Playing With Gooey Worms | Caitie’s Classroom
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Playing With Gooey Worms | Caitie’s Classroom

(guitar strum) – Hey there. Sometimes it’s really neat
to hold a bug in your hand. You can feel it crawl
along and it tickles. I’m gonna be making some worms that we can hold in our hands. They’ll feel gooey and slimy. I’ll show you how I make them with a little bit of science experiment. In this glass, I have a little
bit of regular warm water, but I’m gonna add these white
little pellets to the water and the water is going to
become worm activator solution. Put a little bit of the white
pellets inside the water and give it a stir. I want the pellets to all dissolve. That means they all become
a part of the water. Stir, stir, stir, until they’re all gone. Now our worm activator solution
is ready for our worm goo. Inside here is worm goo. It’s really gooey, but once we put it into the worm activator solution, it’s going to turn the goo
into long stringy worms. Let’s see. Here I go, gonna give it a squeeze. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. One more, squeeze. All right, there’s our worms. Let’s see what they look like. Gonna reach in, ooh. They look like a squirmy worm. They feel really gooey inside. All the goo has turned hard on the outside so it makes a shell for the worm. Look at these worms. I’m gonna put our worms out on this plate so we can see them all together. We got one, two, three. Let’s get some more. Four, five, that’s a long one. We have five worms, it
looks like a big worm party. Slithery, slithery. Let’s make one really long
worm with our worm goo. Ooh, let’s see how long we can make it. I’m just gonna keep squeezing the worm goo into our worm activator solution. Here we go. Whoa. It’s gonna be a really long worm. Let’s see, gonna reach in for it. Woo, it already feels squishy. Here’s the end of our
worm, let’s see how long. Whoa. I’ve never seen a worm
this long, have you? This is the longest worm I’ve ever seen. Oh, it got tangled up here. It turned into a worm knot. Whoa, look at this worm. It feels really cool and squishy. It’s not very slimy. It feels neat, look how long it is. Neat, it’s fun holding
these bugs in our hands. Real worms are really good for the dirt and for the environment. They make things smaller,
like leaves and grass so that plants can use them. So we like worms in real life and I like these squishy worms, too. That was lots of fun. I love these worms. See ya soon! If you like this Super
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