President Trump Delivers Remarks at Turning Point USA’s Teen Student Action Summit 2019
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President Trump Delivers Remarks at Turning Point USA’s Teen Student Action Summit 2019

The President: Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you. Audience: USA! USA! USA! The President: So, let’s
have a good time, right? (applause) Let’s have a good time. I’m excited to be here
today with thousands of proud, young
American patriots. You’re great people. You’re great people. (applause) You’re
the future. You’re the future. On behalf of my entire
administration, thank you to everyone at Turning
Point USA’s Teen Student Action Summit. What a group. (applause) What a group. They don’t realize there’s
more of you than there is of them. They just haven’t
figured that out yet. (applause) They’ll
understand. They’ll figure
it out someday. They’re still trying to
figure out what the hell happened. What happened? (applause) How did this happen? You’ve come to our
nation’s capital from cities and towns
across America. You’ve given up a big part
of your summer, which many young people are not
willing to do, and we understand that too. But what you’re doing is
fun and it’s important. So important. You’ve paid and paved
your own way to get here. And, in some cases,
it wasn’t easy. And you’ve done
it for all of us. You’ve done it for one
simple reason: You are loyal to our nation, you
are devoted to your fellow citizens, and you will
always put America first. (applause) I want to thank my great
friend – and he’s a young friend; he’s
a pretty young guy – Charlie Kirk. (applause) I said, “How
old are you, Charlie?” He’s a young one. He gave me a
number; I won’t say. But he’s younger
than he even looks. But I want to
thank Charlie. He’s an incredible guy. His spirit, his love
of this country. He’s done an amazing job. He’s done something that
is just incredible for somebody, really,
of his age. You need tremendous talent
to do what he’s done, building one of the
most powerful youth organizations ever
created, Turning Point USA. And I want to thank
you, really, Charlie. Incredible job. (applause) The young
leaders here today are part of a movement unlike
anything in the history of our nation. There’s never been
anything like this. And the fake news doesn’t
even talk about it because – Audience: Booo – The
President: No, but when I say it, they
don’t correct me. They don’t say, “Oh,
he gets a Pinocchio.” They can’t
because it’s true. It’s true. You know, they can find
fault with anything, but they never – they never
talk about that because we won. You know, there have
been some pretty good movements. And they won New
Hampshire, or they won a state someplace. (laughter) But they didn’t
win the whole ballgame. And you saw what we won,
and you could see it; we could feel it. We knew it was going to
happen because it’s a movement about reclaiming
your future, rebuilding your country, and
restoring your destiny, and renewing the values
that are the true source of American greatness. We lost those values,
and we’re getting them back rapidly. We’re getting
them back rapidly. Just backstage, a
gentleman – very rich gentleman, in this case –
came up, sitting in one these rows, I assume. Yeah. There he is. He said, “Sir, thank you
for saving our country.” (applause) I said, “Thank
you very much.” And, you know, I said,
“Thank you very much.” And I looked at Charlie
and I said, “Charlie do you have any idea how
many people say that?” I gave the commencement
address at the Air Force Academy recently, and at
Annapolis the year before. (applause) And they said,
“Sir, would you like to shake the hands of
all the cadets?” I said, “How
many are there?” “One thousand
one hundred.” I said, “Yeah,
that sounds okay.” (applause) I say, “Do other
Presidents do it?” “Yes, they do.” “Do all of them?” “Yeah, they do.” What they didn’t say is
they start and then they peter out and
they go back. Because it’s – it’s tough. It was really hot. That sun was beaming down. And I’m just one hand. And some of these guys
are great athletes. And some of the women –
they had some women in the class that were –
their hands were very strong, okay? (laughter) And
they’re all shaking. And, you know, they’re a
little nervous, maybe; they’re meeting
the President. They’re shaking
strongly and – “Sir.” But, you know, with
shaking 1,100 hands and saluting. We’re saluting, shaking,
turning, spinning. They’re coming at all
different directions. (laughter) I felt like
a great fighter pilot. (laughter) But I stood up
there for the whole thing. I said, “There’s no way
that other Presidents have done that.” He said, “No, no, they do
it but they leave after about 50 or 60 people.” I said, “Why didn’t
you tell me that?” But I’m glad I did it. (laughter) But I did the
same thing – I did the same thing at Annapolis
the year before. Great place. Just great. (applause) And I shook the
hands of, I think, 1,011 at Annapolis. And it’s really
something great. But so many of these
young, incredible people – they’re like you – so many
of these young, incredible people, they come,
“Sir, thank you for saving America.” “Sir, thank you for
saving America.” “Sir, thank you for
saving our country.” So many of them – it’s not
rehearsed; it’s just – that’s what they feel. And you know what? Somebody had to
do what I did. It’s not pleasant. We have a deep state. We have bad people. We have sick people. I watched, just
this morning, this Tlaib – Tlaib. Audience: Booo – The President: From
Michigan, right? It’s a great state. We won Michigan. There is no way she
stands for the values of the people of Michigan. But I watched her this
morning; she vicious. She’s like a
crazed lunatic. She’s screaming. This is before she
got into Congress. Who elected her? She’s screaming like a
total lunatic at one of our rallies. It’s like I’m giving a
little rally, and she starts screaming. And this was – this is not
a sane person, folks, when you look at that. (laughter) And this is
what we’re up against. You have some of that. Now, the Democrats, I
guess, are forced to embrace her. And I called it
“AOC Plus 3.” Okay? AOC – “AOC Plus 3.” (applause) Not that AOC is
a bargain, because she’s not. I mean, she’s no bargain. Look, I mean, I – we’ll
go into it at some point. I’ll tell you
all about AOC. I got more on AOC. (applause) AOC. AOC. But it’s – you know,
what’s going on with that Party having to
embrace them. And your other friend
from an incredible state, right? A state that I’m going
to win: Minnesota. You know that one, right? (applause) And you know why
I’m going to win the state? Because of her. I almost won it
last time. We came within
just about a point. That’s a very – because
Minnesota is a very hard one for a
Republican to win. And when we almost won
it – one more night – I wanted to go there
one more time. I said, “I’m telling
you, “We’re going to win Minnesota.” You know who thought I was
going to win Minnesota? You know who thought I was
going to win Michigan and Wisconsin and
North Carolina? Bill Clinton. He was telling everybody,
“You better be careful.” He told people – from what
I hear, he said, “The one you don’t want to run
against is Trump.” And they would say, “Why? Oh, no, that’s good. We want to run against…” “No, no, you don’t.” You know, I actually
knew him pretty well. We got along very well
until I decided to run for office. (laughter) We actually got along. But they didn’t want
to listen to him. But he was the only one
with the instinct the rest didn’t have. So he came back and he
said, “You know he’s doing very well in Michigan. You could have a problem.” They said, “No, don’t
worry about Michigan. We haven’t lost
Michigan in decades.” And he came back, he
said, “You know…” – he was in Wisconsin or
something – but he said he hears that I’m doing
well in Wisconsin. They say, “Forget it. A Republican can’t
win Wisconsin.” And then we won Wisconsin. Then he came back – (applause) – he came back. And I say this with a
certain old-time affection because I had a very good
relationship with him before doing this. You know, now it’s a
little harder for him to have a good relationship. But he said, “You don’t
want to run against Trump. Don’t run against Trump.” And they were saying,
“No, no, that’s okay. We like that.” Remember, President
Obama, “He will not win. He will not win.” Audience Member: Liar! The President: Okay, this
is – he goes, “Liar.” (laughter) That’s – yeah. (applause) Hey, did
Obama get a Pinocchio? That’s right, Obama
said, “He will not win. He will not be
your President.” The anger was
unbelievable. You know, what? He’s right. He was a liar. Did you give Obama
a Pinocchio, Washington Post? He said, “He
will not win.” (applause) Audience: Booo
– The President: These papers – these
papers are so bad. So yesterday we had a
story in one of the papers that I thought was good
but they’re really not, you know, when
you analyze it. There’s almost not too
many of them that are. The wall. We’re building
a lot of wall. But we – (applause) – well, let me just finish. falling down, walls that
are in such bad shape. We’re trying to renovate
as much as we can. And we have a provision:
We can renovate but we can’t build new. So we’re taking
all these areas. And generally speaking,
when you have an old wall that’s falling down, it’s
in a better location for a wall. That’s why they had it
there in the first place as opposed to an
area that’s empty. You know, typically
that will be true. So these walls are old,
they’re crumbling, they’re of no use. They’re falling down. So we rip it up, build
brand new foundations, pour brand new, beautiful
footings, and take a wall that’s two or three feet
high, mostly laying on the ground, some of it only
for cars – you know, to stop cars from cars
from coming across. Just a metal spike. So we’d rip it out; it
would take about a minute. And we’d put in deep
foundations seven feet deep, and we put in
30-foot bollards, and they’re loaded
up with concrete. Because inside, you know,
I like doing – one of the reasons they said, “But
you said you’re going to build a concrete wall.” So actually, inside the
steel we have – so we have both. We have steel and
we have concrete. (applause) And I was
saving that for later because the only thing
they could do is, “He’s building a steel wall. It’s not concrete.” “Oh, sorry about
that, folks.” (laughter) You know. And you do have
to have vision. It’s very important. You know, it’s – you can’t
just have a blank wall. You have to have vision. It’s much better for the
security to have the vision. Anyway, so we’re
building the wall. So they come out with
saying, “Donald Trump has built almost no wall.” What a lie that is. And we’re building – (applause) – we’re building 50 miles
here, 50 miles there. Fifty – all in the right
locations, because there used to be walls but then
we had to take them down. In some cases, if they’re
good enough, we’ll renovate it because we
can do it for a lot less money. But generally, some of
these walls are worthless. I mean, literally, you
just drive right over them. They’re laying
down on their side. They gave me no credit. But if you read the
story, they’ll say, “While he has renovated
a lot of wall…” Well, that’s not even a
renovation, let’s face it. That’s a brand new wall. It’s all brand new wall. It just shows you
how dishonest this fake news is. And this is what we
have to deal with. This is really what
we have to deal with. But get used to it. Many of you are going
to be in politics. Just get used to it, okay? Get used to it. Together – is this true? – we believe in the
American Constitution and we believe judges should
interpret our Constitution as written. You’ll be seeing this. (applause) We believe in
religious liberty, the right to free speech,
and the right to keep and bear arms. (applause) Second
Amendment. What a group. Audience: USA! USA! USA! The President: Look, look. Look, they are in the
process of trying to take your arms away. You have the
Second Amendment. They will – Audience: Booo – The President: They
will do damage to the Second Amendment the likes
of which nobody even thought of. That’s where they’re
coming from. Just remember I said it. Hopefully they never
get the chance. And that’s why the
election coming up – I always said this is the
most important election – 2016 – most important
election that we’ve ever had. And it was certainly
the coolest. That’s for sure. (applause) But it was,
I believe, the most important election
because our country was going wrong. It was going wrong. And when you see all the
incredible numbers coming up and all the success
that we’re having, and all the fact that we’re
respected all over the world. We have a really good man
who’s going to be the Prime Minister of the
UK now, Boris Johnson. (applause) Good man. He’s tough and he’s smart. They’re saying
“Britain Trump.” They call him
“Britain Trump.” And people are saying,
“That’s a good thing.” They like me over there. That’s what they wanted. That’s what they need. (applause) That’s
what they need. He’ll get it done. Boris is good. He’s going to
do a good job. I think Nigel is someplace
in this audience. Where is Nigel? Where is he? Nigel Farage. He’s here someplace. I saw him. I said, “What is
he doing here? He’s a little older
than most of you.” Where is he? Nigel. Nigel. I’ll tell you what: He got
32 percent of the vote from nowhere, over in UK. Nigel – thank you, Nigel. (applause) I said, “What’s
Nigel doing here?” He’s a little older than
you folks, but he did a great job. And I know he’s going to
work well with Boris. They’re going to do
some tremendous things. But we believe in the
American Dream and not a socialist nightmare that
these people are trying to put on our shoulders. (applause) And we know
that strong nations must have strong borders. And we’re building a
strong border against so much. You have no idea. Every time I announce, as
an example, a section of wall, I get lawsuits. They sue me. You know who sues me? Congressmen. Congressmen. I get sued by
Nancy Pelosi. We won that suit. Can you believe it? I won that. I won that. (applause) We won
a couple of them. But we have suits
on the border. We had one judge – they
always sue in the Ninth Circuit. You know what
that means, right? They sue in the Ninth
Circuit, which is sort of like an automatic victory. Although we did win one
last week in the Ninth Circuit. Nobody can even
believe it. Can you – you know
what’s happening, right? Do you know
what’s happening? So, as of today –
this is so important. There are those that say
it’s the most important. I would say war and peace
and security – that’s the most important. But they say the most
important thing a President can do is the
selection of Supreme Court justices, right? (applause) Gorsuch
and Kavanaugh. We have two. Already, we have two. Some have gone a long
time, and they haven’t had many. And they haven’t had
any, in some cases. So we have two already. And they’re great,
and they’re good. But, you know, what people
don’t talk about: I’ve just signed the 124th
federal district judge – federal judges – under me. (applause) And within a
couple of months, I’ll be up to 147. Think of that: 147. Because, normally, when
you become President, you go in and you say, “Do
I have any judges to appoint?” “No.” You know, they’re all
– because it’s such an important thing. Because these district
judges – they’re the ones who do the trials. I mean, this is big stuff. And then you have Court
of Appeals judges. Then you have the
Supreme Court judges. So we have two in
the Supreme Court. We have many appeals court
judges – many – that we’ll have appointed. The courts are a whole
different thing. But I was up to – I
will be up to 147, not including the 2 Supreme
Court justices. Now, percentage-wise, I
blow everybody away except one person. One person I’ll
never beat. You know who the
one person is? Audience: George
Washington! The President: Who? Audience: George
Washington! The President:
George Washington. He’s got 100 percent. George Washington. (applause) But we’re going
to have a tremendous percentage. And after six more years,
it’ll go to a level that nobody will even be close. (applause) But George
Washington is hard to beat because he put
in 100 percent. He was there first,
so he had (inaudible). (laughter) But I have
many more than George Washington. Remember that. George Washington didn’t
put in too many, but he had certainly the
highest percentage. He’ll never – that will be
a record that will never be broken. We believe that every
young American should love our country, honor our
history, and always respect what? Our great American flag. (applause) How about
the Betsy Ross? You know, isn’t that
terrible, where they’re trying to take your
heritage away from you like that? Isn’t that terrible? Audience: Booo – The
President: Isn’t that terrible? And then you see the
picture of President Obama with the same
exact flag up. He should have
taken it down. Why didn’t he
take it down? It’s, really, very
unfair what they do. They try and demean and
belittle, and they’re very good at it. They’re better at that
than they are at politics. They’re better than that
than they are at policy. Look at their policy. They want open borders,
which means crime, which means drug – Audience:
Booo – The President: – drugs and human
trafficking, which is a phenomena that you would
think is thousands of years old, and that would
have been their prime. No, their prime is now
because of the Internet. Women – mostly women –
are being trafficked. And they go not only in
this country, all over the world. It’s never been
like this before. Human trafficking – they
snatch women and they traffic women and
they sell women. And we can’t get the
Democrats to even give us a modicum of the money
we need at the border, especially for the wall. I’m taking money from here
and there and there and there. Let’s take it from here. We have all these
different sources coming from all over the place
because they won’t approve it. And five years ago,
they all wanted it. Six years ago, seven years
ago, they all voted for it. They never got it built,
but they all voted for it. And today, they
make it so tough. You have to see. I’m doing
everything I can. And we’re doing
well with it. But there should just be
one nice, fat sum where I can get the best four or
five contractors – not worry about “I gave it
out, but I have a lawsuit. And if the lawsuit
happens, I have to undo it.” How do you give a contract
out where you have a contractor and he’s going
to build 67 miles of wall – we have one case – but
we’re being sued, our funding source, because
we’re taking it from a certain area? And so we’re being sued. So we have to
wait for the suit. I mean, how would you like
to be building like this? It’s not good. It’s not good. But we’re getting
it done anyway. But they should say, “It’s
not working without the wall.” You got to have – when
they bum-rush you – they did that last week; they
rushed in, a tremendous, large number of people. By the way, you know why
they’re coming up, right? Because we have created
the strongest economy in the history of
our country. So they’re coming up
because they want a piece of the economy. (applause) They’re not
coming up for safety and this and that. Do you ever see
these people? They fly their flag. They come up from
Guatemala – who, by the way, went back on
their word to us. They were all set to sign
a safe third agreement, and then today, or
yesterday, they announced they can’t do it because
they got a supreme court ruling – their
supreme court. Right? They got a – in other
words, they didn’t want to sign it. So they’re supposed to
sign what’s called a safe third. That’s a good
thing for us, okay? That’s all I
have to tell you. And they went back. So we’re going to do
either tariffs or we’re going to do a form of tax,
or we’re going to use our ban. You know, we – people
don’t realize we won the ban. You know, I saw one of the
journalists – we’ll call him – who happens to be
back there, I believe. One of – look at
those cameras. Isn’t that terrible,
or good or whatever? Audience Member:
Fake news! Audience: Booo – The
President: Look at all those cameras. Wouldn’t it be great if
they told the truth? (applause) They have
such a low credibility. They started off very
high, and then I ran and their credibility is so
low you wouldn’t believe it. But that’s okay. But wouldn’t it be nice if
they – think of it – think of it: What would be –
what would be if we had an honest – I don’t want a
media that’s for me or – I just want an honest media. So we have our best poll
numbers today that we’ve ever had. Can you imagine how good
our poll numbers – with all the things that we’ve
done – how good our numbers would be if we
had just a fair media? Audience Member: One
hundred percent! The President: Because
they can take any – (laughs) – he goes,
“A hundred percent.” (applause) Who said that? Stand up. Huh? Yeah. He goes, “One
hundred percent.” And, you know, what? I like your long hair. It’s very nice, actually. (applause) Good. Thank you. Thank you. That’s funny. So, above all else, we
know this: That, in America, we don’t worship
government, we worship God. (applause) Right? (applause) Audience:
One squad under God! One squad under God! One squad under God! The President: No, I’m
not disavowing that. They’d like me – “Would
you disavow that?” No, thank you. (Laughter and
applause.) The squad. No, it’s very good. Very true. These are the values that
unite everyone in this room. These are the values
that inspire hundreds of thousands of Turning Point
USA members at more than 1,400 college and high
school campuses in all 50 states. It’s incredible what’s
been done with Turning Point and the job Charlie
and everybody – I’ve met all of the people
backstage just a little while ago. These are people that
love our country. It’s amazing what they’ve
done – the job they’ve done. And in a pretty short
period of time. And I was telling Charlie,
too – and I said it before – remember, you are
not in the minority. Most people are with you. There is a young woman
today – I saw her on a beauty pageant – and she
has conservative values. And the pageant, which
used she used to compete against my pageant. Mine did much better,
but that’s okay. (applause) I had
the Miss Universe. This is a
different company. But I sold it. I figured, when you run
for office – I sold it to IMG. Great company. You know, when you won –
worked out a very nice deal, too. But when you run for
office, owning a beauty pageant is not the
greatest idea. Do we agree? (laughter) Owning the Miss
Universe and Miss USA and Miss Teen USA, by the way,
was not exactly good with, maybe, running
for President. So we sold it to IMG. But what they did to this
young lady was terrible. And because – and she was
on “Fox & Friends” this morning, wearing a “Make
America Great Again” hat, which was pretty cool. (applause) Which
was pretty cool. Each of you is coming of
age at a time of unlimited possibility. It’s true. Better than I
think, ever before. We have the hottest
economy on the planet Earth. (applause) And I was
elected – we’ve created more than 6
million new jobs. More than 7 million
Americans have been lifted off of food stamps. Think of that. (applause) Unemployment
for young Americans, age 16 to 19, has reached the
lowest rate in over half a century. (applause) The
unemployment rates for African Americans,
Hispanic Americans, and Asian Americans have all
reached their lowest levels ever recorded. (applause) Wages are
rising and they’re growing fastest for
blue-collar workers. Isn’t that great, though? (applause) People
don’t talk about that. Young people have seen
their wages rise by more than 10 percent. That’s a lot. Quickly, too. Our economic revival
is incredible. And it’s incredible news
for everyone graduating from college or
joining the workforce. This is the best time in
the history of our country for young people like
yourself to join the workforce because America
is thriving, America is booming, and America is
winning again and winning like never before. It’s never been
winning like this. (applause) And we did it
through a lot of hard work. It’s not luck. I will tell you, if our
opponent – if my opponent won, instead of having
record stock markets and record employment numbers,
you would have been in, in my opinion, a major
recession, if not a depression. You would have gone
down like a rock. Look what happened right
after the election. The stock market was like
a rocket ship because of enthusiasm. People wanted
to have us win. It’s not me; it’s us. It’s all of us. It’s a movement. It’s us. And the market went up. (applause) We cut a record
number of job-killing regulations. We passed historic
tax cuts so that our industries can compete and
win against anyone in the world. We are revising decades of
ruinous trade deals that ravaged our communities
and pillaged our factories. We were sending companies
out of country – great companies. They were leaving us –
going to Mexico, going to China, going to so
many other places. The deals we made were
the dumbest deals in the history of this world. It was unbelievable. Sixty thousand factories
and plants and businesses closed up. Think of it:
Sixty thousand. You would say, “How
is that possible?” You’d get a map, you take
60,000 – you would say it’s impossible. Sixty-thousand factories,
plants, companies destroyed. Not destroyed – they
went a different way. They were given no
incentives to stay here. Some of the dumbest
legislation ever passed – NAFTA. The World – the World
Trade Organization has been a horrible
thing for us. That’s what built China. That, and the fact that
our former Presidents did nothing about the fact
that China was making hundreds of billions
of dollars a year. And I guess they
didn’t see it. I mean, 25 years,
they didn’t see it. But we see it. And right now, they’re
paying us billions and billions of
dollars, folks. (applause) Billions. And they want to – they
want to make a deal badly. And we’ll see whether
or not we make a deal. We’ll see. We’ll see. But our farmers
are being helped. I said to our Secretary of
Agriculture, Sonny Perdue – you know, because the
– China, very smart. I don’t blame them. Look, I’m not
blaming them. I blame our past leaders
for allowing it to happen. I’m not blaming China. We should have
done that to them. I blame our past leaders. I said that to
President Xi of China. I said it. But I said to Sonny
Perdue, “So, Sonny, they’re targeting us.” They said. They actually took ads in
the Des Moines Register, anti-Trump – Audience
Member: Iowa loves you! The President: I
love Iowa, too. She says, “Iowa
loves you.” I love Iowa. Well, ethanol is doing
pretty well in Iowa too, right? But – but, they took ads
in the Iowa papers and it was anti-Trump ads, right? And then they stopped
buying a lot of the product – almost
everything. They stopped buying from
our farmers because they knew that was my strength. The whole middle of
the country is red. You saw that in that clip. That clip was fantastic. (applause) By the way,
Charlie, that clip was so good, I would have rather
seen it a second time and I could have come on
a little bit later. I like it. But, that clip was great. But you see what – the
whole center is all bright red, meaning Republican. All red. And there’s – those
little edges are blue. And so they
targeted the red. Nobody said
China is stupid. And they said, “We’re not
going to buy product.” And, essentially, they
really closed it up. So we’re taking in
billions of dollars in tariffs from China. They never gave
us 10 cents. And I said to my Secretary
of Agriculture – Sonny Perdue, who is great – I
said, “Sonny, what’s the biggest year that we’ve
ever had with China? How much money did they
spend in the United States?” “Sir, I’ll get
back to you.” He gets back to me the
next day: “Sir, $16 billion.” I say, “All right. We’ll take $16 billion out
of our tariffs” – which are many times that amount
that they’re paying us in tariffs. They never paid
us 10 cents. “We’ll take $16 billion
out” – that’s the highest they’ve ever paid – “and
we’ll use that toward the farmers and distribute it. This way, nobody
gets hurt.” (applause) And no other
President is doing that for the farmers, or no
other President is going to save the miners
and save energy. You know, we’re the
number-one producer of energy now in the world? (applause) And when I
came, it was heading in the wrong direction. It was heading in a
very bad direction. Right now, we’re bigger
than Russia and bigger than Saudi Arabia and
bigger than anybody. (applause) And we know
that our first duty and our one true allegiance is
to the American nation and to the American
citizen – the USA. Loyalty to our people is
our guiding light, it’s our North Star, and our
unwavering conviction. We have secured record
funding to build up awesome might for the
United States Military because we know the best
way to prevent conflict is to be prepared for it. So, you know, when you’re
strong, strong, strong, it’s okay. They’re going to
leave you alone. They’ll say, “Let’s pass.” We had a depleted
military. We built up our military. We had jets that were so
old, they didn’t fly. We had a large percentage
of jets – fighter jets – that were out. We had an old Navy. We’re building brand new
submarines, brand new ships. We’re building
tremendous F-35s, F-18s. (applause) We’re building
a military the likes of which even we have never
had because we have to. New missiles. We make the greatest
equipment in the world. We’re – I hate to mention
this word, but we’re renewing and renovating
our nuclear arsenal like never before. And hopefully – hope –
(applause) – and we hope to God – we hope to God
that we never have to use it. That’s what I say. “We hope to God we
never have to use it.” (applause) But we
have to have it ready. We have to have it as a –
horrible – to me, the most horrible alternative
that can happen is that. But we have nuclear the
likes of which has – nobody has ever
had like we have. And all pray that we
never have to use it. Our agenda is pro-worker
and pro-family. We’re making childcare
more affordable, expanding access to vocational
education – so important. (applause) And our pledge
to America’s workers had secured commitments to
provide more than 9 million apprenticeships
and job opportunities for industries all over
the – the country. We’re helping
people get jobs. We’re helping Walmart
and so many companies. They went out – all out. They went all out. And they’re working – and
they’re working with a person you may have heard
of, perhaps not: Ivanka Trump. She loves this. (applause) She loves it. She loves it. I’ll tell you, she
didn’t need it. She loves it. More than anything,
that’s what she loves. Because she says, “We’re
providing so many jobs and they’re training people.” And you know, the
government can’t really train them. When you go into these
big companies – the Caterpillars and all of
these – you got to, sort of, be trained by the
people that do it – the complexity, the aerospace. Lockheed Martin
has been great. Boeing has been great. (applause) There
are so many. And they can train
much better than the government. The government really
wouldn’t know where to begin. So they’re training. We’re going to have
close to 10 million very shortly. And Ivanka really has done
an incredible job on that, so. (applause) I might as well
give her credit because the media will never
give her credit. So, she’s my daughter;
I’ll give her credit. But it’s true. And you know what? If she didn’t do a good
job, I don’t know that I’d say that, but I wouldn’t
be talking about her. That I can tell you. I wouldn’t. I just – I’d probably
just fluff over it. She’s done an
incredible job. There’s truly never been
a better time to be young and American. There’s never been
a better time. (applause) Because our
future is the brightest that it’s ever been. A new poll only –
you got to hear this. How about this whole witch
hunt that’s going on? Should I talk about
it for a second? Audience: Yeah! The President: The
Russian witch hunt, okay? Audience: Booo – The
President: First of all, it’s very bad
for our country. Makes it very hard
to deal with Russia. And we should be able –
they’re a nuclear power. They have a big country. And we should be able to
deal with them without having this
artificial stuff. But think of it: Only 11
percent, in a new poll, favor the starting of this
ridiculous impeachment hearings that
are going on. You hear about it. So I said this morning –
I said – I wrote it out. I said, “Let’s see…” – because I’m watching. It goes on for
years and years. No collusion,
no obstruction. “Oh, that’s not
good enough. Let’s go more.” Forty million dollars,
interview 500 people – they got nothing. I could find something – I
could take anybody in this audience. Give me $40 million. Give me unlimited FBI,
unlimited interviews, unlimited – they
interviewed 500 people. Listen to this: Two
thousand five hundred subpoenas. They did everything. Their collusion;
no collusion. They have no collusion. (applause) Then I have an
Article 2, where I have the right to do whatever
I want as President. But I don’t even talk
about that because they did a report and there
was no obstruction. After looking at it, our
great Attorney General read it. He’s a total professional. He said, “There’s
nothing here. There’s no obstruction.” So they referenced,
“No obstruction.” So you have no collusion,
no obstruction, and yet it goes on. And they think this
is helping them. I personally think
it’s hurting them. A lot of people think
it’s very bad for them. But it just goes on. But I wrote something out
this morning on a thing called Twitter. (applause) Whether we like
it or not, it is a good way – it is a good way
of getting the word out. Because I saw Mueller
is testifying tomorrow, again. How many times? Two – two and
a half years. And, actually, it started
practically from the time I came down on
the escalator. They said, “You know,
he’s got good numbers. We better start looking
at him right away. Maybe he’s dealing with
a foreign country.” I’m saying, “What are
you talking about?” Listen to this. So I wrote this
out this morning. I said, on Twitter, “Well,
let’s see: We have the best economy in history.” And it used to be, “It’s
the economy, stupid.” Right? It’s the economy
– nothing else. “It’s the
economy, stupid.” So we have the best
economy in history, the best employment
numbers in history. The most people working –
almost 160 million – in the history of
our country. The most people working. That’s a big number. So we have the best
economy, best unemployment numbers, most
people working. On Thursday, we had the
highest stock market in the history of
our country. (applause) And a lot of
you with 401(k)s – and that’s not a
rich-people thing. The people that own that
stock are people with 401(k)s and
everything else. We have the best stock
market in the history of our country. We just got the biggest
tax and regulation cuts in the history of
our country. We got rid of the
individual mandate from Obamacare, which was the
worst part of Obamacare. (applause) We got perhaps
the biggest site – energy site – in the world
approved in Alaska, called ANWR. Nobody could do it. From Ronald Reagan to
present, they said, “We can’t do it.” We got ANWR approved. We have the best and
newest military that we’ve ever had, almost totally
rebuilt from the depleted military that I inherited
two and a half years ago. Our military was totally
depleted from these ridiculous, endless wars. So we have the best,
newest military in history, and the VA – you
don’t hear any problems anymore, do you? Remember? You’d hear so
many problems. (applause) We have the
best VA in history, and I got Choice so that –
that’s one of the big things that’s working – so
that if a person has to wait for three weeks, four
weeks, five weeks – can you imagine you go to a
doctor and they say, “Come back in six weeks?” People were coming back –
they were sick, and they were coming back and
they were terminal. They could’ve been saved. They were waiting so long. So I got Choice. You go out. If you have to wait, you
go out and you see a doctor. We pay the bill. Okay? We actually – the least
important thing is we save money. That’s the least important
thing, in that case, but we do save money. But we also have
a very happy VA. They love it. Those are just a
few of those things. So we have all of this:
the best economy, best market, best military,
best VA, best everything, and much, much more. And then I see, in this
statement this morning, “Gee, let’s impeach
the President.” (laughter) I mean, you
figured these people have gone totally crazy. They’ve gone
totally crazy. (applause) It
is sort of nuts. It’s true. I guess that was a
Clinton statement, right? “It’s the
economy, stupid.” Was that Clinton? But it’s about – you know
– but it’s not everything about the economy. It’s not everything. A lot of other things. But, you know, we have –
we’re like at the top of every single thing that
we do, when you think our military and you look
at – and let me tell you something I didn’t put: We
are respected as a country again. They respect us. (applause) Because other
countries have been ripping us off so badly,
and some of the worst offenders are our
so-called allies. They rip us off on trade. European Union is worse to
us on trade than China, okay? Nobody would think that. You know, a lot of us
come from European Union. We come from Europe –
our grandparents, our great-grandparents. So you think, “Oh,
isn’t that nice?” Except, they kill us
– the European Union. It was formed in order to
beat us economically, and yet we protect
them with NATO. So they rip us off on
trade, and we protect them with military. But here’s the problem
with the protection: They’re not paying
their bills. So the United States – I
got $100 billion more in the last two years
– $100 billion. I got them to pay. I said, “You got to pay.” (applause) Nobody else
has ever done that. It’s like this. It was like this with
every other President. President Obama would go
meet them, he’d talk nice – you know. I don’t know, to
me, not so nice. Some people would say,
“Oh, isn’t it (inaudible) a wonderful speech?” I said, “No, I fell asleep
during that speech.” (Laughter and applause.)
“I fell asleep. I don’t get it. I don’t get it.” And he never got crowds
like we get, that I can tell you. Huh? (applause) So we got to
be doing something right. But think of this. So they weren’t
paying their bills. So we’re paying for close
to 100 percent of NATO. So here’s the story: They
rip us off on trade. They have trade barriers
that make it impossible for certain groups, like
farmers and others, to go in. They rip us on trade, and
then we protect them and they rip us on that too. And they don’t
pay their bills. Other than that, it’s
a wonderful deal. So we’re getting it
straightened out, folks. We’re getting it
straightened out. Somebody said, “President
Obama is much more popular in Germany than
Donald Trump.” Well, he should be. He should be. (Laughter and applause.)
Because Germany is the biggest offender. They don’t pay. They’re paying 1 percent;
we’re paying 4.3 percent of a much bigger GDP. Germany doesn’t
want to pay. They’re supposed
to pay 2 percent. They’re paying 1 percent. And I say, “You
got to pay, Angela. You got to pay, Angela. Please pay, Angela.” And then they say, “Who do
you like better: Obama or President Trump?” “Oh, I like
President Obama. He was a nice…” Look, if I start getting
good poll numbers over there, I’m not
doing my job, okay? That’s the way it is. (applause) It’s true. I’m not doing my job. But they still like me. And I have a good
relationship and a great relationship with some. But somehow, even in this
era of unprecedented prosperity and peace, the
timeless traditions and values that make the
American Dream possible are under attack like no
one has ever seen before. These people have
lost all control. And even the Democrats
– they’re Left, but now they’re getting dragged
into a radical Left position. I can’t imagine
who’s doing that. But they’re being dragged
– they’re being dragged radical Left with these
people that I believe – honestly, I believe
they hate our country. Okay? I believe they
hate our country. (applause) And it’s true. When I watch this maniac
Tlaib screaming and shouting – and this
was before she was a congressperson. Can you believe it? But screaming and shouting
– out of control. And then you see, they
have now another clip where she’s even worse. This is representing us? This is not what we want
representing us, I don’t think. And I think it’s why we’re
going to have a tremendous victory in 2020. These people are crazy. (applause) Audience: USA! USA! USA! The President: And, you
know, when I have one of the others – I guess
this is Cortez. You know, I said,
“I’m not going…” “Sir, her name
is Alexandria.” (laughter) And the guy
couldn’t figure out her second name. It was so funny. I’m being interviewed by
one of – “Her – her name is Alexandra. Um, wait a minute. Wait a minute, sir.” (laughter) Okay. He never got it out. He never found his notes. I said, “That’s okay.” I told him, “Just call her
‘Cortez.'” Because I don’t have time to call her
by the whole name. It’s too long. It’s true. You know, you’re
doing an interview. (Laughter and applause.)
But she called our country and our people “garbage.” Audience: Booo – The
President: She said “garbage.” That’s worse than
“deplorable.” Remember “deplorable”? Oh, yes, you do. Huh? Remember Hillary? “The deplorables.” She actually said a
word that was worse. She said “deplorables.” And what was
the second word? Go ahead. Audience Member:
Irredeemables! The President:
Irredeemables. That’s right. She said, “irredeemable.” She said – Audience
Member: Lock her up! The President: (Laughs.)
Audience Member: Lock her up! The President: Ooh –
Audience: Booo – The President: She said
“deplorables” and “irredeemables.” And when she said it,
I said, “Boy, that ‘irredeemables’ is
really a bad…” Well, that was
not the one. You never know in
politics, right? This is a tough business. You say a word
and you’re gone. One wrong word. You can make 20
great speeches. Brilliant. They say, “He’s great. The greatest orator. The greatest orator
of our times. He’s the great.” One word and you’re gone. Except for Trump –
(applause) – because we represent you. Because we represent you. Audience: Four more years! Four more years! Four more years! The President: Thank you. Thank you. No, but it’s true. It’s a tough business. One word and you’re gone. It’s an incredible kind
of a profession to have. It’s a very – that’s
why they’re scared. You know, they go around
– they’re petrified. They’re petrified that
they’re going to insult 15 people and lose
an election. By calling out these four
people, the “squad.” Audience: Booo – The
President: By calling them out – because we don’t
like when they talk about “evil Jews.” We don’t like when they
say horrible things about Israel. They say – they say – you
know, people are opposed to Israel and they can
express what their opposition. But when they say it with
venom hatred and language that nobody would use –
nobody would use – it’s incredible. And then you don’t have
the Democrats fighting for Israel, and they end up
passing things that have nothing to do with what
the original problem was. You saw that. So I don’t know what
they’re going to do. I don’t know. They have a big problem,
because they have others than these four. I could name another 20
right now without looking at a note. I could name another 20
that I think are, in many way ways, worse. They’re worse. They’re not in this group. But they’re worse than
this group, and they’re Democrats. And at some point, we will
be naming them if you don’t mind, because we
want to get the word out. We have to get
the word out. (applause) As
conservatives, we’re grateful for the great
heritage that we have, the heritage of being
an American. So important to all of us. We know that America is
the most just and virtuous republic ever conceived. I mean, we fight
for other countries. I was with other countries
two weeks ago, and we had the G20. And I’m talking to
different people: “Who do you fight for?” “Just our country.” Who do you fight for?” “Just our country. “Who do you fight for?” And we fight for all these
countries, and it costs us a fortune. And some of the
countries are wealthy. By the way, I’ve gone to
all of them and said they have to now pay
for their military. Okay? If you don’t
mind that, okay? (applause) They
haven’t done it. I mean, we’re fighting
for countries that are so wealthy, some have
nothing but cash. Nobody ever asks them,
“Why aren’t you paying us for this? Why aren’t you reimbursing
us for the cost?” But we now ask
those questions. On the Straits – so we get
very little oil from the Straits anymore. In fact, yesterday
was very interesting. They said, “It’s very
interesting there are no USA tankers here. They’re all from
China, from Japan.” China gets 65 percent
of their oil from the Straits, right? Japan gets 25 percent. Other countries get a lot. And I said, “So let me ask
you just a really stupid question.” We hardly use it. We’re getting 10 percent,
only because we sort of feel an obligation
to do it. We don’t need it. We have – we’ve
become an exporter. Can you believe it? We’re an exporter now. We don’t need it. (applause) And yet we’re
the ones that for many, many decades, we’re the
ones that policed it. We never got reimbursed. We police it for all
these other countries. And I said, a while ago, I
said, “Why are we policing for China? Very rich. For Japan? Very rich. For all these others?” And we’re policing also
for countries, some of whom we’re very friendly
with, like Saudi Arabia and others –
UAE, others too. But why are we doing it
without getting – why do we have our ships there
and we’re putting our ships in the site? And we did shoot down
their drone the other day. You know, it’s funny, for
religious people, they lie a lot. They lie a lot. (applause) You can see it
laying right down on the bottom of that
beautiful bed of water. (laughter) No, they said,
“They never shot down a drone.” And then they say about,
“We have captured 17 American spies.” I say, “No, no that’s…” First thing I did, I call
up the CIA – true – “Sir, totally false.” “Okay.” By the way, totally false. But they make up stories. I just say, for religious
people, they lie a lot. (Laughter and applause.)
We know the story of America is the story of
good defeating evil. We protect so many people,
and in some cases we shouldn’t have
been doing it. It’s right overcoming
wrong, and it’s freedom smashing tyranny. Americans are the patriots
who threw off an empire, won an independence,
settled the Wild West, ended slavery, secured
civil rights, pushed the boundaries of science,
vanquished the Nazis, brought communism to its
knees, and put a man on the moon many, many
years ago, right? (applause) And we will
become the first nation to land astronauts on Mars,
where they will proudly plant a very beautiful
American flag. (applause) Yet despite all
we have achieved – despite the glory and grandeur of
our nation – the radical Left has nothing but
contempt for America’s heritage. And I’m talking about the
radical Left among us. I’m not talking about the
radical Left that are looking over failed
countries, like Venezuela and others. I’m talking about the
radical Left among us. They see our history as
a source of shame; our traditions and our
victories as relics to be replaced; our values as
obstacles to be removed; our citizens as subjects
to be controlled; and America as a menace
to be constrained. That’s what they see. That’s what they see. The agenda of the radical
Left is one of division, discord, and demolition. You know, when I see her
running and ranting and screaming like a total
lunatic – this is what we’re dealing with, okay? You can never have a
country with values like that. Just look at it. There’s no reasoning. The language she uses. I mean, she was throwing
a certain F-bomb, right? Do we know the F? (laughter) She was
throwing that out about the presidency and
about the President. And it’s just such a sad
thing to see, how low have we gone. The far-left has one
fundamental objective and that’s the objective of
power – the power to control you, the power to
control your family, and the power to destroy the
foundations of our great republic. But we will not let them. It will never happen. It will never happen. (applause) It
will never happen. And they’re right now
destroying themselves and they’re going
after everything. They’re doing things
that nobody can believe. The people that I’m
looking – they said, “Who’s your
toughest opponent?” I said, “So far, I dream
about – I dream about these people that
I’m looking at.” There is no Winston
Churchill in the midst. There is nobody
that we look at. But you have to
be very careful. Socialism is not as easy
to beat as you think. When you’re wealthy and
you’re doing record stocks and you have 401(k)s, and
you have all of the things that you have, and
everybody is doing well, and somebody comes along
and says, “We’re going to give you free everything. Everything is
going to be free. Oh, by the way, we’re
going to raise your taxes to 75 percent.” But they don’t mean that
because it can’t nearly pay 95 percent, and that
won’t pay for it either. Won’t even come close. “We’re going to do the
Green New Deal,” which is the craziest thing
I’ve ever heard, okay? It’s crazy. But don’t kid yourself. Not as easy – when I’m up
there on the debate, all alone with some maniac
that they chose – (laughter) – and that
maniac is saying, “We’re going to do this for you. We’re going to
do that for you. We’re going to give
you everything. We’re going to give you
– everybody gets a free Rolls-Royce” – (laughter)
– “every family. And we’re going to take
better care of illegal immigrants than we take
care of our citizens.” They tell you that. Audience: Booo – The
President: And when they’re saying all of this
stuff, and then those illegals get out and
vote – because they vote anyway. Don’t kid yourself, those
numbers in California and numerous other states,
they’re rigged. You got people voting
that shouldn’t be voting. (applause) They vote many
times, not just twice, not just three times. They vote – it’s
like a circle. They come back; they
put a new hat on. They come back; they
put a new shirt. And in many cases, they
don’t even do that. You know what’s going on. It’s a rigged deal. For example, the radical
Left is waging an unprecedented assault
on the rule of law in America. They are. They want to eliminate
our borders and totally abolish ICE. And now they want to
abolish a thing called “Homeland Security.” Audience: Booo – The
President: That means going on airplanes
without any security. That means doing all of
the things that you do, and you appreciate it, but
you don’t even see what’s going on. But they now want to
abolish Homeland. They started off with ICE. And let me tell you, these
ICE people are great patriots. That’s a tough job. (applause) They go into
these MS-13 gangs and, you know, even your local law
enforcement – and we love our law enforcement. We love our law
enforcement. (applause) But these gangs
are mean, they’re tough, they deal in a
medieval style. They cut people up
medieval-style because it’s more painful. These are sick people. We don’t want them. We’re taking them out by
the thousands, out of our country. By the thousands. (applause) So with raging
anger, ignorance and malice, the far-left has
slandered, libeled, and smeared our law
enforcement heroes. They just go after our law
enforcement; it’s so sad to see. They’re so respected and
yet they don’t know it because all they do is
they see the negativity put on by the media. But the American people
forcefully reject these hate-filled attacks. And that’s what they do. They’re hate-filled, and
they are indeed attacks on our very brave
public servants. Americans will always
stand with the courageous men and women of ICE and
Border Patrol and law enforcement. Always. (applause) The hard-left
is also waging war against freedom of speech. The greatest threat to
this radical Left agenda is the truth. And the problem is, we’re
not getting the truth from the media, for
the most part. Some, yes. But for the most part,
we don’t get the truth. I can tell you stories
where I’ll do something – and let’s say it’s good;
they’ll make it look bad. Let’s say it’s great,
things that you can’t look bad; you can’t – they’ll
make it look okay. Audience Member: Liars! The President: And if it’s
bad – that is correct. That is correct. (applause) What they’re
doing – what they’re doing is unthinkable. And they’ve hurt
themselves so badly. They’ll say, “Seven
sources have said that this took pace in
the White House,” or something. There are no
seven sources. They make them up. You know what? They make them up. There are no – they have
gone – they used to call up and say, “We’d like to
just verify this statement or verify a quote for…” They don’t even
call up anymore. We don’t hear from the
New York Times, which is totally crooked. We don’t hear from
the New York Times. The Washington Post, which
is the Amazon – I always say, “It’s the
Amazon lobbyist.” We don’t hear
from these people. They don’t call up and
say, “We’d like to check a quote.” I don’t see anymore where
they say, “Jim Smith of the White House made the
following statement.” It’s always “a source
who decided to remain anonymous from
the White House.” Sometimes they’ll say,
“Seven people from the White House.” They don’t exist. It’s a lie. They do it; they
don’t check. They don’t do anything. They’re really, really
dishonest people. And I’ll tell you, when
I say, “The enemy of the people.” When I say,
“The fake news.” When I say these things,
I’m not kidding: It’s really dishonest. They have become – you
know, they like the word “unhinged.” They have become – the
media has become unhinged. They used to call. When I was a – I used
to get the greatest publicity. When I was doing
buildings, I was happy. No problems. I was doing buildings. I didn’t have to worry
about North Korea, Iran. (laughter) I didn’t have
to worry about China and trade. You think it’s easy
beating China on trade? Guess what? We’re beating
them on trade. We’re beating them on a
lot of – we’re beating everybody. (applause) But
it’s not easy. But I used to get
the best publicity. Now, I haven’t had a good
story in two and a half years. I’m dying for my
first good story. They’re going to
give me one someday. I think when I get
one, it will be time. I’ll say, “I’ve just
achieved something.” I got – I’ll say,
“First Lady…” – they love
our First Lady. They said, “First Lady…” – (applause) – they
love our First Lady. “Hey, First Lady, I
just got a good story. It’s time to hang it up.” (laughter) It’s time. Someday we’re
going to get them. We’re going to get them,
because nobody has done what we’ve done in
two and a half years. Nobody even close. We’ve done in the first
two and a half years more than any President in the
history of our country. (applause) So anyone
who speaks the truth is shouted down, censored,
de-platformed, fired, expelled, harassed,
intimidated, abused, and even, in many
cases, assaulted. But they don’t go after
certain of our people. Bikers for Trump – you
ever see these guys? The Bikers for Trump. (applause) They
leave them alone. Our construction workers,
they leave them alone. Our law enforcement,
they leave them alone. Anybody that looks real
tough and real nasty, they leave them alone. They only go after
somebody that stands there and is not a fighter. Nothing wrong with that. And they beat the hell out
of them and they pummel him, like what happened
two weeks ago. They pummel him. That’s the only
one they go after. They’ll go after that. They say, “Is
he a fighter?” “No.” “Let’s hit him over the
head with sticks and bats.” What they do, it’s
a horrible thing. But hey, they don’t do it
to many of our people. But they look for the
people that aren’t the fighters. These dangerous behaviors
are the hallmarks of socialism. But socialism cannot
survive when people are free to think
for themselves. That’s why America will
never be a socialist country. It’s never
going to happen. (applause) So, thank you. Thank you. Because as patriots,
we cherish our First Amendment. We believe that every
American has the God-given right to speak
his or her mind. And no one can ever
take away that right. (applause) For centuries,
Americans freely exchanged their ideas in
the public square. Now, the public square
exists online, and massive, multi-national
tech companies have gained enormous power to censor
opinions, shape public perception, and really, to
decide what information citizens are
going to be given. And I see it all the time. I see it on social
media – for me. And I have people coming
up all the time, “We want to follow you, sir. They make it so
hard to follow you.” And I have millions and
millions of people. But it should
be much more. I know exactly
what’s happening. I knew it when it started. But the only thing I do
say is this: It’s happened from the beginning – you
know, Facebook, Twitter, Google, all of
them, right? And they come to me
when they want help. They want help because the
Democrats want to shut them down. Can you believe it? How stupid is
that for them? But maybe they don’t have
the power that we think because they were totally
against me in the election. And I’m standing now,
before you, as the President of the
United States. (applause) So maybe they
don’t have the power. Maybe they don’t. I don’t know. Everyone tells me, when
you read – they talk about this tremendous power. And I’m saying,
“That’s right. They’re making
it impossible.” And then somebody will
look at me, “But sir, you won.” But, they’re gaining
more and more and more. And we’re looking at a lot
of things because they have not treated us,
as Republicans and conservatives – even when
you get into religion, they have not
treated us fairly. They haven’t
treated us fairly. A free society cannot
allow social media giants to silence the
voices of the people. That is why I’ve asked my
administration to explore every possible regulatory
and legislative solution because you have to
have free speech. You have to have
free speech. I’ve also instructed
federal agencies to hold our public colleges and
universities accountable. When they do numbers – you
go up to speak, and what they do to our people is
just – and, by the way, I’m President of all
the people – everybody. Everybody. I love everybody. I have people maybe
I shouldn’t love. I love this nation. This nation is made up not
only of us, it’s made up of everybody. But what they
do is so unfair. Any college that refuses
now to respect your First Amendment rights will be
asking for billions and billions of dollars, and
they won’t be getting it. They won’t be getting it. Signed. (applause) All signed up. Anyone can become a target
of the Left’s brutal campaign to
punish dissent. Hey, I’m the number-one
target in the world. And here we are. But I’m the
number-one target. Who’s more of a
target than me? No matter what you do, I’m
the great target for these people. These people are crazy. Earlier this year, in Park
City, Utah, a leftist released pepper spray into
a high school auditorium to shut down a Turning
Point USA meeting. Audience: Booo – The
President: Twenty students and teachers had to
immediately seek major medical attention. Think of that. One of the students from
that school joins us today – Ryan Zink. Ryan? Where are you, Ryan? (applause) Get
over here, Ryan. Come on up here. Come on. Come up here, Ryan. (applause) Say
a few words. Mr. Zink: Hi, everybody. (applause) Audience: Ryan! Ryan! Ryan! MR. ZINK: I do believe the
free speech in our schools is currently at stake. Us conservative students
– there are many cases: myself, some other people
that I’ve met here, and across the country – are
being silenced, are being shut down by – whether
it be their schools, teachers, friends. We’re not being
listened to properly. And our voices need to
be proudly expressed. And we cannot be silenced. (applause) The President:
You know, he had no idea that was going to happen. But he started to like it. I said, “You know, this
could be a long time.” (laughter) He’ll be in
office someday or doing something fantastic. Thank you, Ryan. Great job. (applause) In May, faculty
at West Haven High School in Connecticut tried to
ban the local chapter of Turning Point USA because
students hung up a sign that read “America is the
best country in world.” Can you believe that? It is the best
country in the world. One Board of Education
member viciously smeared the students as “racist,
sexist, bullies who are brainwashed by their
Republican parents.” But the attacks have only
strengthened the group’s resolve, and membership
has skyrocketed since then. (applause) We are winning. We are winning. With us today is that
Turning Point USA chapter president, Dan Gallipoli. And Dan, I want to just
thank you for that fight. Where is Dan? Dan. Do you want to
come up, Dan? Come on up, Dan. He wants to come up. (applause) Come on up. Come on up. Come on up here, Dan. (applause) Mr. Gallipoli: Hi,
everyone. It’s great – (applause) – it’s so great to be here. It’s such an honor. Thank you all so much. Thank you, Turning Point
USA, for all of your support and your – for
helping us with the fight for free speech on
campus, no matter what. No matter what they say! (applause) No matter the
teacher, no matter the student, no matter the
faculty, we will stand up for what we believe in! (applause) The President: Whoa! That’s fantastic, Dan. Now I see why he’s
president of his chapter. Who wants to fight him? Thank you, Dan. Great job. Last year, Hunter Richard
– where’s Hunter? Hunter. You want to
come up, Hunter? Do you want to? Come on up, Hunter. (applause) Hunter is a
high school sophomore in San Antonio, Texas. Great place. He just wanted to get a
hamburger with a couple of his friends. And Hunter happened to be
wearing a beautiful, red cap that said, “Make
America Great Again.” (applause) And a
30-year-old man flew into a rage, stole Hunter’s
hat – oh, I knew that. That was a pretty
famous deal. That was all over
the place, right? Threw a drink at him and
called him a racial slur. Thankfully, it was all
captured on video and the assailant was arrested and
wished he didn’t do it. (applause) And we all
watched that event many times – that
scene many times. And Hunter, thank
you for your courage. That was fantastic the
way you handled it. Thank you. (applause) Please. Mr. Richard: Every day I
go to school, I always wear a red MAGA hoodie. If you follow my
Instagram, you’ll definitely see
it all the time. I proudly wear my Make
America Great Again hat every time I go
out of my house. Although, I will say this,
Mr. President, I do have one problem with you, and
that’s that I only get to have you as my President
for six more years. (applause) The
President: Wow. Thank you. (applause) Great future. Thank you. Boy, I’ll tell you. Audience Member:
President for life! The President: (Laughs.)
Thank you very much. That’s what they’re
afraid of, you know. Did you see
the other side? Did you see they have some
comedian – third-rate comedian? He’s going – and he really
means it: “You know he’s going to win, don’t you?” They go, “Well, maybe.” “You know he’s
going to win. And you know that, in six
years, you know it’s going to happen. He’s not leaving,
you know that. He’s never going to
leave, you know it. He’s not leaving.” These people are insane. (laughter) And
he believes it. Thank you, Hunter. That was great. Great job. (applause) You know that
our movement stands for patriotism, confidence,
excellence, liberty, justice, support for
our military, love for America, and loyalty to
our nation and all of its people. We’re together. We all stand together
for American greatness. And even at such a young
age, the members of your generation are proving
that our hearts and souls are all wound together. We are unbridled in our
love for our country. We are truly
American patriots. Remember that. Audience Member:
Keep America great! The President: Keep
America great. (applause) That’s right. (applause) Audience: USA! USA! USA! The President: The forces
of political correctness want to silence
conservative students to make you feel alone,
marginalized, and isolated. And you are not. But just look around
you at this incredible, record-setting crowd. Many, many people
outside, too. I hate to tell you. I hate to tell them. They didn’t do as well,
but they have a screen. It’s not as good. Not quite the same, right? But we do the best we can. But you’re not alone. The silent majority
is silent no more. Your moment in the
sun is just beginning. (applause) The story of
America has always been written by everyday
citizens who loved their country so much they could
not help but speak out. That’s what happens. That’s why these three
young, incredible people came up here. “Would you like
to speak, Hunter?” “Yes, sir!” (laughter) You know, most
people go, “Oh, well, I don’t know, sir. Oh, maybe not.” But these people – it’s
like all three of them. Audience Member:
I’ll do it! The President: “Ryan –
you want to speak again, Ryan?” “Yes, sir. I do.” Right? No, this is – we –
these are great people. These are people
with courage. Many of them were young –
barely older than all of you. George Washington was
just 21 years old when he received his first
military command. Decades later, he chose
a 20-year-old Alexander Hamilton to be
his top aide. (applause) Betsy Ross was
24 when she began sewing the first American Flag. (applause) If you think
about it, she’s probably more important now than
she was two or three weeks ago when this stupid
thing by Nike was done. Audience: Booo – The
President: And they’re a tenant of mine. They pay me a lot of rent. I probably won’t see those
checks anymore, but I don’t care, because
I’m President. I don’t care about that. (applause) Amelia Earhart
was only 23 when she took her first flying lesson
on her way to becoming an aviation pioneer. Martin Luther King was
26 when he marched for justice through
the streets of Montgomery, Alabama. (applause) General Dwight
Eisenhower and General Douglas MacArthur were
both in their early twenties when they
graduated from West Point, never imagining they would
someday save the world from tyranny. (applause) From the very
beginning, America has been lifted even higher by
the daring dreams of young Americans like each
and every one of you. (applause) Now it is
your turn to inspire our country, your chance to
choose greatness for America, because
your time has come. Your time is now. (applause) The choices you
make over the next few years will shape much more
than your own future – they will forever shape
America’s destiny. Your choices, your leaders
– you’re great leaders, you will be. Some of you in this room
will be the great leaders of our country. A couple of you may be
standing, essentially, here someday, in a
position where you can do so much. In mere months, some of
you may take your first steps down a path
that someday lead to discovering new
breakthroughs in science, saving lives in medicine,
leading a revolution in technology, upholding our
values in public service, protecting our communities
in law enforcement, defending our freedom in
the military, or leading humanity into the stars. As long as you are
confident in our values, as long as you are loyal
to our citizens, as long as you keep faith in God
above, there is no limit to what you will achieve. (applause) Audience:
One squad under God! One squad under God! One squad under God! The President: You are the
ones who are lifting our nation, in the very near
future – and I have no doubt you will do it –
to soaring new heights. I have no doubt. I see the people
in this room. There’s greatness
in this room. There’s greatness
in this room. Remember I said it. Someday, you’re going to
think back to this day, and you’re going to say,
“You know, I remember President Trump saying
there’s greatness in this room.” And you’re going to be
not only speaking about yourself, you’re going to
be speaking about others in the room who you know
who are going to rise to great heights with you. You are the ones who
are bringing about the incredible rebirth of
the American spirit. You are the ones who will
make this moment a turning point – a true,
historical moment. This generation – your
generation — will make the light and the glory of
America shine brighter and longer and prouder
than ever before. I want to
congratulate you. You’ve had a long journey,
but your journey has just begun. I want to thank
you for being here. May God bless you. And may God bless America. Thank you. (applause)

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