President Obama kicks off the Hour of Code 2014
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President Obama kicks off the Hour of Code 2014

Hi everybody! Last year, students and teachers
across our country celebrated Computer Science Education Week with an Hour of Code. They
learned new skills, programmed games and apps, and realized that while no one is born a computer
scientist, becoming a computer scientist isn’t as scary as it sounds. With hard work, and
a little math and science, anyone can do it. For this year’s Computer Science Education
Week, more than 48 million people have already participated, and we’re hoping even more of
you will get involved. Don’t just consume things, create things. Take an hour to learn
more about the technology that touches every part of our lives. That’s how you can prepare
yourself with the skills you need for your future. And that’s how you can help prepare
our country for the future as well. America has always been a nation of tinkerers, builders,
and inventors. We brought the world everything from the lightbulb and the telephone, to the
iPad and the Internet. So whether you’re a young man trying his hand at programming for
the first time or a young woman who is already hard at work on the next big thing, we’re
counting on you–America’s young people, to keep us on the cutting edge. Thanks everybody,
and happy coding!

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67 thoughts on “President Obama kicks off the Hour of Code 2014

  1. On its one-year anniversary, @Barack Obama kicks off the #HourOfCode with a new video message, asking every young person to learn more about the technology that touches all of our lives. 

  2. This is awesome! Great to see the President being so supportive of coding again. If you're looking for some really fun #HourOfCode tutorials, be sure to check out the free tutorials from CodeHS at

    You can learn the basics of programming by giving commands to a dog. It's really fun!

  3. I realize he is the president of USA, but Hour of Code is supposed to be aimed for all people all over the world, he shouldn't be addressing just American people. 

  4. I love that the President is actually a human being.  At 0:36 in the video you can hear his stomach growl.  I know, I'm strange.  If  someone could point this out to PODUS, I'd appreciate it.  Tell him to take some time to eat!

  5. "Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think." – Steve

  6. RE: 0.52;
    Lightbulb: Sir Humphry Davy, 1801, English.
    Telephone: Alexander Graham Bell, 1847, Scottish
    iPad: Steve Jobs, 2010, American
    Internet: Tim Berners-Lee, 1989, English.

    1 out of 4 Barack!

  7. Clowns looking  around to tap  revenue in same way  google, facebook  and  on. Here is the thing most of us rest of coders have been outsourced by your FTA, NAFTA deals. Good luck trying to find the next Google inventors, beside the fact that  tech  money makers are jews. 

    Поделиться переводом

    Отправить по почте

    Wake Up Americans!!! You live in a police fascist regime! Circle one propaganda! It is not funny. You don't realize what you kill, imprison! And the rest live like animals prior to slaughter! You are fed. Entertain. You should not have the right mode of thinking! To do this, you zombify propaganda! And it is in all spheres of life since childhood. You do not know what is happening in the world and in their country!

  9. Being a programmer as a junior in high school making $10 an hour is cool. Look into programming if you want money and a satisfying career. #HourOfCode  

  10. It feels so good to have my president tell me what I should do. Thank you Barack Obama, I voted for you because I knew you were going to be a president who would stand up for the people. I am studying my code, and when I see the president challenge people to vote, people to code, and take action in this country. It motivates me to be more civic, and intellectual on how I deal with my fellow Americans. The naysayers will always find a tabloid to exploit about you, but Barack, and I thank you for giving me something to do, whether or not I become a good coder. 

  11. I tried this last year and completed it.  My only concern is that I know this was an Introductory lesson, but color me blonde to stupid for my old age, but I feel there is a step lacking.  Like a video to show how you can progress to a major league Programer, or to the young students the next step in coding other than what you initially show of how to progress in High School classes to take and College courses to take. 

  12. I would like to see, read, or hear about stem cells being able to repair humans that loss brain cells or even been paralyzed. The human body is genetic coding and has many formulas. I'm not too sure if I'm totally correct with what I type ,but I believe science can reach that point in the future.

  13. Over 50 million students have tried the Hour of Code! How awesome? CongratzZ ^^

  14. This is exactly what we need in India too! But here, no one wants their kids to learn Coding primarily, people here think that "programming" should be considered as a hobby to pass time. Even USA's president himself is asking people to learn to code, but what all Indian parents want, is their kids to just study Physics, Chemistry and Maths.

  15. The laid off Buzzfeed journalists should follow the advice of their Messiah Obama and do "Happy Coding!" – though I think it requires analytical and logical skills that go way ahead of their lizard brains.

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