Polis plans to put healthcare and early childhood education first
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Polis plans to put healthcare and early childhood education first

ever in Colorado tonight governor elect jared Polis visited the school for the deaf and blind today in Colorado Springs it’s his first official visit to our city since the election News fives Andy Cohen spoke at mr. Poulos during his visit Andy in studio with more on the message he has for Southern Colorado voters Andy the governor-elect is aware that he’s taking office with a state government that is controlled by the Democratic Party but he said he’s going to do his best to represent all Coloradans regardless of who they voted for fifth grade governor elect jared Polis met with students as well as teachers during his visit to the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind I have kids using what’s called a sparrow mini as a state-run campus the school already offers full-day kindergarten and half-day preschool poulos wants to expand early childhood education with free full-day kindergarten and preschool it’s one of his top priorities and he proposes expanding per pupil funding to local districts to cover the expense absolutely the state can’t afford not to do it you know states like Oklahoma have free preschool and kindergarten and if Oklahoma can do it we can do it here in Colorado and while the tour was largely informational some students had some challenging questions the one thing is you know those big magazines that put in an ar-15 yes I heard a rumor that those were still illegal but I don’t see the point of that being illegal because when your target shooting like competitions and all that crap you shouldn’t have to freakin stop to reload your clip so here’s what here’s what they are just say you know they’re not illegal but there’s no new ones being sold in Colorado Poulos didn’t shy away from tough questions from reporters either for example his campaign promise for universal health care there’s good ideas on the left and the right now it’s the time for ideas it’s not so much about ideology as it is about thinking big because we all know we’re getting ripped off on health care costs there’s no reason Americans should be spending five to eight times as much for the exact same prescription drug as the first openly gay man elected as a governor Poulos became known nationwide on election night but he said that he would prefer that his success be an inspiration to others and just like I was able to tell a young girl here earlier today that yes deaf student and a deaf person can become governor or president yes a gay person could be governor too and it really doesn’t make a difference what matters are your ideas and what you had to give in your heart and we asked mr. Poulos how he would prefer that the public referred to his partner Marlin Reece and he said that Marlin chose the title of First Gentleman Poulos will officially tame formally take office on January the 7th we posted the full interview on our website koat.com click the watch tab and then videos to find that unedited clip Elizabeth

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