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Pregnancy 101 | National Geographic

(elegant piano music) – [Narrator] The product of
millions of years of evolution, the human body is capable
of many remarkable things, but none of which may
be quite so incredible as the development of life in utero. (calm music) Over three million babies are born each year in the United States alone. Worldwide, the highest
fertility rate is found in Niger, where the
average woman gives birth to approximately 6.49
children in her lifetime. Singapore sits on the
opposite end of the spectrum at just 0.83, less than
one birth per woman. While the number of births, customs, and traditions vary
from culture to culture, the developmental process
is essentially universal. Derived from the Latin word praegnantem, meaning before birth,
pregnancy is the period in which the fetus
develops inside the womb. Typically lasting around 40 weeks, human pregnancies are divided into three trimesters
of three months each. (calm music) Pregnancy begins in the uterus, where a sperm fertilizes an egg. If the sperm carries an X chromosome, the baby will become female, while a Y chromosome will result in the baby becoming male. The fertilized egg, or zygote, divides repeatedly as it travels through the fallopian tube, implanting itself on the uterine wall to form both the embryo and a specialized organ
known as the placenta. Found only in eutherian,
or placental, mammals, the placenta will manage waste
and provide key nutrients, oxygen, and hormones
via the umbilical cord. The brain, which will continue to grow and develop
throughout the pregnancy, makes up nearly half of the
embryo in these early stages. As the eyes, nose, ears, and mouth, along with all major organs continue to develop in month three, the baby will begin to look more and more human with each passing day. The second trimester lasts
from weeks 13 through 27. The fetus will more than double in size during this time, and soon, its movements may be felt by the mother. Hearing first develops around week 18, but the fetus will not respond to sounds outside of the womb until
approximately week 25. Starting at week 28 and
lasting up until delivery, the third trimester is a
time for final touches, such as eyelashes and taste buds. (light music) With most major development complete, the fetus will gain nearly
half a pound a week. To make room for this rapid growth, the mother’s internal
organs adjust significantly throughout the pregnancy. Dropping lower into the pelvis, a fetus typically turns heads-down in preparation for birth. Most bones will have
hardened by this time, though the skull will
remain relatively soft to ease the delivery process. Labor is divided into stages, beginning with the dilation of the cervix and resulting in the delivery of both the baby and the placenta. Despite thousands of years
of human pregnancies, scientific understanding
has only recently begun to catch up, leading to
an increase in success and safety for both mother and child. As our understanding of
pregnancy continues to develop, so do technology and
reproductive medicine, with much more in store for
the future of pregnancy.

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  1. Human pregnancy typically lasts around 40 weeks and is divided into three trimesters of three months. What intrigues you the most about this developmental process?

  2. 0.83 children per woman in Singapore.That just made me laugh as if they don't get a whole baby,like a baby with a limb missing or something. :'D

  3. Sure, pregnancy is *womb*erfull but why periods from 12 or earlier 😥😥😥 If only girls got periods when they are 18-20 years old it would have been much easier. Bless girls who got late periods

  4. Im Amazed how women body works. but not when after the baby is born. in my country we are overpopulated and i think we need to do something about it.

  5. come to think of it, giving birth defies evolution. Why? Because we can see that babies are from humans not descendants of ape. If Ape evolves into humans, how come there are still ape still roaming in our time, can't they evolve into human already?.. So this being said, that Humans are Humans not ape.

  6. Liberals LOVE murdering unborn black children, since deep down, they still despise people of color, as they openly did when they formed the KKK and fought to keep slavery legal,

  7. Well FYI, the detail process of the development of human fetus was already mentioned on Qur'an, >1400 years ago. Hmm…..and Prophet Muhammad(from hadith) do said that we must respect more our mothers, and then our fathers…..hmm….quite interesting…..

  8. Pregnancy really is a fascinating thing 😮 I’m 22 weeks pregnant with a boy and while it definitely hasn’t been easy, when I get to meet my precious baby boy I’ll know it was all worth it 💙

  9. All of the stages mentioned above are mentioned 1438 years ago in the Quran by God. Chapter 23 verse 12 and on. How can unlearned Prophet knew all of these undiscovered knowledges without being informed by the creator of the creation. Look it up you will be surprised.

  10. Pregnancy 101 by National Geographic. It is a peaceful video.The time frames and animation present a idea of how a good pregnancy occurs.

  11. We really have such fascinating bodies, I am so proud to be a woman <3 I really feel like I am pregnant symptoms started just yesterday, I had light bleeding and cramping followed by other things, and the light bleeding stopped and I still have the tummy pains and the tingly sensation in my stomach and just today my breasts started to feel tender and sore, and my whole body aches, I literally was laying on the floor before because I felt so weak and my muscles felt like mush, my boyfriend literally had to pick me up and put me in bed because I was that weak, I feel really tired and have headaches too, do you think I could be pregnant? I am taking a test in the morning when I wake up, will it show already if I am?

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  13. I see the narrator is an atheist….evolution THEORY was invented by the ancient pagan Hindus.. This theory was then pushed by atheist elites

  14. I dont get why this video was recommended to me after watching a reaction video of episode 4 of Chernobyl… ya know… the baby…
    Googles algorithm is fcking creepy

  15. Absolutely beautiful but extremely terrifying. Mad respect. My uterus will most likely stay empty forever.😂😂😂😥😥😥😖😖😖😖

  16. Me: Watches NatGeo about pregnancy…
    My father: Ooh this is great, you finally ready to get a husband and start your own family, so who's this lucky boi…?
    Me: I haven't programmed that path yet…

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