought shower of all the different
shapes and then move into ActivInspire to start our lesson with 3d shapes. So I’m going to ask Preston to pass me a 3d
shape. And then I’m going to switch the stylus over so
that i can write just like the teacher might do. Or perhaps this is going to be
used as a student activity The ActiveBoard Touch is a cost-effective
solution that doesn’t compromise on quality. And as you’ve just seen it makes
for a great collaboration zone in any learning environment. The next ActiveBoard in the range that we’d like to talk about is the ActivBoard 578
system. And as you can see this is a feature-rich system so you’ve got the fabulous display space,
but you’ve also got the integrated speakers. What does that mean in the classroom?
Well this is offering a true multimedia experience and it’s going to address all
the different learning needs of the students that would be in any one
learning environment. Some are going to be visual learners, but
you’re going to have some students that need to respond to auditory cues. This allows for video to be played, for
music clips sound clips, etc., to be inserted into what you’re doing. I’m going to use ActivInspire again. This
time to show you another feature of this system is that
we have dual users with two pens at the same time. Now the pen on the ActivBoard 578 is
actually more than a pen. It’s got full mouse capability. And
you can see I’ve got my roll-over here displaying an embedded link. That is
actually a sound link which would play through the speakers. If i was to turn it on at the moment. So
Preston has chosen a famous landmark and I’m going to do the same. I’m just going
to make that a little bit bigger. So I’ve got my touch capability as well, but
we’re both now going to turn to our pen and we’re going to address label what
the landmark is. When we based on that as you can see we’re working
simultaneously. We can resize our landmarks and put them where we see
appropriate on the map. And perhaps this would be another opportunity for
collaboration. And indeed if we had more time we might discuss what these
landmarks are. The last feature in the 578 range that we want to share with you
is the ability for multi users or multi inputs at the same time. So you saw two
pens working together. We’re now going to work on this sorting activity where
we’re going to pick up the labels simultaneously and move them into place.
So you can see we’ve got four labels moving at the same time there. And again
i can use my pen to make the connections if I need to. And one of the great things
obviously about working in a virtual environment is I have this infinite
space to work with as well. So in summary, the ActivBoard 578
system is a great tool in the classroom for whole class teaching because of the
multimedia experience you’re going to have. And again is an ultimate
collaboration zone. Lastly we have the ActivBoard 587. It’s bigger in size meaning there’s more
real estate. This accommodates for more students to work simultaneously at the
board with all the robust features of the 578 including the touch
the pen and the integrated speakers in addition the 587 is adjustable so it can
move up and down to accommodate for the heights of teachers and students. It’s perfect for the tallest of teachers
or the tiniest of students. We shared with you three boards in our ActiveBoard range. And you can rest assured whichever choice you make, you’ve made a good choice when you
select an ActiveBoard from Promethean.

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  1. Activeboard and tablets are best in classrooms
    It is available in Antonine International School, Ajaltoun ,Lebanon

  2. You totally messed up with touch boards. Zoom with pen tool doesn't work – deal breaker. Also letters are connected when writing quickly. Your non touch is way better at the moment

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