Philadelphia Auto Mechanic Internship Program ‘Keeps The City Running’
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Philadelphia Auto Mechanic Internship Program ‘Keeps The City Running’

(mechanical sounds) – For me it was like, “Aw this
is an amazing opportunity.” – I was looking for a career, cause I didn’t even know
what I wanted to do. And I knew I was good at
fixing things so I was like, “Why not be a mechanic?” (drilling sound) – I worked with the
Office of Fleet Management Internship Program and
it’s an excellent program that came into place about 1993. We will find students who are enrolled within their automotive
program in their high school. Students who are in areas that
maybe have high poverty rate and help to develop the
skills that’s necessary to be in the workforce, to be
productive in the workforce. – And the load for it is 12. – I live in southwest Philadelphia, I got seven brothers and sisters. You come here, get
treated like an employee, and you then treat the bosses like bosses. I mean, be respectful,
honest, do your work. – The benefit is you’re working, right? You’re learning a trade with professionals who are already in this field. And even if this isn’t
something you want to do for the rest of your life it’s still a trade that
you can carry with you. – We have the students come after school and we assign them to a particular shop, their paid on an hourly
basis, $10.88 every hour. This program requires the students to complete their high school education. We let the students know
it’s going to be challenging, but it can be done and they
just have to be focused. – Can you give some
examples, like for example, write something… – Starting off my day,
I go to school at 8:30. I get here around three o’clock
and I start my day here. Come and change my clothes,
put on my work boots, grab my glasses. I work on marked police
cars, a typical cop car. Usually we do a PM: a
Preventive Maintenance so basically an inspection almost, like a bumper-to-bumper inspection. – It’s teaching you great
problem solving skills. You come here, you have to analyze a car, you have to break it down,
what’s wrong with it. – We need technicians to
keep the city running, and then we get those high
school students in there to help train them. The city’s winning, and also that student is winning as well. – I’m trying to go to
CCP: Community College of Philadelphia, get my Associates degree in Applied Science and stay
here for a couple of years, build up my resume and everything, and then maybe become foreman
and then we’ll see from there.

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  1. A great film. What other trades do you do this this for? In BC, we have programming that provides dual credits in many of the trades: Carpentry, Cooking, Welding, Electrical, Hairdressing, Auto Service Tech, Heavy Duty Mechanics, etc. This is offered as a partnership between schools and colleges while students receive the first year of their training 'tuition free'. Offers students a pathway to a career or a pathway for a better job as they pursue other avenues! Thanks for sharing!!

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