Pond Monster Evidence Found in School Playground!! (Escapes Sharer Family Backyard)
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Pond Monster Evidence Found in School Playground!! (Escapes Sharer Family Backyard)

– The school looks fine. Are you sure there’s
something going on here? – Hey, this is unit 52. Yeah, we are here. – [Dispatcher] Quick,
report here immediately. – Okay, down this way, right over here. Behind this fence. – Where? – It’s down this way, follow me, let’s go. – Where sir, where? I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming. Whoa! (beeping) – Oh, hi, Steven. Those animal control
workers are digging so deep. You’ve gotta go check it out, it’s crazy! – What they’re here again? – Yes, they’re here again and it’s getting deeper and deeper. – Oh.
– Yeah. – Okay, let’s go check that out. Okay, thanks Mom. – All right! – The dogs are inside right? – Yes! Keep them away. (laughs) – Okay, dogs are inside. Let’s go check out
what’s going on out here. Oh my goodness, the
weather is still so bad. Sharers, ever since that
mystery box safe thing got open the storm has just been
constantly over our head for days. Thunder, lightning, tons of rain. I don’t know, whoa! What is going on? Oh my! That is the deepest hole I’ve ever seen. Sharers, what is going on here? Excuse me, Mr. Animal Control? What are you doing? Sharers, this is the
deepest hole I’ve ever seen. Oh! And it’s right in our backyard. Look at this! Wait, this is crazy. Garage is right here. Let’s open this up real quick. ‘Cause the Sharerghini is right here. Look at how crazy this is. Sharers, this might be the craziest thing I have ever seen. So we have the Sharerghini right here. This is where we pull out the Sharerghini when we wanna take it
out on a super nice day. But we have one slight problem. Animal control is here searching for clues of that mystery monster
that could’ve escaped from that treasure chest box. And look at this. If we back the Sharerghini off wrong, it could fall down this cliff right here. Look how far down that is. We better keep this garage door closed. This is wild! I didn’t realize this monster thing was getting in the way so much. We gotta be super careful. Mr. Animal Control, I’m coming down. Whoa, okay. Move that gate, put it back there. Definitely don’t wanna fall down there. Yeah, Sharers, if you
didn’t see over on my sister Grace Sharer’s channel,
she actually went through the construction site and
she found a lot of clues. Actually, I put ’em all up in the garage, took pictures of all the
fossils that she found. Let’s go check that out real quick. This is absolutely crazy what she found. And maybe he’s searching
for more stuff down there. I know he’s actively
searching for the monster. But, let’s see. The hole got even deeper today. Okay, let’s go check out the mystery board that Grace put together. Oh, check this out. So, Sharers, in Grace’s last vlog you saw that she went up to one of these heavy duty equipment
machines and she saw on it, there was like some green
type of slime covering the machine from head to toe. We weren’t exactly sure
what it was but we think it has something to do the monster. And, Sharers, this next
clue is super interesting. This is a fossil that Grace
found buried in the dirt. And it looks like there’s
some sort of claws. One, two, three claws, which suggests to me that this
could be some sort of bird. And this is very interesting, feathers were also found. So I’m thinking it’s definitely some sort of bird type of animal. But then this I’m not exactly sure. I think this is part of our house and it looks like the
claw was used to dig in to the house. So I’m thinking the
monster might have tried to get into the house. And then the last clue
Grace found was this. I’m not exactly sure what this is but it looks like some
sort of jaw skeleton or some sort of other
type of animal’s skeleton. I don’t know what kind
of animal it could be. I don’t know why there’d
be a skeleton there. But that’s what we found so far. So let’s go back outside and see if animal control has pulled up any evidence today. Mr. Animal Control, did
you find anything yet? Hang on, I’m coming down to get you. He must not be able to hear us ’cause he is very far down there. Very far down there, that is a deep hole. I mean, look at all this. This mud is absolutely crazy. They are seriously digging away. Look at this. This mud pile is absolutely huge. They said they were gonna dig 30 feet in. That is definitely at least 30 feet. That is absolutely insane. How do I even get over to this guy? He is really working hard
looking for this monster. Wow, okay. How am I gonna get down here? Sir, I’m coming. Ooh, is that electrical wire? That looks very dangerous. Oh, whoa, no way. Sharers, these are the
feathers that Grace found the other day. Looks like there’s more. Whatever kind of monster this is, it must be shedding or something. Or it has wings, maybe some sort of big giant bird. Like a pterodactyl! Although I haven’t seen one
of those for a long time. It could be a pterodactyl or something. I don’t know. Okay, let’s just see what this guy found. All right, this is insane. Oh my goodness. There’s the merch store room and we’re way below it. Oh wow, okay. Step on here. I do not have boots or anything. Oh! And it’s staring to flood down here. It has been nonstop raining
since this monster broke free and since they started digging. This is absolutely crazy. Mr. Animal Control, what is going on? Hello, sir. – Oh, hey. Right, so we’ve been
looking around for all sorts of different clues. As you know, we put up the
pictures in the garage. However, I’ve been searching around more, I saw these claw markings on the wall. – [Stephen] Those are claw markings? – That’s what we’re thinking. So, you can see the different lines. So right there, you can see, I’m guessing that those are
markings from the monster. We’ve got some over here as well. So we dug deep, we tried to
see where the bottom of it was. However, I’ve been looking around all day and I haven’t found anything. – How big do you think
this monster could be? – Right, it could be massive. I mean, it’s been down here the whole time and it’s making these massive
claw markings on the walls. – Yeah, Sharers, the animal
control guy was saying in my last vlog that this animal was able to adapt to its surroundings. So even though it started
in that tiny treasure chest, it looks like it grew super big, I mean look at the claw markings here. This is huge. That’s bigger than my hand and it just goes through here. So, do you think the monster
is still around our house? Or where did he go? – That’s what we’re trying to figure out. We dug up all this dirt over here, made sure it didn’t get wet with the tarp, but we don’t see any more signs of him. So we’re wondering if he’s still here or if he could of gone somewhere else. – Wait, sir, I think I found a clue. Whoa, what is this? Is this animal evidence? – Looks like just a
blueberry I was eating. I was just snacking. – Oh, okay, nevermind, false alarm. So, you think this animal
moved because of the rain or do you think he’s still around or what? – Right, so we actually
think he might’ve gotten washed away because of all the rain. As you can see it’s been raining a lot, it’s been flooding. There’s rain water all
the way down the hill. And so, down by the river,
we can go take a look down there now, but it’s very high and so he could’ve gone down that way. – Wait, so you’re saying–
(loud thunder booming) Whoa, that storm is really picking up! – Yeah, we should go down there right now. This might be our time
to find the monster. – You think he’s slithering his way down? – Yeah, he could be in
the creek right now. – Okay, let’s go. Quick, quick, quick. Sharers, now is our chance. As the storm picks up, the monster might be getting scared away from the premises. I mean, look what he’s
done to the house so far. He’s tried to work it’s
way inside the house. That door is all by itself. Look at this, this is insane. All right sir, I’m ready. Just show me where to
go, show me which river. – It’s very wet right here,
careful where you step. – Yeah, it’s super soaking. This storm is getting crazy
and it’s getting windy, okay. Sir, I’m coming, I’m coming. Let’s go find this monster. Oh look, there’s another feather. Sir, look I found some more
evidence, another feather. – Great, make sure we pick
it up, let’s take it with us. – [Stephen] Okay. – He must be getting close to the river. Let’s go right now. – Okay, okay, quick. Sharers, look at all this
evidence, this is insane. Oh look, this is like sticks. Oh my goodness, the monster
is definitely close by. Okay, let’s go, sir, let’s
go, let’s go, let’s go. – [Man In Hat] Hurry, sir,
and make your way this way. – [Stephen] Wait, what? – Sir, I think I see him, look! He’s right over there! – [Stephen] Oh wow, there’s
a lot of bubbles in there. – Wait, that could be him! (loud growling) – Okay, quick, quick, let’s go, let’s go. Oh, there’s a big storm coming, Sharers, there’s bubbles in this water. This could be it. – [Man In Hat] Look how much
water there is, it’s flooding. – [Stephen] What are all those bubbles? – [Man In Hat] That could be
him, he could be underwater. – Sharers, this is gonna be good. Smash Like button, we’re
getting one step closer to catching this monster. (water splashing) – [Man In Hat] Wait,
he could be down here. – [Stephen] Where is he, where is he? – I don’t know, it looked
like he went down that way. – [Stephen] Are you serious? – [Man In Hat] Yeah, look down that way. – [Stephen] Oh darn, that stream goes really far.
– All the bubbles are coming down there.
– You’re right, all the bubbles are going down there. – We have to hurry, let’s go, let’s go! – [Stephen] Coming sir, coming. (phone ringing) – Hello? – [Dispatcher] Yes, Unit 52? – Yes, this is Unit 52. – [Dispatcher] It’s at the school. – We have a person at the local school. Let’s go. We need to go as soon as we can. They need our help. – [Stephen] The local school? – Yeah, it’s right down the road. We need to go visit
that as soon as we can. – Well I know where the
local school is, I go there. How big is it? – It’s very large. They have reports that it’s 30 feet long. We need to go as soon as we can. – Okay, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Sharers, this is good news. If the monster left the Sharer house, went down that river, that’s awesome. But, I kinda really wanna see what it’s doing at our school. (horn honking) Oh, hello! – Hop in, hop in, let’s
go, let’s go, let’s go! – All right, coming! Okay, woo, to my school. Let’s get going. The school looks fine. Are you sure there’s
something going on here? – This is Unit 52, yeah, we are here. Okay, down this way, right over here. Behind this fence. – Where?
– It’s down this way, follow me, let’s go. – Okay, I think the school looks fine it doesn’t look like
anything is happening here. Very quiet, other than the storm. – [Man In Hat] Come on, come on, come on. – Where, sir, where? I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming. Whoa! Oh, wow!
– Look at that. – [Stephen] Look at that
massive mound of dirt. What’s going on here? – They’re saying, they dug 50 feet. – [Stephen] 50 feet? – Yup. – They dug 50 feet here, oh my goodness! What is going on? Oh, look at that massive
equipment they have here! Whoa! – Yeah, we’ve gotten
multiple reports that there was something down here and
we had to come check it out. Thank you, sir, Unit 52 out. All right, sir, so over here it looks like they put
this monster blocker on the drain so that way he can’t go back down the drain. – [Stephen] So this is a monster blocker? – [Man In Hat] Right, exactly. – Oh my goodness. Sharers, all drains lead somewhere. So the creek must’ve led to this drain where the monster slithered out from and then it looks like
he dug a hole over here. Is that what’s going on? – That’s what we’re thinking. Let’s go check it out. – This is getting way more
intense than I thought, Sharers. The monster has now made
its way to a school. This is getting insane. – All right, sir, let me
send out a report real quick to all the nearby schools, so that way they’re on the
lookout for the monster. (buttons clicking)
(suspenseful music) All right, we’re good, let’s go. – This is crazy, Sharers. The monster could be
coming to another school. Absolutely crazy. The storm’s getting bad too. Do you think the storm has
anything to do with the monster? – Yeah, possibly. As you know, the monster loves water and so, maybe he’s causing all of this. – Oh my goodness, this is crazy. – Yeah, this looks crazy. I mean, we set up the monster
blocker that was underground at your house, but it looks
like we didn’t do it in time and he could’ve gone right
back through that drain. – [Stephen] Oh no, another drain. Another drain, wait a second! Those geese, they were over
our pond the other day. – [Grace] Stephen, what are those things? What are those things? They’re attacking, they’re attacking! Ah! What are those things? Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t! They’re attacking! – Quick, Grace! We gotta make it to shore. What are those things,
what are those things? What are those things? Oh no! Another drain, there’s another drain. This is not good, this is not good. – Oh wait, look over here! This fence is all damaged. Wait, I need to call this in. The monster could’ve
broken through the fence. – Oh no.
(phone ringing) – Unit 52, we have a possible
monster on the loose. He broke through the
fence, it’s very dented. It could be very large and strong. – Sharers, the monster
broke through the fence. The monster broke through
the, wait a second. – [Man In Hat] Wait, what is that? – [Stephen] Hold up. Sir, what is that? – It looks like a whole egg. – That’s like the egg that
Grace found in our backyard. It’s the same type of egg. – [Man In Hat] Look at it on this side. Oh my goodness, it’s broke. It hatched. – It hatched, another,
okay, an egg hatched. Oh, this is perfect! Hold on, let me grab
this real quick. (groans) Sir, I don’t know if I’m
gonna be able to grab it. – [Man In Hat] Can your reach any further? – I’m trying, can I borrow
your shovel real quick? – [Man In Hat] Here, use it! – I gotta be very careful. I don’t wanna damage the egg. I just wanna make sure I can get it. Come on, careful. Getting it. I got it. Here we go. Got it, sir, I got it. What kind of egg is this? – [Man In Hat] Oh my goodness. – What is this egg? – I don’t know, put it in our sack, we have to take it back to the house. All right, this is perfect evidence, let me call it in real quick. (phone ringing) Unit 52. Yeah, we found an egg,
it looks like it hatched. – [Dispatcher] Got it, head back. – Yes, that’s right, sir, we’re gonna go back to the Sharer house for further processing. – [Dispatcher] Sounds good, 411 over. – All right, Unit 52 out. – Okay, Sharers, this is getting wild. The storm is getting stronger. If you haven’t already, hit that Subscribe button
because I don’t know what’s gonna happen next. So until then, you know what to do. Stay awesome and share the love. Peace, woo! (dramatic music)

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