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10 thoughts on “Population regulation | Ecology | Khan Academy

  1. ahh, thank you so much. the video we watched in class was confusing, but thanks to you everything makes more sense now

  2. I was kinda thinking about the while human thing. we seem to kinda keep pushing and pushing the carrying capacity. its really hard to think about as a species because like… we dont want to die of disease. we dont want to run out of food. we want to help each other and we want to survive as a species. but it kinda seems like we're overpopulating by continuously pushing the limit and finding new ways to keep us all alive and avoid death. we keep finding more and more ways to battle all these natural problems that keep our capacity where it is. it's like a debate in my head because this growth could lead to so many problems, but at the same time, we have morals, we want to help both ourselves and others stay alive. we want to combat disease. we want to find ways to survive all this stuff that keeps our population at a limit. but is it really the best idea to do that? we help to regulate populations when certain animals are overpopulating. shouldnt we do the same with ourselves? ugh this is hard to think about

  3. Maybe it was said for humour, but I'm surprised the narrator perpetuates the misconception that lemmings commit suicide by running off a cliff. It was staged by the filmmakers in Disney's White Wilderness.

  4. 10:01 Well, we have another planet so if we overpopulate Earth, we could probably go to Mars if we have the technology to do so then.

  5. I think we'll stave off the Malthusian limit until we run out of space. Yes, travel to new planets could be done, but there are only so many planets that can support life as we know it.(Man, that took forever to spell right)

  6. Its either family planning of tragedy. I prefer family planning, In Bangladesh population has begun to decline thru family planning. I think that there is a freak out when some people see this happening, but we need to reduce human population drastically to an ecologically sustanable level. No, need to freak out. The only way to reduce our population is thru family planning education. Just the simple explaination of the situation can go a very long way. War and any kind of forced reductuon causes the population to grow at some jucture. Social instability causes ecological instability.

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