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53 thoughts on “Preschool Teachers Share Life Lessons

  1. Who else is watching the video while reading the comments
    (I do funny pranks on my African mum)

  2. pre-school teachers are the parents outside of home <3 They are the ones saving your butt when you don't want to deal with your child

  3. Little kids are amazing. It’s crazy how different each one is.
    I’m currently doing work experience at a nursery and I’ve made so many connections with these big personalities it’s crazy

  4. Be yourself, be ok with it, if you have a rough day, you can go home and eat cereal and and start again tomorrow, I love it!!

  5. Teachers are just like your parents away from home.

    Like all teachers including highschool ones. Sometimes (I'm in highschool) I look around a classroom of shouting teenagers and I just see the teacher who is like the one adult look at all of us like their our parent watching their 15 children in a classroom. And every teacher like every parent have different ways of taking care of their kids as well, some more caring, some more strict, some interact more, some keep their distance. It's amazing how much teachers take that role without knowing.

  6. It's currently 3:04 in the morning and I thought the try guys went back to BuzzFeed because the thumbnail is Keith…send help

  7. LOL… Sorry Teachers doesn't teach anything to kids.. Teachers show you information about something then kids teaches he's or her self about the information was showed…

    Showing information about something ISN'T TEACHING!!!

  8. teaching preschool is literally a blessing & a shitshow at the same time. And I wouldnt trade all these years and my future for any other age group❤️

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