Pretend Scientist Lucy Goes to Toy School
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Pretend Scientist Lucy Goes to Toy School

(scratching) – [Child] Tic Tac Toy! (bubbling) – Okay Toy School
students, we will be taking the final part of your
Toy Science Exam today with the world famous Toy Scientist. – It’s amazing how the toy scientist looks just like Miss Lucy, isn’t it? – It’s like she’s her spitting image! – Well, toys and science
are my two passions, so I’m thrilled to help you and your Toy School students Miss Lucy. – Wonderful, I’m going
to return to my classroom now students, you’re in great hands. – You’re going to love the Toy Lab, Ethan. It’s just as cool as Toy School. – Really, I can’t imagine
anything as cool as Toy School. – Okay my Toy School students, it’s time to begin the
first portion of the exam. – I’m suddenly very nervous! – Don’t worry Maya, you
know your toy science like the back of your hand. – I’m going to ask the class
a series of high level, challenging scientific questions. If you know the answer, please
buzz in using your buzzer. – Buzzer, what buzzer? – This one Maya! (ringing) – Ethan! (laughing) – You got this Maya, don’t panic now. – Don’t panic, don’t panic. – Question number one, the scientific name heinous lupous toyus familiaris is known as what loveable toy? (horn honking) – Yes Addy? – It’s a Furreal Shaggy Shawn! – Correct Addy and for
that correct answer, you get your very own Shaggy Shawn! – Awesome! – Yes, Shaggy Shawn, so awesome. – Wow, maybe this is
as cool as Toy School. – Question number two, what
results when a chemical reaction occurs between a Barbie and a Hatchimal? (whistling) – That one is easy, Enchantimals. – Correct Kiera and for
answering correctly, you get to take home
four new Enchantimals! You’ll get Sancha
Squirrel, Hixby Hedgehog, Karina Koala, and Peeki Parrot! – Best science test ever! – Maya you have to calm down! You have to answer a
question to pass the test! – Test, must pass test. – Question number three, when we combine one test tube of lime green solution with one test tube of bright red solution, what hot new game do we create? (gasping)
(ringing) – Yes, Ethan? – Watermelon Smash! – Wonderful Ethan! And for answering correctly, you get your very own
Watermelon Smash game. – Awesomesauce! – And now for the final exam question. – You’ve got to get this Maya! – Yeah c’mon, snap out of this! – Okay, okay. – I have a brand new Orbeez Wow World. Who can accurately demonstrate
the proper scientific procedure that will result
in a magical pet surprise? – [Students] C’mon Maya, c’mon Maya! – I’ve got this! (ringing) – Okay Maya, it’s all yours. – Unwrap the packaging – You’re doing it Maya, you’re doing it! – Remove the lid, remove the seal. Now put the cap back on,
but remove the water cover. Now we’ll fill it with water! (fun music) – Amazing! – [Maya] Adorable! – What’s the next step, Maya? – I’ll put the key in
to watch Finny dance! – Then how do you get it out, Maya? – Easy peasy, remove the globe cap. Insert the key again. And lift it up, amazing! And that’s how you do it. – Nice work, Maya and for
your correct demonstration, you get another Orbeez Wow World. – Wow I did it! – Congratulations students, you have all earned A+’s
on your Toy Science exam! – [Students] Yay! – Now we just have to name our Top Toy Science Student of the Year! – Top Toy Science Student
of the Year, what’s that? – I have no idea, but I want it to be me. – This honor goes to the student who uses all the Toy Science knowledge
that they gained all year long to create the coolest, new toy! – Wow, we get to make new toys? – That’s right students! And you’ll have access to
all the Toy Science equipment in my lab to help you
create your creations! – Wow, this is so exciting! – I am so ready for this,
bring on the challenge! (fun upbeat music) – Alright students, you
will have 20 minutes to create a brand new toy using
your Toy Science knowledge. And when time is up you will each present and demonstrate your new toy to the class. – 20 minutes, I could do this. – And after you’ve each had a chance to present your toy to
us, the voting will begin! Whoever gets the most votes will be named our Top Toy Science Student of the Year. – Toy Scientist, who will be voting? – Wonderful question, Addy! There’s this popular YouTube
channel called Tic Tac Toe? Wait, that’s not right, Tic
Tac Toy, yes, that’s it. – Oh, I’ve heard of that channel. – Their viewers will be voting. Once you have each presented your toy, I will give our Tic Tac Toy viewers instructions on how they cast their vote. – Wow, I really hope they vote for my toy! – Okay Toy School students,
your 20 minutes begins now! (upbeat playful music) – This looks perfect. – I’ll just mix a little bit of this with a little bit of this. Yes, it’s working, it’s working! – Watch out Maya, you’re going
to ruin my science project! – Oops, do you mind a
little mess, Toy Scientist? – I always say that a catastrophic mess is the sign of a good Toy Scientist! – Just a bit more stirs
and this should be perfect! Hah, here they come! – Where are those bubbles coming from? – That’s for my project, sorry
I got a little carried away. – Wow, fun in the mud Maya! I can’t wait to see what you’re making with all of these bubbles. – Okay students, just
10 minutes remaining! – Excuse me Toy Scientist,
do you have any toilet paper? – Uh, in the bathroom? – Perfect! – He’s not seriously using toilet paper to make his toy, right? – Sounds a little crazy to me too. – Little bit more, little bit more. (fun music) – What is he doing? – That’s perfect. – Perfect, that looks disgusting! – You say that now, but
wait until you see my toy! – Okay, a little bit of this
and a little bit of that. Wow, that worked better
than I thought it would! (coughing) Sorry guys! – I think I’ll go air out the room, and then we’ll have one minute left! – One minute? – Almost done, almost done! – Perfection. – And that’s time! Okay students, it is presentation time. And do remember that our Tic Tac Toy fans will be judging your presentations
in just a few minutes. The winner will be named Top Toy Science Student of the Year. – Wow, I hope it’s me! – Okay Addy, you’re up first. – Today I present you my
creation, the Scruff a Luv! This adorable pet inside this package has been abandoned and unloved. (gasping) And it needs to be rescued! – It reminds me of Sandy, we rescued her. – Now when you first open
up your new furry friend, your little Scruff a Luv will look like a sad ball of matted fur. – Poor thing, what kind of
animal is the Scruff a Luv? – That’s a great question. It could be a dog, a cat, or a rabbit. – Ooh, I want a dog for sure. – You can transform your pet from scruffy to fluffy in four easy steps. – What are they, what are they? – Step one is giving your
Scruff a Luv a nice bath. Bath tub. Let’s get you clean! Some pet shampoo! Scrub a dub dub! – [Students] Whoa. – Step two is the big reveal. This is when you find out
your Scruff a Luv is a dog, a cat, or a rabbit. – What is that one, what is that one? – It looks like I got a
cat, isn’t it adorable? – Absolutely precious! – Now it’s time for step
three, time to dry your pet! First you use a towel, and next you use a hairdryer. (hair dryer buzzing) – It’s getting dryer! – And when it’s all dried
off, it’ll look something like this dog Scruff a Luv, isn’t he precious? – And what’s the next step? – Step four is the grooming stage. This is where you brush your scruff, then you add their collar,
and some fun accessories. And that is my Toy
Creation, the Scruff a Luv! – [Students] Yay. – Bravo, bravo Addy,
I can tell you learned a lot in your Toy Science class this year. – Wow, that was incredible. – Yeah. – I’d hate to follow her presentation. – Ethan, you’re up next! – Okay class, are you
ready to get blown away? Did I say blown away, I mean blasted away! By Toilet Paper Blasters! – Now that looks cool. – Let me show you how you use your blaster when it’s out of the box. First you fill this thing
with water to the very top. Load a roll of toilet paper. A big roll! Then you blast away! – I’ve got to see this. – And if you want target practice, cut off the targets from the box. – No wonder he needed
that much toilet paper! (upbeat fun music) – Time for a demonstration. – Yeah, bring it on! – Now who wants to give it a try? – [Students] Me! – Okay class, okay class, you ah! You can all have a turn! – Sweet! – Bullseye! – Wow! – Nice! – [Students] Whoa! – Holy cow! – Go Maya! – [Students] Whoa! – Whoa! – This is my new toy,
the Toilet Paper Blaster. – [Students] Yes! – Wow, nice job Ethan, you
know what, Maya you’re up next. – Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! I want to show you Furreal
Ricky, the trick lovin’ pup! – Wow, talk about good presentation. – This pup loves to do tricks
and loves to get treats. – That is one cute pup. – For sure. – Let me get it out of the box and show you a few of his talents. Ricky’s most popular trick
is flipping his bone. You won’t want to miss this! (barking) – [Students] Wow. – That’s so cool! – Can he shake paws too? – You betcha, check this out! (fun music) – [Students] Whoa! – And Ricky loves to get
treats after he performs. (slurping) (barking) – What else does he do? – Well he loves to give dog kisses. So watch out Addy, she’s
coming towards you! (giggles) – Ricky also makes over
100 sounds and emotions. So you’ll have to play with
him to see all that he can do. – Whoa! – Wow, your toy presentation
blew me away Maya, nice job! – Thank you, Toy Scientist,
you did great, Ricky. – Kiera, looks like you’re up next! – Okay class, two of my favorite toys are Wubblez and adorable stuffed animals. – Oh, I agree with that for sure. – So I decided to
combine the two to create the most adorable and
fuzzy stuffed animals, Fuzzy the Wubble! – Wow, there’s so many to collect! – That’s right, I created
six Fuzzy Wubbles! There’s Bee Bee, Daisy the
Pig, and Pixie the Unicorn! Plus there’s a few more, as you can see. – Can we blow them up now? – That’s an excellent idea, Ethan. Ethan you get Daisy the Pig. Bee Bee the cat’s for Maya. – This is the one I wanted! – Addy gets Pixie the Unicorn. – Yes! – Alright guys, now you
have to blow them up! (playful music) – Now that they’re full, you’ll notice that they’re the softest,
squishiest, most huggable, lovable stuffed animal ever! – You’re right, Kiera! – Let’s play with them guys! (playful giggles) – And that’s my creation the Fuzzy Wubble! – [Students] Yay, yay, yay. – Wonderful presentation Kiera. I could not be more
impressed with all of you! – So Toy Scientist, is it
time for the voting to begin? – Yeah, I want to know who’s going to win! – It sure is time to vote,
and Tic Tac Toy fans, we are counting on you to help us name our Top Toy Science Student of the Year. We need you to tell us who
the winner is by voting in the comments section below. Should it be Addy with her Scruff a Luv, Ethan with his Toilet Blaster, Maya with her Ricky the Trick Lovin’ Pup, or Kiera with her Fuzzy Wubbles. Let us know what you think, because the voting begins now! – [Students] Vote for me, vote for me!

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