Pomona College 360° Virtual Reality Campus Tour
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Pomona College 360° Virtual Reality Campus Tour

Welcome to sunny Claremont, California here
at Pomona College. I’m Jack, I’m a junior here and a neuroscience
major. Hi I’m Harini, I’m a sophomore majoring in
computer science and we’re here to give you a tour of Pomona College. Welcome to the iconic Marston Quad where students
love to come and relax, read a book, study, have a quick pickup game and much, much more. Over behind us is Big Bridges which is the
largest performing arts space on the 5C’s and we’ve had a lot of cool speakers come
here to give talks. And it’s always so much fun to go and listen
to what they have to say. Pomona is a liberal arts college where students
can choose from 48 different majors. We’re also members of the Claremont consortium,
so students can take classes at any of the other 4 liberal arts colleges, located within
walking distance from Pomona. Our student to faculty ratio is 8:1 and the
average class size is 15 students. Right now, we’re in Frary on North Campus,
one of the three dining halls on Pomona’s campus that serves a variety of healthy and
sustainable food. Students also have the option of eating at
any of the other dining halls in the Consortium. Frank dining hall on South Campus is a favorite
of first-years with small communal tables. Oldenborg dining hall, also on South Campus, is known for having language tables where native-speaking language residents hold language classes in all languages across the globe. This is a typical first-year Pomona dorm room. It is in Harwood Court on South Campus. It is a single which 30% of all first-years
get to live in and then 70% of all rooms on campus are in fact singles as well. One of the unique parts of Pomona’s dorm life
is that first-years get put into these groups called sponsor groups which are groups of
10-20 first-years who all live together who two sophomore sponsors. The sponsors are just there to make sure that
everyone is okay and to give advice and basically just to be a mentor for first-years. Here we are at a Sagehen basketball game. Athletic events are one of the numerous ways
students come together to support one another. Pomona joins with Pitzer College for its athletic
program. There are 21 varsity teams as well as club
and intramural sports. This is the Smith Campus Center or SCC for
short. Behind you, you’ll see the Coop Fountain which
is one of our cafes here on campus. Besides fine dining, the SCC also hosts the
Associate Students of Pomona College or ASPC for short. The ASPC will fund trips into LA, they fund
all the clubs here on campus, and they also host a lot of really fun events for students. Additionally, the SCC also hosts the Writing
Center and Quantitative Skills Center which are two incredible academic resources for
students here. Along with all the resources in the SCC, we
also have a Career Development Office where students can go to get help applying for internships
and jobs. The staff there are really nice and really
helpful, and can help with reviewing cover letters and resumes, interview prep and can
even take professional headshots for Linked In profiles. We finish our tour here on the steps of Carnegie. Every year during Orientation the incoming
class takes a group picture right here on these steps before starting their college
experience. Thanks for coming along on our virtual tour
of campus. If you want to learn more please check us
out at pomona.edu. Thanks for visiting!

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  1. I’m a HUGE fan of consortium higher education. I went to the other big consortium back East in Amherst, Massachusetts known as the “Five College” Consortium. Amherst, Hampshire, Smith & Mt. Holyoke Colleges & the University of Massachusetts/Amherst.

  2. I would love to do a 3D virtual tour for people to actually walk through the space for Pomona College! virtualviewtours.com

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