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3 thoughts on “POLICE: Maury High School student accidentally shot self in hand

  1. Well duh… teachers I spoke to there say teens get in silly fights over juvenile cheesy hood shit and they're back two days later. Staff/city is spineless and only enforces rules on the middle class kids who's parents actually care. Of course there is a demographic element here but you PC libtard folks dont wanna hear any facts.

  2. I’d like to share my experience, I heard “Lock down, Lock down, Lock down, this is not a drill, Lock down.” and when the man on the intercom said that it wasn’t a drill, I got nervous, but I complied and just sat at the corner.
    The scariest part was not know what was happening, so when teachers passed around the news articles, I was trying to read the small text to see what was going on. I caught two words “Weapon” and “Ammunition” and I told my friends what I found.
    After 15 minutes, the teachers quietly asked if we’d seen the articles. I haven’t because my phone was in my bag, and my bag was 3 yards away from the corner.

    I then found out that a kid two bullets in his hand and the gun powder at the bottom blew up his hand. Jeez that sounds painful.

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