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Priceless Things | Film School Shorts

  [Man coughs] WOMAN: 10 more different tables, then Uncle Tim’s table’s like a mile away from the bar. But then they’re both so far away from the bridal party. I just don’t want to offend anybody, you know? [Cell phone rings, vibrates]   Oh! We’re coming. Yes, we’re coming. I don’t want you to leave ’cause I want your input on this nail polish color I’m looking at. Okay, I’ll see you soon. Okay, so what do you think? Coco helped me pick the color out. Yeah, purple’s good. Massage? Uh, no, thanks, I’m good. Oh, you should get a massage. Yeah! I’m not getting a massage. You don’t need me here, right? I’ll meet you over there. No, no! I’m going to be done in, like, 10 minutes. Just get a massage. Relax. I’m not getting a massage. I can’t hear you.   Sit at table. Okay.   Thank you, Paul. [Clears throat]   Round or square? Round, please. Thank you.   Oh, take off ring. Oh. Of course.   [Cell phone rings] WOMAN: Yes. You are doing such a wonderful job, Victoria. Thank you so much. Okay, we’ll see you soon. Bye. She’s the best. She’s absolutely the best. “Buy 10, get one free”? Yeah. Jeez. I guess I didn’t know you get a manicure as often as you get a cup of coffee. I don’t. Does it feel weird to have someone grooming your feet? No. It feels really nice, actually. Uh-huh, but you understand why it’s not okay, right? Okay, don’t even start with me. -That girl was 12. -She was not 12. -She was 12! -She was not 12! Okay, but she wasn’t 18. So? Uh, Renee, I believe you have to be 18 to get a job in the United States. No, you don’t. Uh, yeah, you do. No, you absolutely don’t. Okay, fine. When was your first job? Oh, I was… I don’t — it doesn’t matter. Yeah, you were 18. No, I was not. No, it was before I was 18. It doesn’t matter. It does not matter. [Gasps] We have to go back. -What? -We have to go back, I — -No, not going back. -Michael, I forgot my ring. -What?! -I forgot my ring. Renee? It’s fine. I left it on the — I left it on the table, I think. It’s fine. Oh, no! [Knocking on door] Hi. MAN: Hi. We’re closed. Oh, yeah, no, I know. I left my ring here. Hi, it’ll just take a second. Um… It was — it was right here. Coco, did you see my ring? COCO: No. That was right here. Paul, did you see it? Uh, no. Okay, it was… Did you — did you see it? It was right here. Okay. Just look on the floor. It’ll just take a second. I know everybody wants to go home, but — WOMAN: It’s okay.   Michael, can you come help me? Please? I just can’t find it. Can you come help me, please? You can’t find it? Renee! No, it’s just not on the table where I left it. Okay, well, maybe it’s in your bag. No, it’s not in my bag. I know that I took it off, and I left it at the table. It’s just not there now. So, you think they stole it? No, I didn’t say that. I’m just saying that I took it off, and it’s not there. What the [bleep] is your problem?! Can you please just come help me, Michael? -Renee — -God!   Hi. Hi, how are you?   How can I help you?   I know — I know I look crazy. Okay, I know that, but… You see, this ring… This ring… It’s not only just very expensive, but it’s a family heirloom. You know what that means? You don’t know what that means. It’s been in Michael’s family for years and years and years and years, which means that this ring, it’s priceless. Michael, it survived the Holocaust, right? The Holocaust, so it’s a symbol, you know, of our unbreakable bond to each other. And so you understand that it would be a real — it would be a tragedy if we didn’t, you know… Mysteriously just disappear tonight.   …Getting it tonight, right now. I know you can understand that.   Don’t worry. We will find. I hope so.   Did you check your bag? It’s not — it’s not in my bag. If I’d remembered it, I would’ve put it on my finger, not in my bag. Why would I do that? But I saw you put it in your bag. No, I did not! It was on the table, and now it’s not there, so we are not leaving here until we find it! MICHAEL: Renee? It can’t have gone very far. MICHAEL: Renee? Um, uh, this drawer is locked.   [Banging on drawer] Coco, can you please open the drawer? Oh, so sorry. That drawer not mine. Okay, uh, do you have the keys? Yes, but it’s not mine. Give me the keys, please, Coco. Coco, give me the keys. No, it’s not mine. Okay, it’s fine. It’s fine. Renee — Just please help me open the drawer. Can you [bleep] open the drawer? Michael, yourbabciais rolling over in her grave about this ring! Just open the [bleep] drawer! Stop it! Stop! I’m not going to stop!   I’m sorry. I knew it wasn’t in there! If… If you knew it wasn’t in there, why didn’t you just open the drawer? It is not my drawer.   [Water running] [Crying]   She’s not usually like this. But I think she’s just frustrated, you know? [Coughs] Bless you. Thanks.   Renee?! Yeah? Let’s go home. Yeah, just — just a minute, love. I want to find it as much as you do, all right? But it’s… This isn’t okay. This is terrible. And it’s got to be illegal.   Everything’s going to be okay. It’s just a stupid ring, you know? [Door opens] This doesn’t — this doesn’t make any sense. One of you must know where the ring is, and if you just give it back to me right now, I promise I’ll be happy, and I will thank you. And then I will leave, and I will never bother you again, because I know I’m being very difficult. Okay, I’m just — I’m very upset, and… Otherwise I’m going to call the police, so please, please just give it back to me, please. Renee, they don’t have it. Michael, I put it right on that table. I need you to be on my side right now. They don’t have it. [Cell phone rings]   [Ringing continues]   Uh, hi, um… I’m sorry, we’re not there yet. Can I — can I call you back? You know what? It looked different in the bottle.   Uh, can I call you back in a little bit?   Uh, I’m sorry. I don’t know what to say, but, um… I’m not going to call the police. I… What I will do is I’ll write my cell phone number down for you. Um, and if you find the ring, if you could please just call me. Um, I would really appreciate it. It’s very important to me. Michael, do you want to go home now?   Really nice meeting all of you.   [Speaking native language]   [Coughs] I really don’t… I don’t remember putting it in my bag. I don’t remember doing that at all. Could happen to anyone, love. I can’t believe I just messed up their salon like that. I can’t believe I just did that.   Just… You know, I’m — I’m — I should go back and just apo– I should apologize to them, though. Hey, forget it.    

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