Project Safe Schools Segment featuring Sand Springs Public Schools and Seon
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Project Safe Schools Segment featuring Sand Springs Public Schools and Seon

A new bill would allow
school districts to install stop arm cameras on their buses and make
offenders help pay for them. Tonight in Project Safe Schools, 2Works for You’s Chris D. Maria shows us how those cameras are already being put to use in Sand
Springs. We can see the license plate of a car that is sitting about where the bus number 70 back there is sitting. It can pick that up and we have solid
evidence of it. You’re driving past a Sand Springs school bus you might just
miss it. Two cameras pointed in each direction under the stop sign on the
left side of the bus. But if you’re speeding past while that stop sign is
out, the cameras will most definitely catch you. They record any time this stop
arm becomes activated. Sand Springs started putting cameras on their buses about ten years ago. Today they’re still one of the only area districts with the technology. The cameras are always rolling but transportation director Sean
Parker says the video is flagged when the yellow lights come on and when the
stop sign folds out. Bus drivers also have a way to manually
flag the video. This is a button in the middle and so if there is any issue on
the outside or the inside of the bus, all we have to do is push that button.
It will give alarm one I believe. When he hits that button the video is saved
in high quality to go back to later and all the video from every one of these
cameras is actually stored right here in this box and can stay there for 30 to 45 days at a time. Parker says when there’s an issue it’s
easy to go back and get multiple angles of what happened and send all that
information to police. It generally puts an end to it.
We very seldom have a repeat offender. Under the bill if a drivers caught, whoever owns the car would be fined at least $100. 75 percent of the fine would go back to pay for the cameras
which can cost thousands per bus. If passed, the bill would go into effect
on November 1st. In Sand Springs, Chris D. Maria.
2Works for You.

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