Pre-Kindergarten Classrooms – The Primrose Schools Experience
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Pre-Kindergarten Classrooms – The Primrose Schools Experience

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The Primrose Experience Series Pre-Kindergarten Classroom
[Primrose Schools logo] Balanced Learning® [“Educating the mind
without educating the heart is no education at all.” -Aristotle] Speaker: At Primrose Schools, we believe that
who a child becomes is as important
as what they know. It’s why we created our exclusive
Balanced Learning Approach. [Our Exclusive Balanced
Learning® Approach] Our proprietary curriculum
is research informed and meets the highest quality
standards in all states. We use purposeful play along with nurturing guidance
from teachers, to encourage your child’s
curiosity, creativity, compassion, and confidence. Giving children choices is
crucial to their development and helps them express
their independence. Let children play and engage
in an activity they’ve chosen, and before you know it,
they’re lifelong learners. Your child can explore
STEAM-based learning in our science, math,
or research and technology centers. We promote
a passion for books. We also offer
Early Art Masters, Rhythm and Notes Music, and Mucho Mundo Spanish lessons. During large group instruction, like circle time, project time
or Og’s Story Time, new concepts are shared
and discussed. Children learn about respecting
others while taking turns speaking, listening, and having fun. We explore early literacy, reading, writing
and math concepts in small group discussion. It’s also a perfect time to encourage
critical thinking and problem solving. We understand that children
have individual learning styles. With comprehensive
child assessment, teachers continually monitor
your child’s progress and development opportunities. By learning the right skills
when they’re ready, your child develops mastery
instead of frustration. Then it’s easy to build on
those skills to learn the next ones. And that’s how your
child gains confidence. Child: “Hooray!” Speaker: Our Happy Hearts
Character Development Program models and nurtures life skills
and traits, like, friendship, generosity, and empathy. We provide a Thumbs-Up
Physical Development Program, and balanced menus because we know that
healthy habits formed early on can have lasting effects. The move from Pre-K
to Kindergarten can be a formidable transition
for any child, which is why
the Balanced Learning Approach is designed to make sure
every child is prepared academically, socially, and emotionally for years to come. [Primrose Schools logo] Balanced Learning®
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