PIHU KI SCHOOL TRIP | A short movie | Aayu and Pihu Show
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PIHU KI SCHOOL TRIP | A short movie | Aayu and Pihu Show

Hi friends Do you know? My school is taking us for a trip to Shimla Even I want to go So let us see Would I go to Shimla with my friends or not ? If you like our stories please like the video and share with all your friends Let us see the story It will be fun Hello pari What are you saying? Your dad said yes? Krati’s dad also said yes How will I convince my dad? Yes that’s a nice idea First I’ll convince my Mom then I’ll ask mom to convince Dad Yes, that will be good My mom is here I’ll talk to you later Bye, bye Whom are you talking to? No one mom I was talking to my best friend What is she saying? Mom our school is going on a trip On a trip? Oh woww.. where? Shimla Shimla? woww.. Mom please let me go, there will be so much snow It will be so fun with my friends Hmm.. you will enjoy a lot their Who all will be going? Pari, Ritika, Krati all my friends Okay, so you go too But mom their is a fee How much? 12000 Twelve Thousand 12 thousand? if it was for 4-5 thousand I would have given it to you But Dad won’t agree for 12 thousand Mom plesae try once I’ll ask dad once but 12 thousand is too much Mom I’ve never been to a school trip Please let me go All my friends are going too Please when will I get this chance again What should I say to your father At least give it a try Dad will not agree we will waste 12 thousand rupees for 4 days Mom you are such a good mother you are so sweet, mom please plesae, please please, please, please I do want you to go have fun but let me talk to your father, and then decide Alright? I know father will agree How? Dad always listens to you Hmm..maybe he will agree You go and prepare Dad will agree okay? Hello Pari Do you know? Even my Mom said yes, yeahhh It will be so fun, we will party hard We will go to shimla, kurfi, it will be so fun yes I haven’t decided yet okay I’ll do it I’ll wear the butterfly one yes this butterfly one I can wear this too I’ll wear this and this my favourite sweater POCHU I wore it now only and this my favourite purse Mom do you know? What happened in the garden today? what? A dog leaped on me in the garden Haw.. then? then even I leaped on him meaning? then he ran behind me then I ran behind him then he ran behind me What are you trying to say I don’t understand We were running in circles that’s okay, but he didn’t bit you Did he? No Is a dog a playing object Why were you playing with him? No one was in the garden there was only 1 dog So I played with him So you saw the dog and started playing with him? Kid, play cricket, football, go on swings in the garden You saw a dog, so played with him What should I do alone? Aayu I can’t win from you You go Go wash up Mom which suitcase will I take with me? You are not going right now Where is sister going? Shimla Means we are going to shimla Not us, me I want to go to Mom Pari I will call you later Yes, bye bye and why are you in such a hurry I’ll take out your suitcase I’ve selected all my clothes Okay I’ll take it out wait First of all tell me why is sister going to shimla? and why am I not going? Because the trip is for standard 5-8th, that’s why What trip is that? I want to go to Because they are just taking big students But I want to go You go freshen up, and eat your food No, I want to go Pihu, was it necesaary to tell him I want to go So where should I keep my clothes? I don’t know You know he is so stubborn he is now bothering me Now he will keep on asking me It was so calm First give me the suitcase I don’t know, I won’t do anything right now Ohh Go do what you want Sister I will come with you too sister me too Oh Pihu Yes Mom I’m coming Come here, help me a little You father’s about to come Leave, leave leave Pihu see father is here Father’s car is here Aayu let me go, I have to convince dad Hmm.. You are here yes What did the doctor said? He said I’ll again have to get a root canal Again the same expenses This is a necessity Yes, it is really painful You cheek has swelled up a little come on freshen up, I’ll bring the food Hmm.. okay Rajasthani food (Dal Bati) Huh? You know I already have a tooth ache Yes I know There is rice dish (Khichdi) for you Mom, listen Yes what happened? Should I go Where? To talk to father To talk? Hmm.. Go talk Dad Oh wow.. Thank you You studies okay? yes okay Tell Mom to bring the food yes I’ll tell her Mom yes Take dad’s food with you and talk to him please I’m scared, what if he says no Okay I’ll talk to him okay, listen hmm.. I wanted to talk to you say? Pihu’s school is going on a trip Oh? Shimla Shimla? Hmm.. Oh woww.. So she wants to go too Yes, so let her go but the fee is for 12 thousand 12 thousand? hmm.. You know in this month I submitted both kid’s school fees But she really wants to And it’s month end right now It’s 25th today, you know that I have some money saved up Let us do something okay then these re 10 thousand you have 2-3 thousand, hmm Okay let her go tell her, go Yeah… You got the permission Are these 12 thousand? No these are 10 thousand I have 2 thousand, I’ll give you that I’ll go thank dad Mom But I will need 2 thousand for shopping too Yes I do have some saved up I’ll give it to you Go thank your Dad Thank you Dad You gave me the permission for the trip okay, it’s okay Don’t be naughty on the trip okay? Do one thing, get me a glass of water Thank you Why are you taking this medicine? My tooth was aching it is for that So you didn’t go to the doctor I went to the doctor He said I’ll have to get a root canal treatment I am thinking, I’ll get it done next month okay Hello Doctor Sharma Sir Piyush here Sir I had that appointment next week Yes, so could you postpone that for next month Sir we are going out of town Yes sir for the treatment Dad? yes I know you are postponing your treatment because of my Shimla trip Who said that? I know You will get your treatment this week only You go to Shimla, what’s the matter You think I’ll enjoy the trip knowing you have a tooth ache? I do not want 10 thousand rupees and you will get your treatment done this week Madame, yes you daughter is getting very brainy What did she do? She gave me those 10 thousand rupees back Why? Dosen’t she wants to go on the trip? She was asking for the trip since morning But why did she gave them back? Father’s tooth ache is more important than my trip hmm.. Pihu is getting smarter Right Pihu? It’s okay We will go on a picnic on the day your friends go to trip Yes that’s a good idea We will enjoy too They will enjoy their we will enjoy here and yes Mom will pay for the picnic I don’t have any money You said you had 2 thousand rupees No, no not on my expense You will take my pocket money it’s okay okay Did you saw? Dad wanted me to go on the trip but it’s the kids responsibilty too We should not be stubborn about unnecessary things If you liked the video, please like and share the video Bye, bye

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