Poop Can Teach You A Lot, But You Have To Look At It
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Poop Can Teach You A Lot, But You Have To Look At It

So, here’s me with a 65cm tube down my nose
draining my stomach fluids. Not awesome. Long story short, I got in a car crash, had
stomach surgery, and now scar tissue in my abdomen means I have to pay attention to my
bowels a lot more than the average person. But, a lifetime of having doctors inspecting
my digestive tract has taught me just how important it is to take half a second and
check the toilet after you poo. You should do it. It’s weird, but trust me, it’s fascinating. On average, good stool from a healthy body
should come once a day and be brown, smelly, and smooth. But you might not be average, so important
to know what YOUR normal is! And you can’t know what that is without
taking a peep at your poop. This is a real chart doctor’s developed
the classify stool. You want to be somewhere in this range, an
indication you’re eating enough fiber and you’re properly hydrated. Getting on this end of the spectrum, you’re
likely constipated, and on this end, you might be eating more fat than your liver and gallbladder
can process. Basically, you want your stool to mimic the
shape of a healthy intestine. Beyond shape, what your poo does in the toilet
is also important. You generally want sinkers, not floaters. *pause* Floaters might be a sign you’re eating too
much fat or that there’s a lot of gas in your gut. Poop tends to have high fat content because
your body isn’t absorbing nutrients properly, or it could mean that you have a lot of gas
building up in your gut and need to eat differently. Colour is important, too. Poo is brown because of bile, a product of
the liver that’s vital for digestion, but it can be other colours. Green might mean you have a fast digestive
system and eat a lot of leafy vegetables, and red *could* mean you had beets not too
long ago, but could also be an indicator of blood from a tear in the colon. If it’s red and you haven’t eaten a bit
of nature’s candy — talk to your doctor. Stool can also come in black; if you’re
seeing a lot of that, it’s also time to go to the doctor. Same with light poos; it could be symptomatic
of a block in bile flow or liver disease. But again, know your normal, because an irregular
poo from time to time is fine. It’s really the long-term changes you need
to worry about. There’s a super simple test you can do to
figure out your own system. Add corn to any meal and log the time you
eat it. Then all you have to do is wait. Your body can’t digest the fibrous outer
shell of the corn kernels, so you’ll see them! Don’t freak out, just make a note of the
time! That’s how long it takes your body to digest
and make waste! Doing two or three rounds of this mini-experiment
would get you an average time it takes for your body to digest a meal. At that point you’ll be able to match any
irregular stool to the food that maybe doesn’t totally agree with you. Because don’t we all just want to feel great
in our bodies all the time? So after all this, talking about stool is
still kinda taboo, so if you’re looking for a more palatable dinner topic, check out
this video about the family tree astronomers have made for the stars in our galaxy. So. Honesty time. Do you pay attention to your digestion? Let us know in the comments, don’t forget
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100 thoughts on “Poop Can Teach You A Lot, But You Have To Look At It

  1. mine is always hard lumpy and brown. once in a while smooth and rarely watery/in tiny bits and pieces. I like to know if my system is going well so I check everytime as well.

  2. I like to poop at least twice a day but I mainly aim for 3x a day because I eat 3 meals a day with snacks in between. I understand the color and wanting it to sink but the shape which where I was confused about. Now i know what I truly know what to look for.

  3. I ate 3 packs of spicy ramen and in 6 hours i was shitting lava. That's a corn alternative for the brave.

    Fun fact, a guy ate only corn and he didn't chew it for a couple of days and his shit was literally pure corn like he spilled a can down the toilet. There is a vid on youtube.

  4. I poop like a concerto – in three movements. First Allegro, later Andante, and at night it's Vivace. I'm sure that has to do with when and what I eat.

  5. When I poo, sometimes it's so big that it splits my asshole and there's blood when I wipe. Sometimes it splits so bad that blood will start literally dripping into the bowl, coloring all of the water red. Is that bad..

  6. Thanks for doing this. Yes it's gross, but really important. I wish there were more videos about the stuff you really should know, but are too embarrassed to ask your doctor, or anyone else about. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  7. I certainly hope Amy that you are feeling much better these days. Yikes! Cars and people can make such a disastrous pairing💩

  8. I've left types 1-7 in a single sitting. My record is 4.2 lbs I knew it was going to be big and weighed myself before and after.

  9. I like how they showed us that one part where she couldn't keep a straight face anymore and just burst into laughter.

  10. I have Gastroparesis and on average it takes me eight hours to digest a meal (the norm is two hours). I took the Gastric Emptying Study to determine therate at which my stomach empties.

  11. tbh I poop 3 times a day minimum (right after every meal) but I'm vegan so 1. I eat a lot more fiber and 2. the food I eat don't clog up my digestion tract

  12. My black poop taught me that i have internal bleeding! And now I'm in hospital as they figure out where I'm bleeding from. The worst part is my ward neighbour who woke us all up at three in the morning, demanded to see the paperwork keeping him there, tried to light a cigarette next to his oxygen tank and then complained about all the rules and attitude he was getting. How dare those vile nurses try to keep the peace and stop him killing us all? He wanted to smoke damn it! Jackass.

  13. this video was such a load of crap, what a shitty host. … these puns stink…
    what are you poople still reading this for?


  14. Yo I just met a guy on another website and this was his favorite video.. so if he sees this comment he should hit me up.

  15. Thank you to the editor for leaving in the giggle frame! It really does add to the nature of the work Seeker does and reminds us that not every thing we see on the internet (or TV for that matter) is perfectly polished. We can forget that there are humans creating this content for us.

  16. I seriously always was under the assumption that everyone looks at their poop before they wipe, it's something I've always done since I started pooping on my own. I just thought this was a normal part of life, like sniffing a food or drink that you never had before you consume it, or tasting a piece of your hair to make sure you don't need to wash it.

  17. I have this problem that my food takes too long to digest and go through my intestines, so it gets hard and dry so I poop like once every two days and it sucks. I had blood in my stool today, but very little. I'm drinking water and eating only fibrous foods and avoiding pooping for a few days.

  18. Most of the time my poop is hard and lumpy , and has these weird tomato-like seeds eventhough i haven't had any tomatoes , in addtition to that , sometimes it has dark orange mucus. Whenever i shit , my anus is in pain no matter how much water i drink , but i do have gas do i think that's related to my problem.

  19. I got a better way than corns:
    Eat something really spicy. You will not have to check the toilet: when it comes out you just feel the taste again.

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