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13 thoughts on “Project-Based Learning at Clear View Charter Elementary School (Learn and Live)

  1. I LOVE it! Also, did Robin Williams volunteer for this?

    Poor kid, if only the teacher would've known that a bee is a type of wasp.

  2. I did my student teaching at Clear View 20 years ago. They were always into technology and cooperative learning. Good to see it still happening. 🙂

  3. This is amazing. I can't imagine that these are fifth grade pupils. Here in Uganda, the first time you interface with such technologies is when you are being prepared for final exams. I wish the governments in developing countries like Uganda could pick a leaf from this.

  4. So sweet how the boy named Albert was really upset about not being able to get the exact insect he wants and how patient the teacher was in dealing with his frustration. Teaching kids how to deal with the disappointment of not being successful is just as important as allowing them to be successful.

  5. Respected teachers, I watched project based learning of your video. Really it touched my core of heart. It is needed for students to make them creative and dynamic. So we want to collaborate our school with your school. Please how is it possible?

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