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Prickly Shark | SHARK ACADEMY

It’s prickly but not itchy and it rarely
bites! I’m Jonathan Bird and this is Shark Academy! The Prickly shark is a rare, cool-water loving
shark in the Pacific, typically found between 100 and 600 meters deep. It’s almost never
seen by divers and this footage was captured from a submarine over 500 feet below the surface. Prickly sharks sometimes come up into shallow
water at night to feed, but in the rare case when a diver spots one, they are not dangerous. All sharks have sandpapery skin due to their
dermal denticals, but the ones on the Prickly shark are particularly thorn-like, or prickly,
which is where this shark gets its name. The strange, blade-like teeth with strong
cusps and multiple points are used for biting into smaller prey such as squid and schooling
fish. If you want to learn more about how this Prickly
shark was filmed, check out the Jonathan Bird’s Blue World episode on Deep Cocos! And don’t
forget to tune in for more exciting Shark Academy episodes!

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